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Erev bedikas chametz

Despite going away for Pesach this year, I've spent the last two nights staying up very late cleaning (apparently I'm really nice to my neighbors, who will be using my guest room).

My house is not big and we have a lot of stuff, and a full-time homemaker I am not, so we also have a lot of dust.

And as I'm moving furniture and searching (found a soup nut next to the bookcase- a single sesame seed under the mattress - quite a lot of the snacks Sarah gives her kids on Shabbos in the recliner 😉) - I keep repeating that mantra of Pesach cleaning, "Dust is not chametz. Dust is not chametz."

So I was thinking about the symbolism of those two things. Chametz as we know symbolizes the foreign thoughts, the heretical ideas, the inflation of our ego over our service to God. That is what we must search out to the most minuscule crumb, and then finally nullify and declare ourselves free of, if we are to serve Him properly.

But I think the dust is... questions. Doubts. 

Dust is not chametz. 

One can still serve God when one has questions, when one has doubts. I do not know why this is happening to me. I can't understand why things are this way. It is hard for me to do this.

Judaism is okay with questions. Heck, night after tomorrow we will all stay up late encouraging as many questions as we can. Questions are good. 

I have dust in my home because my home is lived-in. I have dust in my home because winds blow in that I cannot control, and to tightly seal my windows and doors might keep up the dust , but it would also keep out life. 

Next week we cannot live with chametz. But if we think we have to get rid of all of the dust, we can't live either.

Don't confuse dust with chametz . You are not a flawed person for having questions. You're just lived-in. :)

And don't assume that having dust is like having chametz, and just give up altogether. Work on the dust as you're able, but please don't abandon the house for another.

Chag kasher vesameach,

PS- the dustiest shelf in my house is the one with the hagadas. SEE?!?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Milestone #53297

I moved the couch to clean for Pesach, and there was no food under it.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Hi everybody!

It's been sooooo long since I've wrot

Since I was a little girl.  

No, don't mistake me, l'm not my mom. 

I'm her daughter, Sarah Rochel.

Since my mom is so busy with work, housecleaning,passover. And who knows what. I decided that I'm going to write the blog for once. 

So my mom posted some pictures from my bas mitzvah. We didn't have the bas mitzvah in the woods . (as you can see from the pictures .but in the backyard)

We went to the OUR woods. (the one next to our house ) and took some lovely pictures.

This was the schedule: baigels,lox,delicious potatoes (that Bubbie made)
      2. Abba spoke and so did I
      3. Elisheva P came (the dance lady) and we danced and had a ton of fun
      4. Dessert - ice cream and delicious brownies, and the best slideshow in the world (supermom made it)

I have to go to bed now even though it is vacation.

Bad Mommy!

I'll keep writing later,
Sarah Rochel The Tochter

Monday, March 26, 2018

12 years

She's 12.

Whether we did a good job or not, she's officially launched into the obligations of an adult.

She knows far more Torah than I did at her age. Less about dinosaurs, less about chemistry, less about Greek mythology, less about baseball, less about the Beatles. Far more Torah - and that is amazing.

She's better behaved than I was at her age, too - well, in a lot of ways anyway. Although we are eerily similar in lots of ways... which I try to remember when I encourage her to clean her room (sigh) or try to buy her clothes (sigh sigh). But no complaints.

12 years.

Anyway, we made her a party. We had lasagna. We had dancing. We had disco lights and songs like "Na Nach Style" and one in Hebrew to that old Los Ketchup song. Sroch spoke about the mitzvah of eating the right amount of matza and maror and we gave out a custom matza-measuring mat. Yoav spoke too, and I only cried a little.

Lots of girlies there, so happy. So nice.

Sroch was incredibly gracious as a bas mitzvah girl, and the whole way leading up to it, not insisting on anything unreasonable or expensive, being very deferential (even though I wanted her to wear a different dress (and then made sure to tell her afterwards that she was right, I was wrong, this was perfect)), making sure to dance with everyone, etc, etc. She was awesomesauce.

I made a video, too, which I share with you, Oh Loyal Blog Reader. I'm rather proud of the video.

I'm rather proud of the girl.

So much I can't quite blog about it, to be honest.

Mazal tov, sweet Srochelbean. Welcome to adulthood of a kind.

Now go clean your room.

PS - click the pictures and the orientation is correct. Close enough.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Lemonpaloozapurim 2018

Did you know we have a lemon tree?

Well, two.

Ever since shmita, these trees have been VERY happy.

Like, kinda giggling to themselves blossoming all year round making tons of yummy fruit happy.

So anyway, just before Purim, we picked some lemons. 135 kilo of them maybe?

Anyway, so big shock, our shaloch manos contained...


Last year's did too, but this time we doubled up (plus a sprig of mint, can of wine (Buzz! So classy!) and lemon cookies).

...still have some lemons left. a few hundred.

Stop by any time.

Now on with Purim:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018