Friday, December 29, 2006


The eating one is almost two weeks old - she's now a total pro at feeding herself!

This was at my father's special request, to see the girl clapping.... thanks, Yoav, for shooting it!

Taking care of bidness

Well, as I blogged and as you can see from the picture, Savta is here and spoiling us all wonderfully. Tonight we braved the cold to go buy the girl a winter coat and hat (you realize of course that we will now have warm weather until she grows out of them). We're also buying some food for shabbos, which is a nice treat...

Okay, the food buying for shabbos is as much for a break as because we have no place to store food! We're still living out of a minifridge BUT, tada tada, we ordered the new fridge!

It's an Amana (made in the USA) Wide-by-Side, very exciting! It's got the funky zig-zag door to give wide space on both sides. This closed-door picture is of the Maytag Wide-by-Side... hmm, think they're in cahoots? We hope it will be here sometime next week, since it's an "older" model (read: in stock). And it's white, and it's large, but like Olive Oyl, we're happy just because it's ours.

Baby girl didn't really eat today at the metapelet, nor once we were home (a little bit, but not much). She had thrown up a little this morning too. But she was pretty much in fine spirits, so I don't think she's sick, but maybe she was a little queasy. Yesterday she had dates for the first time - could it be an allergic reaction? Don't know, but never fear - we're off to the doctor tomorrow, mostly because of my cough and because I want to weigh the girl, but we'll ask about that too!

I just uploaded two videos, but they're still 'processing' so I can't post a link. Tomorrow, IY"H. Goodnight!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


It took forever to load this picture!! Anyway...

Happily I saw little scraps of snow on the side of the road into J-town this morning, and supposedly there's a bunch more there now (note to people not from Houston: when I say "a bunch more" of snow, this means you don't need a magnifying glass to look for it). I would love to see it, but I would love more for it to accumulate enough that I wouldn't be able to drive into work tomorrow!! Yay!

All is well here, nothing to report. I wasn't even gonna blog, but you know, I wouldn't want to disappoing anyone. Happy snow, ya'll!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

She's electric

I’m writing this offline, because at the moment our electricity is off. The computer, of course, has battery life, but alas, the bathroom lights don’t, and neither does the fridge… oh, wait, the fridge is toasted anyway.

We went fridge shopping today – Sarah Rochel liked the rectangular ones. Yoav wasn’t with me, and so I had to fumble with appliance Hebrew all alone. Nu nu, I then came home and did all my research online – ha ha! Choosing something big like this (car, husband, etc) is often interesting in that you come equipped with a list of priorities and preferences, and often end up with something that isn’t what you thought you wanted.

So looks like I’m going to get my side-by-side fridge, but not the colors I thought I wanted (fake-stainless or black – I think we’re getting white), nor the size I wanted (turns out it would stick out from the wall almost three feet, um, no). We’re going to hopefully get the funky one with the zig-zag shaped doors. It ain’t huge, but it will delight me. One day we might buy a big freezer too, but for now, marvy.

And I can always paint it!! (insert maniacal cackle here)

Handyrabbi Yoav got the electricity on – the problem was a plugged-in extension cord outside getting (hurray!) soaked in the rain. And alas, the snow predicted for Jerusalem tomorrow probably will not happen, but you can’t win ‘em all.

This fatigue stuff is catching up with me again, so I need to go. Thank God we're all well. Savta came safe and sound - hurray! Enjoy the pictures (I only had to attempt it three times and reduce the resolution) - the floor shot is from the other day when the girl was being forced to eat crumbs off the tile (one blog has the Princess and the Pea, this one is Cinderella. How bout some Rapunzel action, kiddo? Grow that hair!). And the other is her feeding herself yummy sweet potato thingies, something she is perfecting. I even took a video of it, but haven't gotten around to uploading those yet (shame on me).

Monday, December 25, 2006

Found Nemo

On shabbos (and then again tonight), Peanutbutterhead ate gefilte fish! (Fortunately, there was no peanut butter involved.) She likes it! She likes the carrot it comes with too. It's more impressive because we cook ours with turkish salad (a synonym of salsa) and she liked all that stuff too. We're so proud.

The shvigger, wait, I mean the savta is coming tomorrow - yay! In her honor we engaged the services of a cleaningperson, a male one since he was working while Yoav was prepping classes at home this morning. Conclusion? Yeah, chicks are better. Although my faucets are shining, he broke a picture frame (this I don't care about)... and there were a couple pieces of broken glass in the girl's toy pile (THAT I care about). Yeah, well, okay, noted for the future. B"H she's just fine (well, actually, as I type she's crying and Yoav is about to go at her with a bottle, but she is fine). We are, as always, incredibly thankful to Hashem that earlier when the girl was playing on the rug that she didn't see those pieces of glass.

Blogger only allowed one picture. Sorry! It's from the other day, when she was a little sleepy midst her rice cake and avocado.

Compliance problems

I think the girl took the whole 'on strike' thing a little too far. Last night she only went to sleep about 10:30 PM. Tonight she went to sleep at 7 PM (Yes! I made it to my dress rehersal on time!)... but was up by 8, and wouldn't go back to sleep until 10 or so (um, sorry Yoav!). I have no idea why she's not so sleepy - it's not like she's sleeping a lot during the day at all. I guess she's just too busy!

Anyway, here's her and her abba lifting weights earlier.

I'm very frustrated with blogger uploading pictures so unpredictably, so while I have many yummy pictures of the girl, I just can't get them to you! I may have to investigate other options... Oh, good, it let me load another one. So this is Princess Pea in her fairytale role... so delicious!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wishing it were colder

Good news - it's starting to rain. Winter, cold, all good good.

Bad news - our fridge just broke. Why, oh why do these things always happen on a Friday?

Let's hear it for neighbors!! We have a borrowed mini-fridge, our freezer stuff is at one neighbor, our non-shabbos fridged stuff is at another, and we're okay. Inconvenienced, but okay.

Heck, if the non-healthy mazal had to go to something on this house, about time it went to an appliance and not one of us! And yes, we all got our flu shots this morning, B"H.

Have a great shabbos! Enjoy the last night of chanuka!

(Sorry, no new pics. New, updated blogger or not, the picture uploading is still sketchy.)

Sarah Rochel and the Stinky Hallways*

You have all been forgiven. Thank you for confirming how loved we are - we appreciate it!! I am trying to upload as many pictures as I can to catch up, since it's already the 7th night of chanuka (jeepers!).

Inevitably, tonight she almost grabbed the flame, but thank God, no damage! She wasn't even scared. Just me.

We're tired (it's 2 AM, duh!) but we're all alright, B"H. Well, I'm wheezing again, but at least the girl is feeling good. She's not exactly sleeping like we want her to, but then again, can't complain! Bless them, some my friends keep reminding me they have it worse!

Okay, blogger is choking at three pictures, more tomorrow, assuming the shabbos food miraculously cooks itself...

*This is a reference to my daughter's poops and the new Harry Potter book title, of course.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Okay, that's it. It's been more than two days without any comments, not a single one!

Mommy and I want to know who's reading this thing, and we wanna know why all the "Sarah Rochel is the yummiest baby on this planet, and possibly others" comments have stopped.

If you read the blog, then ADMIT IT and leave a comment below. Because if you don't read it, then we ain't writing it, which means Mommy will have more time for important things, like cleaning the bathroom floor with baby wipes and knitting sweaters out of my baby belly button lint.

Continued happiness

So the other day I gave her a piece of orange to suck on (not a choking-hazard BMA: my hand was still attached to the other end). She was hysterical - each taste made her screw up her eyes and face in a total grimace (Tattie, like my old lemon face), but then she kept opening her mouth and lunging for the next suck! I did my best to capture it on camera.

Here are your pictures of fourth and fifth night candle lighting. I have to mess with the camera settings, somehow, because my indoor pictures are either bright-white-tochter-in-the-black-room, or dark & fuzzy. The dark picture here was with no flash, so you could see Yoav and Princess Pea in the chanuka glow. (Oh, darn it, blogger won't upload any more than the two pictures I've already got. So you'll have to wait for glowing pictures and 5th night pictures until tomorrow!)

Tochterbean's final antibiotic dose is tomorrow - yay! - and if I get my act together we'll all go Friday for our flu shots (the family that gets shot up together hopefully evades the flu together).

This year is my first experience in coping with chanuka vacations that aren't mine. Basically, my metapelet is off tomorrow and Thursday, many schools are off as well, every babysitter in Ramat Beit Shemesh is busy, and thus, we have a problem! So Yoav is free until noon, so he can take care of her until then... And then... We have one last potential babysitter we'll hear back from tomorrow. If she says yes, she'll sit the Prune until I get home. If she says no, methinks I'll have an awfully short work day tomorrow (indeed, there could be worse things!).

Tonight is night 5 of chanuka, and it took until tonight that I didn't immediately, after lighting and singing, turn wistfully to my husband and ask, "Present?" We're not doing chanuka presents right now, partially because it's a tight money winter, but mostly because we're still stradling the fence of deciding if chanuka presents are just Tree Envy, or something like that, or if they're a legitimate Jewish custom. For the girl, I want to end up doing whatever her friends do, so either way, she won't be the only kid in her class getting or not getting presents. But I still associate lighting the menorah and then pouncing upon parent (or directly onto the package) for chanuaka present.

It may just also be that I miss my parents!

The baby (can we call her that anymore?) is now 9 months old (Jewish calendar). 9 months!! That means she's almost out longer than she was in. That means she can wear 9-12 month sizes. That means... that means... she's a big girl!! That means the Future is so much closer... toilet training... school... dating...!

I did just have a fun first. I was going through some clothes I never wear, deciding what to do with them. I found a dress I wore to my sheva brachos after we got married. I don't know that I'll ever wear it again (um, it's too big, that's it, just hangs on me, looks horrible, right), but it's gorgeous and sentimental and all that.

So I saved it for my daughter to wear.

That's my chanuka present.

Monday, December 18, 2006

For sale

We're selling these beds - anyone want to buy them? Daughter is, alas for the buyers, not for sale. She can be rented, however, at very reasonable rates.

Seriously, I'm just using this blog so I can send prospective buyers pictures.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy happy!

Happy Chanuka everyone! First night of chanuka was Friday night, and fortunately you light chanuka lights BEFORE shabbos, which meant we could take pictures, yay!

Yes the girl has her own menorah (okay, my old one), although we help her to light it.

So here are pictures of nights one, two and three!

Thank God, she continues to do better and better. Every day she gets a little more back to her giggly, playful self. She is still fairly clingy, and her sleeping at night is totally shot (we went from our blissful 6-8 hour stretches back to our 2.5 hour stretches, sigh), but at least she's eating well and growing her hair and clapping at everything (so cute!). And I noticed she's growing up - the skin on her knees is no longer the exact same color as the skin on the rest of her legs. She's... she's... she's USED!! Like I need New Car Smell, except, New Baby Smell, or something (hmm, think I could bottle it?).

We've got a few more days of the antibiotic, and then we'll resume trying to gently encourage her to sleep longer stretches. In other news, tomorrow I miss a lot of work to go to a big play practice - yay! Our play is half sold out, and it's not for like six weeks! Amazing.

All for now! Have a great day!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Miss Druyan, we're ready for your closeup

We tried!! Really we did!! It might help if you adjust your monitor settings - I know the videos are a little dark.

I think these are not half bad, considering they're a fevered baby (couple days ago) and a tired mommy holding the camera (Yoav wasn't home).

And if we don't get some feedback, we're going to follow in the little Svei children's lead...

And now my personal favorite, the girl saying her favorite word, "Aah."

And here are finally the two geisha pictures that I couldn't get uploaded last night. Good shabbos! Happy chanuka!

Steadily improving

I went to work today, and the girl went to the metapelet. She - thank God! - had continued overnight with no fever, and in the morning was... well, she ate, some, but she was a little fragile. I thought she just needed more sleep.

So we go off to town, she sleeps in the car, and we arrive. She wakes up, eats, and I leave. Yoav picks her up later, to get the report that she drank like two sips from her bottle, ate a tiny bit of food, slept a bit and, whenever she was awake, cried unless the metapelet was holding her. Oh. Oops! So she's not quite back to herself.

The pattern continued at home - she didn't really want to play on her own. So we went outside for a while, got some air, made a shopping list, and then we watched a cat play with a (brace yourself) mouse for literally fifteen minutes before it ate it. It was hysterical - Sir Tom versus Mickey, and boy did Mickey lose. The cat mamish batted it around, picked it up in his mouth and put it back down, tossed it, let it crawl away and then caught it again... Finally, munch, munch munch, and then a little hack hack (Mom, Tat, remember that distinctive sound? Miss the cats much? I didn't think so!). This all took place, blessedly (for me, anyway) in my neighbor's yard. Still, a little too close to home, you know? They were doing construction on the street above us, which tends to make for homeless mice. Still, we may be calling the exterminator prophylactically.

Since she fell asleep, she's woken up and eaten a couple of times so far, which makes me very happy, actually, since at least she's eating!! The doc says she wasn't dehydrated, or rather, she was not suffering from dehydration, although definitely she had a lower level of hydration than usual. Saves on the diapers, true, but you know?

In developmental news, she's been clapping for a while now but she's gotten very good about doing it imitatively. So we can clap together - such fun! And - when she's healthy - she's still wonderful and verbal and yummy. She can crawl up to something, get up on her knees and try to climb it. This leads to her doing a lot of sitting on her knees - my little geisha! I finally got some pictures today, so enjoy. (Argh, blogger isn't uploading properly, and I'm actually getting very annoyed so - alas! - another time....)

I took a couple videos (okay, like five, actually, but only a couple are worth sharing) the other day, still need to upload them. I apologize for the delay.

And tomorrow night (oops, it's 1 AM, so I guess tonight) is Sarah Rochel's first Chanuka!! So exciting! I get to light her menorah for her - also exciting!! (While precocious, we're waiting until she's at least two before teaching her to strike a match.)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Enter Sir Alexander

So it's to be antibiotics for the girl. The doc today said that if in three days she's worsening, not improving, it points to a bacterial infection as opposed to a viral one, and since today the girl's fever went up to 104.2 (!!!), and she was oh so very miserable - antibiotics! She's had her first dose (sort of a cross between the bubblegum medicine of my youth and Hawaiian Punch) and she's asleep now.

Fortunately, she did have some stretches of feeling better today (which is where the above picture came from - I was playing with the camera settings again), but not enough of them. She slept A TON (okay, fine, so did I - yippee for my turn to stay home with the girl!).

My sweater vest today was indicative of the situation. I wake up, get dressed, but on my sweater vest. Get the girl, yadi yadi, girl throws up while sitting in my lap. I get a little dirty (okay, I get so dirty that I feel stuff trickling down my ankle - but she was sitting in my lap facing me... okay, I don't even know how that happened). Change all her clothes, change all my clothes. Put girl to sleep. Take advantage of sleeping baby to do laundry. Wash light load. Move light load to dryer. Wash dark load (including vest). Dry dark load. Put sweater vest back on. Wake girl to take her to doctor. At doctor's, girl throws up again - onto the sweater vest. What, you're surprised? At least she helped with the laundry later, as in the picture.

She had eaten some sweet potato and banana. Well, they came back! I was so concerned about her hydration level that I even gave her juice, which I've NEVER done. (Okay, it was grape juice, and she has had it before during kiddush on shabbos, but still, I put it in her sippy cup and everything! Naturally she threw most of it up.)

I have high hopes for the antibiotics working effectively. We don't know what we're doing tomorrow, if I'll try to go to work or what. I did a little work from home, and actually should be doing more of it now except I'm blogging instead. Naughty me!

Midnight30 update: she just woke up crying. The last couple nights that meant her drugs wore off and she was too feverish to keep sleeping. I expected the same but... she a) wanted to eat (!), b) didn't seem feverish!! Baruch Hashem!!

The ears have it...

Another ear infection. A mild double ear infection, in fact, yet one that's wiping my girl out with fever. Poor kid! The doc said it's so mild she expects it to clear itself up in a day or two, no antibiotics needed. But still, the babe was so miserable and lethargic and wiped out. She threw up on Yoav today, hasn't eaten a lot, but did have some banana and some tomato-garlic soup (some = like three bites) besides nursing about half as much as usual.

I went to a play tonight, so Yoav stayed with her and put her to bed. I left her mommymilk bottles, of course, but she hardly touched them... She's been sleeping for a while, long past when her dose of acetametametaphine woulda worn off, which is a good sign.

Sigh. Look, this could be from so many things. Could be a germ (virus, really) picked up at the metapelet, or the park. Could be her little congested nose ran in the middle of the night, and she, laying on her side, had the snottles run down into her ears. Who knows? Still, I'm contemplating going to a heebie-jeebie doctor to do magical mystical aura inquiries (or whatever) to see what's lacking in her little system, and what we can do to help.

I mean, she IS healthy and she IS normal - thank God! We just got used to her not being sick, not being kvetchy, not crying a lot, and so on - and we want to continue!

When I came home from work (Yoav stayed with her this morning), and I walked in the door, she didn't even smile for me. She was just too wiped. So hard to see my active, giggly baby reduced to being a lump o' baby. Poor tochter. She should have a refua shleima bkarov, amen!

Monday, December 11, 2006


She's sick again. Fever, threw up at the metapelet (not at home, score!). Her fever was high enough (103.6) that the medicine didn't eliminate it, just brought it down. Poor kiddo. She felt better at times, felt worse at times. Went to sleep early after a bath that she did not enjoy and a post-bath pajama session that had her gums chattering (can gums chatter?). She slept somewhat fitfully. About an hour ago she got another dose of drugs, which made her comfortable enough to eat and go back to sleep. Poor little Pumpkin.

Depending on how she is in the morning, either Yoav will stay home with her or she'll come in with me.

She gets her vitamins. She drinks super duper mommy milk. She's just having a spate of sick, that's all. The Ladies of the Park (all knowing, all wise) say this is "normal," that the first season a baby is exposed to school or whatever they get sick while their immune systems learn. I guess so... but ya know, aren't we there yet?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bad Mommy blogger

We haven't taken pictures of the Prune in days, so I have nothing new to show you. Sorry! But we're all okay. The mommy milk cleared up the girl's eyeboogerage within a couple days (yay!) and she's congested and a bit, well, snotty, but it is winter and she does chew on stuff and, yeah, germs happen. We're building her little immune system, one day at a time.

Really, sorry, no real news. We're just doing our thing and learning and growing and sleeping well (bli ayin hara) and being utterly delicious and delightful. Thank you God!

Anyway, since no new pics, here is one of my very favorite delivery room shots. Note that one of us is sticking her tongue out. So precocious!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Contochteritis and photo update

We're feeling VERY productive. It may be after midnight on a Thursday night, but all the food for shabbos is either made or marinating (or rising, in the case of my babka-to-be, but close enough). That will leave tomorrow for housecleaning and laundry.

The girl's right eye was a little blechy this evening. I don't think it's pinkeye, but maybe a clogged tear duct? Anyway, I got a mondo-bullseye squirt of mommy milk into her eye with a syringe (she didn't even cry a bit), which I'm hoping will help. And no I am NOT a hypochondriac nor am I one by proxy for my daughter - it's just always something with us!

She's a little congested too, but I won't go into any of the sniffly sneezy coughing details for you, because you'll just make fun of me.

And I won't mention the funky poops of late either.

She's back to eating so wonderfully though, thank God. She ate almost a whole banana for dinner tonight, and she polished off every bit of food I sent her with this morning. And then when we put her to bed tonight, she was too tired to nurse properly. I can understand that - I have days I'd rather sleep than eat too.

I reduced the resolution to try and bribe blogger into actually posting these pictures from the last week, and it finally worked. So enjoy!

Captions for the below:
1. Princess Yumminess surveys her kingdom from her royal pedestal, a.k.a. Mommy.
2. Her Highness takes a shloof. Note her royal scepter in hand, inherited from the Queen Mother before her. (True story: everyone who sees her holding that toy says, "Hey, I had one of those!" Indeed, it used to be mine, and apparently at the end of the 1970's Fisher-Price only made one toy!)
3. No, it's not a tooth - sorry!! (Actually, I'm not - I am NOT looking forward to the whole tooth thing!) It's just a curd of cottage cheese, which she had for the first time yesterday.
4. As blogged a couple days ago, Her Majesty is perfectly capable of removing her glass, I mean, leather slipper. She likes to chew on it too.
5. Prune and I
6 and 7. These are from last Friday when we let her roll around (clad in the Royal Diaper) with her new teddy bear. Not surprisingly, the tag was as big a draw as the bear itself.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I've been coaching her for months, and today, finally, as soon as I asked, "Where's Mommy's nose?" she reached out and touched it!! She did it twice!!

That's my brilliant child!

She's also learned how to take off her Carter's brand imitation Robeez (she can't take off the real things), but that may be Carters' design flaw as opposed to her being so so brilliant. Or not!

She's feeling good, B"H, I'm feeling good, B"H, Yoav's feeling good, B"H - we're all fine fine.

And such fun!! In the next couple months we're going to be hosting all four grandparents (although not all simultaneously) - yippee!!! Can't wait!

Blogger still doesn't want to upload pictures very much. It uploads them, but doesn't stick them in my blog, so somewhere some Blogger employee is enjoying pictures of my daughter, but they ain't sharing. Sorry! At least this one came through. Goodnight!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Catching up

I apologize to all my loyal readers for the delay in posting. First of all, as the tochter blogged this morning (while I was at work, cheeky monkey!), we're all fine. The girl has been thank God just getting more and more back to herself, eating better, feeling more playful and giggly, not being feverish or coughing (much) - hurray! I was feeling better, coughing less - but then yesterday and today I got wicked headaches and malaise. My diagnosis? Just a lack of hydration. So I'm working on that now, glub glub.

I will try to catch up on all the doings of the last few days...
(You know you're a devoted SR blog reader when... you actually get through all of this, and don't skip ahead to the videos!)

1) I just bathed the girl, diapered and dressed her, fed her and put her to bed, made myself dinner and ate it. I saw a white spot on the back of my hand. I thought it was the cheese from my salad. It was diaper cream. Blech.

2) We had to move down the crib level, because Prunella remembered how to pull up on the bars completely. So now she sleeps down in a low, barred pit. It's not on it's lowest setting, B"H, so at least we don't have to drop her down there in her sleep!

3) Speaking of sleep, I am trying to decide if I should train her out of her middle-of-the-night wakenings or not. Your comments are welcome. Last night she went to sleep at 8:30 PM, woke up at midnight, 2, 6 and then I woke her at 7:15 AM. As you know, Yoav fed her at 2. I don't know...

4) Aren't you impressed I remembered the times she woke up all by myself? It's impressive because I officially stopped keeping track! For the first time in 7 months, I no longer run to the computer as soon as she falls asleep to mark her in a nap. It's very exciting! I feel so unfettered! I also feel like I have no data, which makes me insecure, but we're working on that.

5) Princess Pea is getting more and more mobile - it's really amazing. Besides her crawling par amazingness, she is pulling up more consistently. When I put her in a standing position with a handhold, she is more likely to take a step or two. Today she even went from the chair she was holding onto to my arm (which was about two inches away from her but STILL!).

6) Today my girl had her first basar v'chalav - chas veshalom! Seriously, she had her leftover chicken soup... followed by a bottle of dairy formula! Goodness! Good thing we a) didn't mix the two, b) she's a baby, and I don't think she needs to wait between meat and milk just yet. Maybe next month...

7) I am finally chilling out on the formula thing (took long enough, right?). Of course, today was the first time she had any in weeks, so much so that the metapelet had to throw out my daughter's unfinished cannister (it was too old) and borrow from another baby's. (I believe my baby is the only one at the metapelet who gets bottled MommyMilk.)

8) Today at the park we (some other women and I) were discussing the impact of disposable diapers on fertility. A woman there (who I've only just met) said, "Well, most of us wore disposable diapers, and look around - that doesn't seem to be a problem here!" Right. I said... well, I don't remember what I said, but I certainly remember everything I didn't say. And never fear - Sarah Rochel is staying in her Huggies.

I actually had considered cloth diapers, being the environmentalist that I am, except that I'm also lazy and sometimes go a week without doing laundry, and that would result in some serious issues with cloth diapers. That and the initial financial outlay was too daunting to try something that I might abandon. That and I don't think Yoav would have been too pro... Maybe when it's toilet training time we'll get those kind of training pants rather than PullUps (if for no other reason than to escape the smarmy "I'm a big kid now!" jingle running through our heads).

9) Friday was so nice and warm (speaking of diapers) that before the girl's bath we let her play a bit just in her skivvies. It's lots of fun for her to be (mostly) nekked, and she had a bit of fun with her new stuffed bear tickling her too.

10) And this weekend, I also brushed the girl's hair for the first time!! Okay, so you couldn't really notice a difference afterwards (maybe a little) but the funniest thing was her reaction - she went totally and completely still and serious-faced until I was done (reminding me more of my cat having his temperature taken than anything else, if you don't mind the comparison). Then when I stopped she went back to giggling and chewing on the brush, etc.

And now, you've been so patient, the videos!

Here's her from tonight drinking out of her cup. She prefers a regular cup to a sippy cup, actually, which makes sense, because sippy cups (especially first-stage, training ones) are HARD to use - you gotta suck really hard!

(This video is ample evidence of what my mother noticed, namely that YouTube tends to unsync my audio and visuals when I upload there, for some reason. So in this one you see the cup come down and hear the clatter only a few beats later. It's because sound travels slower than light, I'd imagine. Hence me exploring other options, as in Google, below.)

And here, besides trying out a new video host, is her from Friday frolicking in her diaper and eating the camera.

Blogger isn't uploading my pictures, so for now, the videos are all you get! I hope I caught up adequately.

Just a note

All is well, oh Fans of Moi, just Mommy's been really busy and crazy and went to sleep SO early last night that she didn't even blog. She even had Abba get up and feed me at 2 AM (good thing I hadn't finished my bottle from earlier in the day). She's doing much better today, and so am I, since last night I actually was asleep by 8:30 PM (as opposed to 11 and 10 PM the previous nights).

Mommy will post later, all kinds of adorable videos and pictures of little old me!

Love to you all,

Thursday, November 30, 2006

What, me tochter?

I barely saw the girl today. She had to be woken up in the morning to leave, so we didn't have much morning time, then I dropped her off as usual. Then Yoav picked her up and they ran errands and visited Savta Raba and did stuff, while I kept working. I kept working because it's the end of the month and I sure could use the extra hours (rather, our bank account sure could use them), and since Yoav was off this afternoon, it worked out fine.

When they picked me up at 5 PMish, the girl was asleep. She woke up over an hour later, and then she was ready for bed by 8 PM. Not a lot of tochtertime.

She really is doing better, Baruch Hashem! No fever today at all, which is amazing, and she ate nicely (well, nicer). The blood test results showed no infection (thank God) and nothing wrong, really. Her iron could be higher but it's acceptable, and she's already getting supplemented, so.. seems she just had a virus! And considering the virus is nasty enough that my experience of it is still unfolding (cough, cough), apparently her little immune system is doing quite well!

We'll go to the doc tomorrow anyway, but really so Yoav can get his flu shot scrip and she can listen to my lungs again, and tell me once again that I have reactive airways. Cough, cough.

The picture above is from a few days ago when we were in the park, and a couple girls decided to play dress up with SR. The reason I'm posting it is the lighting is perfect, and your computer monitor settings aside, that is actually what she looks like, especially the hair. Yum yum yum yum yum! (Tochter: even better than doughnuts.)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More on doughnuts

First of all, an addendum to my last post. One night of 'We've Got Annie!' is already sold out!! This thing isn't for another two months! Yikes!

Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #2
Sufgania origin point: Not Just Bagels, RBS
Sufgania filling variety: one "strawberry" flavor, one regular (with hole)
Grease level: Noteable, but in no way diminishing from the experience
Unit price: 5.00 NIS each
Assessment: Not Just Bagels makes their own bagels, so it's no surprise that their doughnuts in the same shape are outstanding. I was there at end-of-day, which meant for my purchase of a jelly doughnut I got a jelly and a regular. The sufgania (the jelly one) had the appropriate ratio of squoosh to firmness, and it did not have any of the citrus tones I disliked in the previous review. The jelly itself, alas, was pretty much the same technicolor experience. However, it was the regular holed glazed doughnut that shone. It was smaller, and therefore the frying oil had permeated it more thoroughly, but the taste of the dough coupled with the sugar glaze and the fried flavor made for a truly quality doughnut, on the caliber of Dunkin. I coulda eaten half a dozen. No comments, please.
Rating: *** for jelly, ***** for plain


Miriam's Guide To Happy Fried Jelly Filled Things #3
Sufgania origin point: Ben Ami bakery, Beit Hadafus, Givat Shaul, J-lem (right across from my office)

Sufgania filling variety: "strawberry" flavor
Grease level: Heavy

Unit price: 3.50 NIS each
Assessment: Ben Ami does classy, overpriced, high-flavor very well. Get a salad from them, and it will be an amazing salad - small, but really, really good. So I expected the same of the sufganiot. Indeed, they were smaller than the traditional size, but large enough not everyone would notice. My specimen was so fresh as to still be warm, and that may have been to its detriment. The entire thing was much more evocative of a beignet, it was so darn squishable, and it was very greasy. The grease was so prevalent it leads me to believe their deep fryer had not yet warmed up for the day (I believe I got the first batch of the day). I think more shelf-time might have helped with the squishiness factor as well. I did enjoy it, please don't misunderstand, but it was not the pinnacle of the art form.

Rating: **


Yoav took her for a blood test this morning (not because I was squeamish, but because I had to work this morning and he didn't!). They pricked her finger and then massaged it until they had enough blood.. um, interesting. The girlchild was fine with the prick, but got a little impatient with the massage, and then according to Yoav was REALLY annoyed at having to pinch her finger with the gauze to stop the bleeding!

Anyway, supposedly the results came in this afternoon, but we personally don't have them. Full updates tomorrow.

The metapelet said she was much more herself today. She did eat more, it's true, and she did well overnight last night, B"H. Tonight she even had some of the tomato soup we were having (sans salt), which had enough garlic in it she oughta be cured of whatever ails her!

Yoav is just getting her out of the bathtub now, and I'm blogging early since I have play practice tonight. One of the things that delights me about this show (our rendition of 'Annie') is that I got to do a lot of the lyric re-writes, and I managed to get this line into "Sign"...

"I got your number, you want a tochter."


It's my own private tribute to My Girl. Tickets just went on sale for 'We've Got Annie' (which is what we're calling it), so if any of you Loyal Readers out there want to buy, call 1599-500-850 (yes, that's a real Israeli number). And if any of you Loyal Readers out there want to babysit on the nights in question, why please, lemme know!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Down dooby doo down down

Here I am again. It's amazing how I'm sleeping in my cribby AND blogging at the same time. I'm just that kind of kid.

I wasn't so happy today. Well, I was when my ibuprofen kicked in, but not so much when it hadn't. We went to the doctor, and she said my ears are PERFECT (gosh, just like me!) but if I still have a fever tomorrow then I have to get a blood test. Well, I'm excited, because I like to play with sharp dangerous objects, but Mommy is a little concerned about how I'll take it... Hopefully we're just going to find that my iron is too low (despite supplementation) or something easy to fix like that.

Of course, I may just be teething and there's nothing to do for it!

My weight is down, too, down, um, about 7 ounces (sorry, took me a minute to whip out my trusty dusty slide rule). And yet I'm still so cute!!

I have NOT been eating normally, not milk, not food. Tonight, though, Mommy let me play with this big old yellow thing, and let me suck on it too, until I got my little gums to go through it and bit off a whole piece. Mommy didn't let. But I did eat some banana and some applesauce and cereal and even took my vitamins AND my iron nicely. That is, if you call rubbing them into my nostrils eating nicely (and I do!).

Speaking of bananas, Mommy has been distracting me by playing things from this personalize your banana website. I think I'm going to buy her one for her birthday. I should have my own credit card by then, right?

Oh, and Mommy saw the doctor too, and now Mommy is on some steroid inhaler. Just another thing in the house they won't let me chew on!! But Mommy has been wheezing and coughing so much that she needs relief. The doctor even said maybe being sick changed the taste of Mommy's milk, which is why I haven't been consuming as much.

Yeah, well, either that or I'm just trying to drive everyone crazy!! Good thing they love me so much.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Tochterbean was a little unhappy today at the metapelet. Actually, it seemed like it was Offical Crying Baby Day at the metapelet. She didn't eat (drank my whole freezer stash though, crikey!), slept a lot (for her, anyway).. And then once we got home, she was unhappy too. She took a nice nap (as did I, sigh), and when she woke up she got baby Motrin and once it kicked in, she was better.

Teething? Hope so. The metapelet thinks it's her ears again, but Mommy does NOT let.

Here's the sweetypie, and goodnight to you all.

(Oh, the video isn't up yet. Okay, here are a couple pics to get your fix:)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oral stage

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a food-grimace, when the subject is a big camera ham? Please appreciate my efforts on behalf of you all.

Yeah, so seems she doesn't like bell peppers. Taka, today she didn't like very much, period. She didn't even eat her chulent!! Never fear, I'm sending more tomorrow.

We think she's teething, and yes, there should be a rule that she's not allowed to start teething until we've had one week of Boring Health, but here we are. She's eating little, alternating between gnawing on everything and not letting anything touch her mouth, and she's a bit kvetchy. She just woke up now to cry (poor baby). Yoav held her and administered Oragel, which seemed to help, and she got a dose of ibuprofen too (why ibuprofen? Clearly, because it's easier to spell than acitomitamitamitaphine! No, really because it lasts longer and is an anti-inflamatory and, incidentally, doesn't stain!). She calmed down, ate, and we put her back to bed.

That's about all the news. Oh, I'm still coughing (less unattractively, B"H) and still wheezing more than I'd like, ya know? Back to the doctor the day after tomorrow. Goodnight!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Shiny happy people

Oh, we had a nice shabbos! Out for dinner (for a un-Thanksgiving turkey dinner that couldn't be beat), here for lunch with girls, and even though pretty much all the food was store-bought (Yoav made the chulent, I baked the cake from a mix), it was so nice to be HOME together, ya know?

The girl was yummy cute in her new clothes too! And she ate CHULENT for the first time!! She slept really, really well afterwards, because hey, that's what you do after you eat chulent!

I am proud to say that I'm just about compulsive-mommy-ed out. From when she was a month old until we went to America this summer, I kept a compulsive Excel sheet of her eatings and sleepings, etc. Since we came back until now, I've kept a compulsive website of eatings, sleepings, etc (although I have NOT used the diaper function or anything - if you want to view my complusivity, please feel free to look at this public version and make fun of me accordingly.

But anyway, I've just about had enough of keeping track of everything. For medicine, it was great, but IY"H we can be done with being sick for awhile!! For solids, when she was just starting with them and I wanted to be very careful of allergies, it was great, but she's eaten a wide variety of things now and she's been fine, bli ayin hara, so I think.. I think it may be time to wean off the compulsive mothering!!

Be proud of me please. By keeping track of her on the computer, I was asserting some level of control over her. By ceasing to do so, I'm realizing I ain't got diddly control over her Highness.

A good week to you all!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy frenzy

Okay, it's erev shabbos, and we're running around... but we're running around (insert happy sigh) together! Aw! Barf.

No, really, the girl threw up this morning (while lying on her back in the crib - ew). But I think it's just because she ate too much, not from any sinister cause. She's been B"H just fine all day.

Here's a picture of her in the fancy knit poncho shabbos cape whosits that one of Pumpkinhead's grandmommies bought for her. Also mayhaps a little large, but very cute!

I'm using my nebulizer (alas, still wheezing, but coughing less) and getting all funkily lightheaded. Ah, the spiritual uplift of shabbos... or something...

Have a great shabbos, everyone!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


He's back, and we're better. Cough cough! Here's Prune and Abba, post bath and massage, together again (aw):

Here's a picture of the girl, surrounded by the spoils of war! Thanks to all contributing grandparents!

And here she is, trying on her new coats... hmm, maybe just a TAD long in the arm...

Tonight's Ventolin didn't make me all fla-fla, alas, but rather my hands are shaking a tad and I feel a tiny bit woozy... Darn it! I was getting used to all the extra energy! Cough cough. Must stop tapping foot!

The girl is MUCH better, eating better, being happier, thank God! My coughing is actually improved, as is my voice, as is my temperment.