Sunday, April 30, 2006

Remind me...

She was smiling at one point today?? Cause she hasn't for a while now... poor tummy achey baby!!

It's official...

The daughter just pooped all over herself, me and the furniture we were in. It's official - she's a real live baby!! Ah, the melodious tones of the washing machine... This kid makes more laundry in a day than Yoav and I do in a week (especially when you include slipcovers! Aren't we glad we HAVE slipcovers?!).

Here's a pic of girlfriend smiling (looks like it to me!). Note the nicely rounded belly - this was pre-explosive-pooping.

And yes, eventually this blog will not revolve around my daughter's bodily functions. Um, bli neder.

Report, Number One

So, B"H last night we ALL slept quite a bit, and we're all feeling much better this morning (especially my daughter, who is continuing on her poop-every-couple-of-days schedule).

We went to the doctor this morning - she is up to 3.9 kilo, so not gaining as fast as she was before - but then again, as the doctor points out, she isn't carrying a week's worth of poop in her tummy either, which could account for the change!

Naptime now for us both!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gut voch from our favorite insomniac

Who says babies sleep a lot??? Last night we had just SO much to see and do we couldn't dream of sleeping more than an hour or two at a time... sigh. Yoav the Holy took her for much of the night (inbetween ambulance rides...) - I was so pooped that I woke up holding my pillow, sure it was the baby, and momentarily panicked when I couldn't find her in the covers...

We all went to a kiddush today - it was shmaltzing outside (baby's first shabbos shvitz!), but we made it. She slept some today, but not a ton, and we have strong hopes that she'll conk out tonight (or she may need to hire a babysitter to play with her tomorrow!).

Friday, April 28, 2006

Start of a new movement???

So we slept from 2ish to 6ish - one little girl and one exhausted man on the couch. And then she woke up, ate, and.... pooped!!! Third time in a week!! And then we played for a while, and this holy maidle slept from 7:30-10 AM (as did I!), and then - check this out - lay in her crib just staring at the world until 10:30! The source of her chilled-out-ness, no doubt? You guessed it - she pooped AGAIN!

We may be on to something here!!

Here's a pic of Princess Poop giving largesse to the populace...

Goodnight Butternut

Fresh from our bath, here we are in our SleepSack. Note that the SleepSack will also work for those super-capacity diapers!

We had a busy day today, going to Har Nof and visiting Talk'n'Save and generally being ladies about town, while Abba was splashing around in the Kineret on tiyul with his talmidim (Sarah Rochel = cuter than bochurim, QED I win!). And now, we're ALL going to sleep, right, RIGHT?!! (Gosh, I hope my daughter reads this blog...)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

First day alone report

Well, we all made it through the first day where Yoav and I were the most senior staff on duty - pretty scary stuff! We took two walks outside - one at 2 PM, one at 1:30 AM (!), and after the thoughtlessness of sleeping from 3 AM just to 4:45 (I admit I whimpered) she just now nicely shloofed from 6 to 9, so I'm feeling more human.

Yoav left at 5:30 this morning for an all-day tiyul, so now I'm REALLY the only adult 'round here!

Pardon the scary red eye, but here's the progression of trying to get her to sleep last night...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Then and now

It's now after (first) breakfast this morning - the two pictures here are four weeks apart (to the left is from the hospital - to the right is from home). Note that, once again, the kid has kicked off her left bootie!

Bubs and Zayde left too?? Oh $%&#!!

Bubbie and Zayde left last night at 2:15 - come back, come back!! Sarah Rochel thoughtfully then slept for four hours, and upon awakening, kicked off all her covers (a first!) and let out a mighty cry, saying, "All my grandparents left?! Oh poop!!" And my daughter, who has pooped only once a week for the last three weeks (and only on erev or motzei shabbos) - pooped!! Obviously it was an editorial comment.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bye Saba and Savta!

Come back soon!!!

Welcome to the world, baby girl!

Sarah Rochel is exactly four weeks old as of 9:48 this morning, and her cheeks have just been declared an official national treasure. It's about 1:30 AM, and the Princess has just finished a marathon meal, and is now blissfully residing in her crib. So why, you ask, am I awake?! Why, to bring you this blog, of course!! Enjoy the picture of the little angel, and goodnight - until our next snacktime, naturally.