Friday, March 02, 2018

Lemonpaloozapurim 2018

Did you know we have a lemon tree?

Well, two.

Ever since shmita, these trees have been VERY happy.

Like, kinda giggling to themselves blossoming all year round making tons of yummy fruit happy.

So anyway, just before Purim, we picked some lemons. 135 kilo of them maybe?

Anyway, so big shock, our shaloch manos contained...


Last year's did too, but this time we doubled up (plus a sprig of mint, can of wine (Buzz! So classy!) and lemon cookies).

...still have some lemons left. a few hundred.

Stop by any time.

Now on with Purim:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Know thy self, know thy mother

Today at shower time Sroch is running around the house , waiting to do anything but take a shower, stalling, generally freaking out. "My heart is so angry but my head doesn't agree!" … Okay kid. "AHHHH!" 

She scampered away again, and then comes back and hollers and living room where I am sitting in trying not to bemoan the fact she's way too big for me to just throw into the shower, and she yells - "I DON'T GET IT!! Why do I have to make such a fuss about taking a shower?!?!"

...I don't know kid. But we keep asking.... And that's kind of what adolescence is, figuring yourself out , getting yourself. And we are most assuredly in adolescence!

You'll get it, Sroch.


I'm in the car going to pick up Shulamis from school cause she got braces today (!), and I'm enjoying the radio...

I'm singing along- "You are the sun, you are the rain..." you know the Lionel Richie song...

And Llama gets in the car and I turn to her and am singing the song to her now... 

So of course I'm now too choked up to sing cause I love her so much it's unbelievable. 

And she's like: 
"Mommy, is that Sesame Street you're listening to? Cause you're crying."

She gets me :)