Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Haste to the wedding

We're leaving in a few minutes, just a quick note - the girl slept until 2 AM, then ate, then slept until 6, and ate, then just slept another half hour, ate again (!) and then we began our day! She's currently asleep now again, all dressed up in her chosen outfit (more on that - and pictures! - in the next blog) and her mother is THOROUGHLY exhausted and whelmed and doesn't know how we'll be eating any cooked food on yuntif ("yum, great salmon sushi!"), but IY"H we'll party harty at the wedding and will find the energy, somehow, to get it all done. Mazal tov!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Early to bed...

We're testing out the theory, tonight, that babies sleep more when they go to sleep earlier, or get more sleep, or something like that. At any rate, she's asleep in her crib at 10:55 PM, and we'll see how long it lasts! My husband was very impressed that the daughter was really PLAYING in her tub tonight, like totally amusing herself by kicking and splashing and living it up - until she got rather tuckered out and started complaining. But she is learning. She doesn't cry anymore when we take her out of the tub, because she's learned that the nice warm towel is coming, and there's no reason to cry!

11:03 PM - she's still asleep.

11:04 PM - what was that?

11:04:45 PM - recorked her and wound up the mobile. Think shloofy thoughts!

B"H we've noticed no ill effects from her multiple vaccinations - thank goodness! I finally got a new pair of glasses too, which worked out well and was decently economical. And I think that's all the news from here!

11:06 PM - still snoring...

11:08 PM - chirped, but was asleep again, pacifier out, before we had time to get in there! Woohooey!

Thank you Hashem!

Yoav was very upset this morning, because he realized that money he was paid yesterday - quite a few dollars - was no longer in his posession. We looked for it in the house - it wasn't here. So he was really quite a bit bummed.

Meanwhile, 'cross town on the other side of Ramat Beit Shemesh, a wife was saying to her husband, "could you please just post to the RBS email list that we're looking for someone going to Houston in the near future?" Her husband was hesitant, since after all, what are the odds someone in our neighborhood would be going to HOUSTON, of all places (!). But to humor her, he went ahead and posted it on the email list... and while he was there, posted that he had found some money yesterday in our shul - was anyone missing it?

Perfect match.

Does God run the universe, or what?

I forgot to log something cute about our Tzfat trip. We were strolling the daughter down the old city stone streets, which was quite rat-a-tat-y for her. Her little cheeks were quivering with each rattle, little bouncing pudgy things - too cute!


I think she's starting to enjoy pooping, since she's had three, count 'em 3 whole poops today - just like a run-of-the mill normal baby (pardon the expression). Wait and see - it'll be four days before the next one!
We went to Tipat Chalav (literally: milk drop) for the first time today. It's the well-baby clinic system in Israel, where they give vaccinations and do weigh-ins and such, and current and future Bubbes of Israel tell you that the kid is too little, too big (I don't think anyone is ever told it's too big), etc, etc. And so, the report:
Tochter is now 4.33 kilo, which is almost 9 pounds, 9 ounces. She was born at 3.5 kilo, which is about 7 pounds, 12 ounces (or so). Our friendly Tipat Chalav nurse (we see the same one each time we go, and she sees everyone who lives on our block, which strikes me as a terribly intelligent way to do things) was not so pleased with that. See, the daughter is two months old now, and the charts would like her to be gaining a kilo a month, not one in two months! It's not so bad that she's ready to tell me to give her extra formula, but they are concerned. I of course realize the absurdity of taking the judgment of my daughter's weight as a personal affront... but ouch anyway!! I don't know if it's because she's my daughter, or if it's because I'm her sole food source, but harrumph! What's wrong with there being somebody skinny in this family!? But whatever, she's really fine and healthy (Baruch Hashem!) and in every other way the nurse could not have been more pleased (okay, she mentioned that SR's fontanels have closed up more than normal, which is not a bad thing unless they close all the way, so again, we're watching it, no immediate problems, sigh...). Butterbean performed beautifully on demand, tracking a moving object, smiling, pushing herself up so nicely when lying on her stomach, and so on. She's just petite - and VERY cute.
She's also developed a new skill - she found her hands! Granted, she was sucking her thumb in the delivery room, but since then she's barely mouthed her hands. Now she's sucking away at them, especially her left hand, really getting them up into position - so impressive! ("You wiggled your head!" - Fezzik) She's a little shy, so I had trouble getting a really good, slobbery picture of it - my apologies.
Alas, it was injection day, though. We got our second hepatitis B shot (first one was in the hospital), our DTaP, Polio and H influenza shots. She did NOT like those, not one bit - but B"H is showing no ill effects, except for having adorable pitiful little symmetrical red dots on her little thighs.
Yoav the Holy did all the shopping today for Shavuos (including taking the daughter with him while I napped, and then abandoning his cart while he ran home with her crying self to Mom and lunch). Now I just have to find the time to assemble the ingredients into edible food... The princess is sleeping now, and I must do the same. Goodnight!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Off the road again

We are SO enjoying being home - except, of course, we didn't stay home all that much today... I went to a routine doc's appointment for myself (confirmed: I had a baby!), and then we all went in the family car off to J-town, where we saw the Savta Raba (briefly), and Yoav went to the Afikei Torah end-of-year-let's-tell-the-teachers-how-amazing-they-are banquet, while I went to the big KES chinese auction. Yoav was feted (did I spell that right?) and accoladed, and the baby got many coos from the friends I ran into (but no, I didn't win anything - but I still got to take home the cutest prize there!). Then back to the 'hood for Yoav to make an 11th hour appearance at a student's bar mitzvah, then home for SR's first bath in three days (she needed it - another poop today, although it was a small one. Gosh, aren't you all relieved?), and here we are!! She is, I believe, sleeping at the moment.

As you see from the suitcase picture, we almost didn't need to take a bed for her with us. Almost. What hotel chain had that guy popping out of luggage in their ads? She's a natural! And look at her expression - so young, and she's already starting to give us the "I'll humor you, just get this over with please!" expression! Genius.

And this is us all together in Tzfat (for those alert blog readers, you'll note she's wearing outfit #3 from our previous contest). We all have matching red eye - clearly we're all related.

There's still a lot on our plate this week - literally, since cooking for the upcoming chag is a big chunk of it. We'll be making 7 brachos on Shavuos/shabbos, not all of the meals but plenty, but I'm confident Sarah Rochel will play happily by herself for hours at a time to insure we get it all accomplished. And tomorrow she gets a couple of vaccines (gulp), and we have a bris on Tuesday, and there are two thingies I have to go to tomorrow night to be properly sociable - busy busy! Off to bed - goodnight!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Holy poop

I apologize for not blogging last night when we came home, but it was 2 AM by the time we got back from Tzfat, and we were all just a little tuckered out - to say the least. Even now, I'm not really sure why I'm awake, although I think it has something to do with the fact SR ain't sleeping none too hot, and keeps chirping in the other room. As you can see from the pictures, her crib has bumpers that line the sides. The crib is just opposite the door to the room, so when we tiptoe by to check on her, we can see the crib but not who is in it, because of the bumpers. So when we creep by, we watch for a telltale arm raised above bumper level to see if she's up and stirring, much like the ominous dorsal fin of a shark. We call her flailing about apropo to crying, "dorsaling."

Tzfat was very holy, of course, and we enjoyed it, but we are definitely beginning to realize the increased shleppiness of our lifestyle, especially when it comes to trekking ourselves and lots of accessories all the way across the country. She pooped on shabbos, which would have been easier at home to deal with of course, but blissfully it didn't leak on anything or anyone.

Okay, she's still out, I'm going back to sleep.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Miss Punctuality

How does she do it? She went to sleep at just after midnight, then woke up to eat at 3 AM, then 6 AM, then 9 AM - very impressive! She's been awake now for a while - if the clock strikes 12 and she starts crying to eat again, I'm gonna flip.

We're leaving soon for shabbos, so this is a three-picture blog to keep you going over shabbos. You can see how tall she's getting by the picture of her father and she playing with the washing machine. You can see how flexible she is by the random foot on her cheek in the bath picture (as an aside - she LOVES her bath, loves the hot water, loves her little padded reclining chair). And she's just plain cute in the other picture (okay, fine, she's cute in all of them!). Good shabbos!


Peanut, I know you slept all of today. And you didn't eat so well before you went to bed for the night, I remember. You wanna eat at 3 AM, that's totally fine with me. But now that we're done eating, darling, you have to go back to sleep! It's nighttime - nights are for shloofing! Buttershnitz, close your eyes and try to sleep. I saw that yawn! Go on now, close your eyes Butterbean, lay still... Pay no attention to the fact that I was trying to put the pacifier in your nose.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Winding down

After a hard day of sleep, my daughter is getting ready to sleep - okay by me! Today I actually made dinner (like homemade pasta sauce and all), and made banana cake and two kinds of banana muffins too (don't even think about implying it was because I had a dozen bananas thisclose to rotting) (it was more like 14 of them. Anyway...).

Tomorrow en route to Tzfat we hope to stop at - insert heavenly chorus here - Ikea. I don't even have anything on the brain that I'm meaning to buy, but I will certainly think of something by the time we get there.

We just bought a different brand of diaper wipes. There was nothing wrong with the kind we had, just we ran out and they didn't have that kind in the store this time. They did have one that we decided to skip, however, since the label kindly informed us of the precise quantity of formaldehyde in the wipe. Ya know... dunno if I'm ready to have that on my little daughter's little tushy. (Speaking of which, she pooped again today. She didn't poop yesterday, so she broke the streak (har har), but maybe that's why she was so sleepy...)

Hope everyone has a lovely night, myself included. Time to bathe the tochter. To bathe, perchance to shloof. Goodnight!

Oh, enjoy this profile shot - now feel free to argue whose nose she has (Great Aunt Broomhilda's?).

Lazy Thursday

Okay, now she's freaking me out. She slept from 12:30 to 6 AM, which was amazing, and then at 7:30 she went back down for a nap... she got up twice to eat, but then immediately fell back asleep, until 12:30! And at 2 she took another half hour nap. So out of the last 14 hours, she slept for 10 of 'em! Gosh, she sure is easy to live with like this, and I certainly appreciated being able to catch up on all my sleep, finish a novel, get dressed leisurely, eat lunch, etc, etc, but.. think she's gearing up for something big, mayhaps even sinister? You never know!

We're going to Tzfat for shabbos, IY"H, with Yoav's yeshiva. If this pattern holds over the weekend it would be wonderful, but somehow, I doubt it!

Above are at long last two nursery pictures (you can't even see the yellow ceiling - it's hard to take pictures of a room and get all the details) and of course the - ta da! - recliner, with cute occupant!

Those crazy Druyans

Yoav and I are sitting here at 12:30 in the morning, typing away on our respective computers (I'm blogging and logging my daughter's schedule today, and he's preparing his worksheets for tomorrow morning), eating leftover gazpacho from shabbos (doesn't everyone have dinner at this hour?) and taking turns popping into the tochter's room to remind her sleep is a lot more refreshing when you stop crying. Usually she goes down for the night (in contrast to how she goes for a nap) very solidly, and we don't have to keep going back in there. But the first rule of babies is that they have no rules - or so we seem to be learning.

She is really growing up though. During her bath tonight I was sticking my tongue out at her, and she totally mimicked me and stuck hers out too, like really stuck it out, not just a little peep of tongue tip. She's learning so much so fast! We're starting trig tomorrow.

Kid hasn't cried for the last five minutes - bli ayin hara, I think we may be down for the count. Goodnight everyone - I'm off to bed as soon as I finish Yoav's gazpacho for him.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The recliner came!!! It's wonderful (although gosh, it does take up a lot of space!) and we've already had several meals therein, and the spit up hasn't landed on the upholstery yet (came close, though). Everyone is invited to come over and sit in it whenever they like, except of course 8-10 times a day, when my daughter and I are using it.

Last night was another 3 AM wakening-and-eating-and-going-back-to-sleeping, and then she was up again at 6:30, which is very respectable. She's napping at the moment, still somewhat restlessly but at least she's getting some down time. She needs that - she leads a busy life! When she gets up (and undoubtedly, after she eats again) we're going to go to the health food store to buy whole grain goodies (brain food), to the post office to mail back the maternity outfit I borrowed from a gamach in J-town (oops, so she's 8 weeks old - I really meant to get around to it sooner!) and maybe even to get me a new pair of glasses. My glasses are all scratched up, so badly that the store is willing to fix them for free - but it will take a week! So I need a cheap spare pair made.

That's all for now! Have a great day, everyone.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do you know that it's hard to think of catchy titles when you blog three times a day?

The darling has just gone off to sleep, as must I. She and I went off to a big tznious presentation this evening (as someone said to me upon seeing my daughter there, "Early education?" Indeed!). She was very good, only fussed a bit and was happy once I fed her. At the end there was a little song thing addressed to a little girl, calling her princess and talking about how she's Hashem's daughter and one day she'll grow up and get married and so on, and I was standing there holding my precious little princess in my arms, and I'm wishing her only the best things in life, and yes I teared up, thank you very much - you would have too!!

This picture is from our bath tonight. Thoughtful thing that she is, she pooped just as we were getting her undressed for the bath, meaning she didn't wait until she was IN the bath to do so - much appreciated!! Baruch Hashem she went to sleep very easily afterwards, none of the come-back-in-here-every-five-minutes of her afternoon naps. Well, we wouldn't want her to be too perfect, now would we?

Do you realize that's three poop days in a row?? Such exciting going ons! A goodnight to you all!

Hands up!

This is how we sleep. Or rather, this is how we look when we've fallen asleep momentarily but are for sure going to wake up again really soon because we are too busy playing and don't want to miss anything. Sheesh.

Note how the crook of her elbow holds her cork in place. Even as I type this, she - in theory - is laying just like this. Which means I need to get myself into the kitchen to make dinner. But real quick, just one more picture:
This one means: "Yes, Mommy - this hat is too big AND looks rather silly. But you know I'm still cute!"

(before I could save this, crying again... her daytime naps have become so fitful, it's really sad to watch. I know she's exhausted, but she just isn't staying asleep - and it frustrates her too!)

Boy, am I confused

And now, the thrilling conclusion of... When Did Sarah Rochel Wake Up?

She went to sleep at midnight... and got up at 3 to eat! Back to sleep 45 minutes later (we had both dozed off in the middle of the meal), then awake again at 6:45! Back to sleep 45 minutes later (do you see a trend here?), and awake again at 9. I think. Maybe it was 8:30. Maybe it was later. I was too groggy to tell. And then she and I napped on the couch until 10:30, and she's been playing until now, when it's clearly time for yet another meal!

I, mind you, only got breakfast at 11:30.

Perfection, thy name art baby

Today I - for the first time ever - actually purchased clothing for my daughter! (Well, I haven't needed to before now!) Her wardrobe was deficient in long-sleeved onesies (I bought two), and a hat that wasn't totally doofy looking AND would stay on (picky picky), and she didn't have a single pair of frilly lace shabbos socks! So clearly I had to pick up a pair to wear to the wedding next week. Looks like she'll be wearing outfit #1, by popular demand. It's very pretty, but 100% polyester, which means that I can take it straight out of the washing machine (as I just did) and it's already dry. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I don't know why I'm still up, since my darling daughter is fast asleep. She is definitely changing, because her schedules and rhythyms are totally different in the last couple days then they were a week or two ago. For example, she went to sleep tonight at midnight - she had been up for five and a half hours, with only little catnaps of ten or fifteen minutes a couple times throughout. She finally got her bath (which is good, since she pooped again today (two days in a row!) so she probably could use the extra cleaning), and went to bed with nary a peep as soon as we put her down.

It will be very interesting to see what time she wakes up in the morning. Of course, I think it will be very interesting. If you're reading this blog, apparently you think it will be very interesting too. Maybe I won't tell you, just to prolong the suspense. Perhaps we can exploit this for my daughter's benefit. Hmm...

Support Sarah Rochel's Frilly Sock Habit! Want to find out the latest on the princess's movements? (yes, that was an intentional poop allusion) Call 1-900-BUTRCUP today! Just $15.99 for the first minute, $7.99 for each additional minute. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diner's, and also dinner.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Your opinion matters!

Adorable, simply adorable! Do you know what she did last night? She put herself to bed for the night! No bath, no massage, nothing. At 7 PM she ate, then played so nicely for almost two hours, then ate some more, but resisted taking the nap she then so desperately needed. Finally, in her stroller, she fell asleep - at 10 PM. We figured she'd nap for an hour or so, then wake up, and we'd give her a bath and most likely would have to be up with her until 1 AM. But nope - she was soundly sleeping! Bless her little belly button.

I did, at 12:30 AM, feed her, using what The Baby Whisperer calls a "dream feed," wherein you try to feed the kiddo in mid-sleep so they will sleep longer, i.e. will have enough calories to make it until what you deem is a decent hour. So I just picked her up and brought her to the food. She ate some, not very vigourously, and I put her down in her crib. She slept until 5:30 AM! Then she napped again from 7 to 9 (as did I, whew!), and now at 11:00 she's just gone to sleep again. Sleep is such a great yumminess, yes?

Okay, now the important part. In a week or so, Yoav's cousin is getting married (okay, it's his cousin's cousin, but whatever, it's mishpucha). The question of course: what to wear?!?! So we have three choices. All have matching tushy covers (I know you were worried). #1 has a matching overcoat and hat. All will need some kind of white shirt underneath, unless it's mamish shmaltzing hot that day, which I doubt.

How to vote: please click on the icon below to leave a comment, and lemme know which - #1, 2 or 3 above - is the good and proper choice! These weighty decisions of motherhood are too important to be done alone. I need your help!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


It seems perhaps my daughter's um, er, "difficult" moments can sometimes be explained. Girlfriend had a rough morning, but she definitely got a bit better after pooping. She's still eating and sleeping somewhat erratically for her, but more congenial. I missed poop #1 of the day, since Yoav was with her while I ran off to the gym (go go endorphins!), but I had the pleasure of dealing with poop #2. Yoav says I should not tell you all how the color and smell are changing because of the acidophilus, so I won't.

Sorry, didn't take any pictures of the pumpkin today (aside: why do southerners always nickname their children with food? Pumpkin - Sweet Pea - Butternut - Butterbean - Peanut - Pumpernickel - Milk Breath (doesn't everyone call their baby that?) - Sugar - Honey... it just goes on!). Here's a copy of her passport picture though - doesn't she look like she's having her temperature taken? (Actually, she doesn't look like herself to me, but the picture is reminding me of someone... anyone have an idea? It's driving me crazy.)

Speak softly

Yoav was telling the shabbos guests a dvar torah yesterday, and he mentioned waking up at 3 AM to feed the baby. I said that it's been a LONG time since I needed to be up at 3 (which is true). Therefore, of course, punctually at the crack of 3, Prunella woke up to eat. From 3-3:15, eating. From 3:15-3:38, sleeping. 3:39 - time to eat again! Okay, guess we didn't get enough the first time, just fatigue overcame us.

This morning we had another important milestone: baby's first big booger! (That's right, this blog is an equal opportunity bodily function exploiter - it's not just about poop!) She sneezed and there it was. We're so proud!

Currently we're having our first real play date, since I'm babysitting a friend's 9 week old for a few minutes. The two ladies are sleeping next to each other in their little Graco car seats, with their matching John Lennon pacifiers (except both of them have spit them out). Awwww.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gut voch

Baruch Hashem, Sarah Rochel went to sleep much easier this Friday night than in the last couple of instances. We tried giving her a bath right before shabbos - musta confused the heck outa her - but she did go to sleep by 11:30/12. Of course, by the time she did, her father and I were so exhausted we couldn't see straight. She then woke up at 4:15 - 4:15! - despite the fact that the previous four nights she woke up at 5:30 most punctually. Sigh, or rather, snore, or rather, un-snore, since I was awake! Then back to sleep, and up again at 6:30. She didn't want to go back to sleep then, and Yoav took her. I was so out of it that when he woke me at 8 because he was leaving for shul, I was so disoriented that I didn't understand what happened, having no recollection of going back to sleep! So - fed her again at 8:30 (what's with this every 2 hours business?) and then we curled up together and shloofed a bit more until 9:30... or maybe it was 10... what's my name? (Hers, as you all know, is Hortense Pumpernickel Shmerlingoff - that's how tired I was.)

It's funny that only now, when she's 7 weeks old, am I having the absurd fatigue associated with the first couple weeks with a newborn. So she's really advanced, and I'm delayed? Or I'm regressing? Or she's going through a 10 day growth spurt? Let's do the timewarp again... ARGH!

Not that I'm not loving every minute. Well, maybe not EVERY minute... But she is more wonderful and sweet every day, when she's not crying because she hasn't eaten in, gosh, moments.

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of my daughter just after her bath the other day, with a lovely view up her nostrils (the cutest nostrils this side of the Rio Grande).

Tomorrow, we have planned... nothing! Zip, zilch, not an iota. We plan to do it well. She's asleep now, our guests are about to leave, and I'm going to bed!

Friday, May 19, 2006

The princess thwarted

Oh ye of little faith, we made it to the embassy no later than 10:45 AM, got in NO problem, so there! We starting filling out the forms and playing with the pencils and finally our turn was called (just as the kiddo decided it was lunch time, oh well, so I actually missed this next part of the drama...). We had filled out the forms thusly:

First name: Princess Sarah
Middle name: Rachel

And they said... NO! Someone said you can't name a baby Princess, but we pointed out that a) yes we could and b) it's a literal translation of 'Sarah.' But because her Israeli birth certificate only said 'Sarah Rachel' (correct, we couldn't get the Israelis to spell it 'Rochel' in English), they wouldn't do it!! HARUMPH!

Never fear - this is what change-of-name forms were invented for! All in good time...

Here's a picture of her Highness on top of the world. We took it across the street from the embassy in Tel Aviv. Would YOU defy this face?! So we went there and back without incident, B"H, and now we're home and getting ready for shabbos. I put the girl in the sling while I was working around the house. I put her in in a position that she's supposed to be older for, in terms of neck support. Except that a) I was very careful, b) she was in kinda crooked so it supported her neck a bit, c) I was very careful, d) she got to see the world and so she was happy, and of course e) I was very careful. She loved it - and she fell asleep! Strangely enough, I get even more work done that way...

A wonderful shabbos to all of you - wish us luck getting her to sleep tonight, sans bath and mobile and mellow repetitive music. Any lullaby requests out there? EVERY night is kareoke night at the Druyans! Good shabbos!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hee hee!

You know, just earlier today, I said to myself, "Self, what would we do if she pooped during her bath?" And lo and behold, a full day and a half overdue for our last poop, she let it go in the comfort of her bathwater! (Surprisingly enough, Yoav wouldn't allow me to take a picture for all of your viewing pleasures - imagine!)

So we took her out of the tub, emptied the tub, washed the tub, refilled the tub, and rewashed the girl (she needed it - can you imagine us explaining to the doctor, "yeah, we think that rash on her neck came from her poop"). It's a party!


The eternal question - is it better to sleep longer at night, and have dinky naps during the day, or longer naps and shorter night shloofing? Heck if I know. Girlfriend just went and fell asleep in her bouncy chair as I was drawing her bath. Most of her naps today have been 45 minutes long (after that she can be coaxed to sleep a bit longer, but only with frequent pacifier top ups and soothings) - but then, she slept last night very well, from 1 to 8 AM, with just 20 minutes or so around 5:30 for breakfast.

Of course, it's not like I'm in control here or anything!

Shabbos got cooked, including chicken soup that we've already started eating cause we're sick, and banana cake that we've already started eating cause, um, um, we deserve it. Cooking while she napped was an adventure - clearly, I won't be stir frying anything until she's like 3 years old, because if I had to count on some uninterrupted time... well, you just can't count on it! As it is the banana cake batter sat unmixed for a bit too long, resulting in the occasional lump of salt in the cake - gets your attention!

This picture is from our attempts at taking a passportable picture of the chicklet on her changing pad on the backseat of the car. Of course.


Wo - how the heck did it get to be almost noon??
So we went to the doctor, the whole family at the family doctor... and we ALL have a virus!! Booger! So I just puffed some Flonase (seems to be helping) and we all have to drink and use steam and so on - well, Yoav and I do. SR feels much better than we do, and she has SuperDuper Immunity Juice at every meal! She is even as I write in her crib trying to resume the nap interrupted by the doctor. She's in full "hands up - don't shoot!" position, which is how she usually sleeps - too yummy.

Since we're going to try the embassy again tomorrow (no more comments from the peanut gallery please!), I need to try to make shabbos today, so I'm going to attempt not to play on the computer at all until shabbos is done, except when I'm feeding the kiddo (which is why many of you get short emails from me - I'm typing with just one hand!!).

Has anyone else noticed that most of my sentences in this blog end in !!!?

What goes up...

Such an unhappy morning and afternoon we had. When we weren't eating or crying we were sleeping, but so fitfully, waking up all in a fuss. So we were overtired and underpooped (she was due to poop this AM - we haven't seen it yet!!) and oh, the druyanity!
Finally, we fell asleep in the sling (okay, we had fallen asleep previously in the sling, but after a half hour dumb Mom decided to put us in our crib, and we did NOT like that not one bit! End of THAT nap!), and so there we remained - for three hours! Whew!
When we woke up, we were in a MUCH better mood, as evidenced by the picture shown here. In all sincerity, the grinning playing moments are such a heart's ease for the difficult crying ones. This picture doesn't even begin to do justice with how much Sarah Rochel has developed in terms of really interacting with another person. Precious!

So she woke up at 10, and we ate and played and starting up being miserable again, but then Abba came home and gave us a bath - we stayed in the bath for like a half hour! Such a decadent lifestyle we lead! And then massage, our nightcap, and it's 1 AM and we're asleep - hopefully for the duration!

Alas, I think we're definitely all getting sick. The kiddo is sniffly (and who knows, maybe her throat hurts too), Yoav and I are all runny nosed and sinus drippy and I'm coughing and sneezing and my throat hurts and and and... Aren't mommies not supposed to get sick?? Isn't it like a rule?? And yes, Mother, before you ask, I'm taking the zinc and vitamin C like crazy, and will ask the doctor tomorrow if I can take the Flonase.

We were so responsible and ordered groceries online - and of course, they didn't have a few things (which I only discovered when the order arrived here), and of course, they forgot to deliver the bag of perishables altogether (never fear - they charged me anyway!), so methinks this wasn't such a timesaver after all. My vegetable order, on the other hand, was lovely.

And now, to bed... All the latest baby books recommend swaddling even older infants (like up to 6 months or something) to help them sleep more soundly. Heck, we're giving it a shot, and so far, bli ayin hara... Okay, I'm off to sleep before I lose my option. Goodnight!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kvetch kvetch kvetch senora

She slept so well last night, but today the poor little thing is all kvetchy and unhappy and wanting to eat all the time and not sleeping regular hours - heck, sounds like a teenager! I knew she was advanced!

We're going to go to the doctor tomorrow because I think we're getting a cold (my throat hurts, she's a little sniffley, etc) and I want to see how much bud nipping we can do. And nebuch, could be she's not feeling well and that's why she's so off kilter.

Here's her highness in her new reclining bath accessory. Off to feed her now (again!).

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dry run

So the darling had a little sleep night, as previously blogged, but still we scurried to get her redone birth certificate this morning (got her Israeli passport too - awww... How is she supposed to sign it, exactly? With a paw print?). We got it, collected all our goodies, and despite our fatigue boogied off to Tel Aviv... They had told us we just had to get in the door by 11. So we arrived, and it was 11 on MY watch (okay, maybe 11:02), but alas, they wouldn't let us in the door.

We are SURE God has a good reason for that happening. If anyone knows what it is, please share!!

So we piddled around for a few more hours, going to Yafo and seeing the sea (gorgeous day!), driving home the scenic route and generally all hanging out together (and yes, the daughter slept from 7:30-11:30 AM, which we would have loved to have napped during as well, but see above comment that we're sure Hashem has a reason...). We took a couple pictures, like good little parents. To all the grandmothers out there, OF COURSE we didn't take a baby out in the sun without a hat!! Please, what kind of parents do you think we are? (Answer: the kind who didn't bring a hat with us, but gosh we meant to, and we were only out for a couple of minutes anyway, and the tochter was just fine - we didn't even drop her in the Mediterranean!).

Hopefully Friday we'll go back to the embassy and take care of bidness.

Typing with my eyes closed

So she went to sleep at 1:20 AM, woke up screaming at 5. When by 10 to 6 I had fed her all she wanted to eat, I turned over the crying baby to her father, closed the doors between us, whimpered, put a pillow over my head, and slept until 7, when I took back the crying baby, fed her some more, and now she seems to be in a milk-stupor. Sheesh. We gave her some of the gas medicine last night, and then now again this morning. We're - all three of us - zonked.

Ostensibly, we need to go to get her birth certificate again, since we only got the Hebrew one, and the US Embassy needs the Hebrew-English one (and when Yoav went to go get it yesterday afternoon, the ministry's computers were all down, sigh). So that needs to happen - they open at 8 AM. The embassy in Tel Aviv is only open every day to the public until 11 AM (gevalt!). And we're both pooped and the daughter ought to be pooped and and and and... We'll probably make it all happen, then come home and take turns sleeping. Or, we'll sleep now.

Just when you think the kid is on some predictable schedule... Baruch Hashem!


I've mentioned it before, just wanted to publically thank God and his messenger in this world, Bobby McFerrin. The "wooo wooo wooo wooo wooo, wooo wah-wooo wah woooooo" part of 'Don't Worry Be Happy' is what I just sang, softly, for like twenty minutes. She loves it (of course she loves it - that's why it takes twenty minutes of singing it to put her to sleep!! If she hated it she'd go to sleep right away to escape it! Hmmmm).

Addendum at 1:21 AM - okay, maybe she likes it too much, cause she kept waking up for more. Guess I blogged too soon! Actually, she is feeling a tad gassy, and woke up every time the pacifier fell out of her mouth. So I propped a toy against her mouth holding it in. Evil? Perhaps. But I'll go move it in a minute, and B"H she seems to have moved into a sounder sleep, something I'd like to do as well, right now. Goodnight (I hope!!).

Monday, May 15, 2006

She's a little tochter, short and stout

We went this evening to visit SR's paternal great grandmama, who was in excellent form and enjoyed our visit very much! Then my husband took me to that great little romantic bistro, Pizza Clinton, and we bought some nuts from a street vendor (Yoav was sure to add "Sweets for the sweet!" when he bought them). Then we drove home, watching the enchanting massive Lag Baomer fires adorning the Jerusalem hills - you could almost hear the cries of "Ima - owwwwwwwwww!!!" We kept the windows firmly closed, cause the baby is too young to smoke, ya know?

Man, I have become such a cheap date! Then again, my husband never used to bring another girl along with us.

Going back to the babe.. she is really developing at an amazing rate, bli ayin hara. She has figured out that her hands go places - she rubs her eyes, sticks her fingers in her mouth, clutches her blanket - you name it!! She totally smiles at us, with such a wide open face - total yumminess incarnate! It's really unbelievable how quickly she's turning into a baby - not just a newborn. I'm sorry that all of ya'll all out there reading this can't be with her every day (and not just so I can give myself a break). Someday we will all be together...

My apologies

Since I started this blog, I've never let 24 hours pass without posting something (shabbos not included) and I do apologize!! Thing is - nothing much is going on, you know? I mean, sure, the girl slept very well last night, bless her heart. And she pooped this morning too - oh, and this IS new: her father woke up from her crying in the other room! He's developing MommyRadar! (I shouldn't make fun of him, he's a totally perfect dad - I'm just searching for news!) And since then, the tochter (that's yiddish for daughter, in case any of you need remedial help there) has been eating and shloofing, and that's about it! It's 2 PM already, and she hasn't really done anything yet! The only reason she's not in her pajamas anymore is that we rushed out to get her birth certificate and Israeli passport done (she slept through her passport photo). Tomorrow IY"H Yoav is off of work because of Lag Baomer, so we'll take her to the American embassy in Tel Aviv and get her all registered there.

That means, of course, that means we'll have to make a final decision if she's getting an English name any different than 'Sarah Rochel.' If she had been a boy, and we had named her 'Tzvi' (which means deer), than I was going to push for Running Deer as her American name - Native American! And I really did want to name her for a Muppet, but have you noticed there are only like two women in the Muppet cast? You've got Miss Piggy (hardly a name for a nice Jewish girl) and Janice, oh, and let's not forget Camilla the chicken. Hardly any choices at all unless you go to Fraggles, and I didn't think I was ready to name her Mokey.

Okay, Prunella (or whatever her name is) is stirring. Enjoy these pictures from yesterday - we'll see if we can't get any more today.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Oh happy day

Baruch Hashem, everyone slept well last night (well, except for Yoav, who had been so tired he tanked up on caffeine too much, and then couldn't sleep till 2:30...). Oh, and I even forgot to mention that the darlin' pooped yesterday (Sarah Rochel, that is, just wanted to clarify which darlin'), which was her first on-shabbos poop, which meant it was our first on-shabbos-not-using-wipes-poop-clean-up, which was very damp but was indeed successful - hurray!

To the left, a picture of the child at 6:30 this morning, when she woke up from her long shloof. And to the right, a picture of today's outfit, including mildly absurd but totally adorable coordinating footwear.

Congrads to my Tattie (the proud Zayde) on becoming a licensed private pilot person! We knew you could do it! Now fly over here and see us (although do pack some extra fuel, cause methinks there aren't enough fueling stations in the Atlantic to see those little planes through).

Happy Mother's Day to all, that glorious Hallmark holiday highlighting the powers of marketing, a power only dwarfed by the power of mothering itself. Would you believe my daughter didn't even send me a card? I won't even talk about the lack of breakfast in bed. Harumph. Shoot, we'll keep her anyway.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Running on empty

Just when you think you have them figured out... maybe it's something about leil shabbos, cause come to think of it she did this last week... Suffice to say, Sarah Rochel wasn't in the mood to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time until 3 AM on shabbos, and then she only slept till 6:30 AM. At the moment, she and her abba are passed out on the couch together - no idea how long that will last, but we're all exhausted! It could be that it's just the lack of nighttime routine that gets her. Friday nights she gets no bath, we don't turn off the lights in the living room, we don't wind up her mobile for her (or the Kermit that plays "Rainbow Connection"). Who knew a daughter of ours would actually crave regularity in her schedule?

So Yoav let me run away to the gym as soon as we ended shabbos, cause I needed a break. Whew.

As I type, she's a-stirring. So now we'll bathe her, and IY"H soon it will be dream time...

12:58 AM - first wind of mobile, sucking pacifier strong
1:03 AM - second wind of mobile, slowing down, half lidded...
1:07 AM - quiet, quiet...
1:09 AM - I'm still hearing the mobile in my head...
1:12 AM - continued quiet. Praise Hashem for all his kindnesses!! GOODNIGHT!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Good shabbos!

We went to the chiropractor this morning - he said she's doing much better in terms of her, um, chiropracticality, or whatever. Anyway, he was pleased with her progress, and bli ayin hara she really is much less gassy, bless her. So we're done with those treatments for now, unless she regresses. Hurray! My daughter the prodigy.

We're home for shabbos, home tonight but going out for lunch tomorrow here on the block. Looking forward to it!!

Here is a picture from this morning of Miss Butterbean in her famous 'Pooh' outfit (even though she's not due to poop again until tomorrow night) with its matching kippa, um, I mean, cloche. Kinda looks like a rain hat, actually. Good shabbos to all, and to all a good shabbos!


Note to self - holding wet squirming baby in one hand while attempting to pour pitcher of rinsewater over baby in any sort of effective cleansing motion will result in unhappy baby and much laundry.

Sounds like a fortune cookie: He who bathes baby alone will have wet shirt.

Goodnight to all!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

You talking to me?

Sorry, I just thought that was the perfect caption for the picture.

I'm currently very into this website, Since it's sfira, and so we can't play any music, and since I seem to spend a large chunk of the day singing to the darling child, it's very useful to look up songs to sing there, songs from our ancient history that still rattle around our brains (especially at 3 AM, which is often when we're singing them!). For example, I had forgotten all the words to "Don't Worry Be Happy," a song my daughter particularly enjoys. Also all the words to "Teach Your Children" (CSN), Billy Joel's "Tell Her About It," Simon and Garfunkel stuff, etc, etc. This is of course not including the countless Beatles songs the child hears. We sing her lots of Jewish stuff too (singing her goyish songs is mildly ironic, since we don't really have any of this in the house). And what would her education be without Shlock Rock? All the same, we're looking forward to Lag Baomer! It's Pesach Sheni tonight, so we're almost there...

Speaking of websites, I'm about to make an order at ah, joy, rapture, the bliss of it all! My grandmother's gift to us on the occasion of the baby being born was that I buy something for myself... Okay, she talked me into it!

In further daughter news, we had two lovely poops today, right on schedule (those who would like detailed accounts of color, runniness, quantity, etc, are welcome to email me directly - I will, however, try to spare the general public the messy particulars). We also starting giving her acidophilus, on the recommendation of her chiropractor, to try to improve her little digestive system, reduce gas, etc. Bli ayin hara the chiropractic treatments really do seem to have helped with her gassiness (or she's just growing out of it, but we can't know which it is!).

Reflections on ramblings

A thought from my oh-boy-I-wish-she'd-go-back-to-sleep-for-another-four-hours mind... Like all people, I love talking about myself. When no one is around, I have whole conversations - nay, monologues - talking about myself and my feelings and telling myself stories about myself, and so on and so forth.

I just realized this baby - and by extension, this blog! - are letting me talk to myself with a supposed purpose!! I can talk to my baby all day long (ahem, all night too!) and it's called language development, as opposed to what it really is, which is self agrandizement egotistical ramblings. Ditto this blog. Here I am, talking about myself talking about myself, and you're all reading along... brouhahahaha!!

I seriously need more sleep.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We start the day in a shirt and sleep sack. Sometime between 10 and 12:30 we change into clothes - sometimes retaining the shirt, often losing it since it became bespitted during the morning. Then we go about our day... Today at about 6 PM we needed a full wardrobe change. Why? Because our dresser apparently hasn't figured out this diaper thing so well, and so we got our pants wet (as well as Mommy's skirt and successive layers underneath, since we were on her lap at the time!). Also, our overshirt had been saturated, but our onesie was still okay. So we changed pants and into a sweater. Promptly, the sweater was annointed as well. But we've held out until now, when we're freshly bathed and in a new shirt and sleep sack. And yes, she spit up as she was getting dressed (and in the bath too - note the shtickle spittle on her chin in the above bath photo). It's all a plot by the Tide people, I tell you.

A post about lots of daughters

So Yoav just saw a like 12 year old girl standing on the sidewalk around the corner, trying to hitch a ride. Gevalt. I remember we grew up with lots of 'stranger' education, lots of just saying no, etc, etc. Maybe here it's not so prevalent; certainly, hitchhiking does not have the dangerous connotation that it does in the USA. Regardless, we just posted this to the Ramat Beit Shemesh email group...

A letter to our daughter:
Dear child, we're so happy you're here! You bring nothing but joy to our lives, and we want to always protect you from harm. That's why we're asking you to promise us that, unlike some girls we've seen in the neighborhood lately (like the pre-teenager today on Ayalon), that you will NEVER, EVER try to get a ride ('tremp') from a stranger on the road!!
Baruch Hashem we live in a frum area. Baruch Hashem the vast majority of people you might catch a ride with - frum or otherwise - will just give you a ride, just want to do a chessed.
But sweet daughter, it's just not worth the risk that one person might have something else in mind. There are, unfortunately, predators who are just watching for young girls to be waiting on the side of the road!!
Many people don't realize that Ramat Beit Shemesh is no more than a one or two minute drive from isolated, wooded areas. So, so quickly you could be so far out of our reach...
We really, really hope that one day this warning will be obsolete. Until then, we hope all of your friends' parents will pay attention too, and never, ever let their daughters try to get a ride with a stranger!! We hope they'll explain to their daughters that when these girls try to catch a lift, they may catch much more than they intended, rachmana litzlan.
Mommy and Abba

Like baby for chocolate

So we're down at the grocery store, and I'm shmoozing with a friend, and she mentions how she had to stop eating chocolate since her baby just wasn't sleeping! And it occured to me... um... oops. When I was pregnant, I probably had chocolate - like stand alone, chocolate bar chocolate - only a couple of times. But lately.... I personally blame my mother, since she's taught me to appreciate these things. Mayhaps Sarah Rochel doesn't want all this caffeine in her system. Booger. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children.

The critter is currently sleeping, and so I ought to be cleaning the kitchen or washing that darned slipcover (you know, the one that got pooped on? It's still sitting by the washing machine) or helping my daughter write her thank you notes, but instead I'm blogging for you, my loyal customers.

Someone gave us an outfit for her that has - brace yourselves - denim. It came with this little triangular piece of fabric which I have to assume is a head thingy, since it seems rather pointless as a loincloth, even though that is what it resembles most. So here's a picture of little miss thang from the brief moments my daughter tolerated having her bonnet on her head!

Where did that half a chocolate bar go?


So she's six weeks old, and a few days ago (on the Hebrew calendar) or right now (on the Gregorian one) I'm 28 years old. That's 1456 weeks - so I have a bit of a head start!

Yoav and I think we're planning the First Magical Mystical Grand Sarah Rochel American Tour for this August. I think we'll try to come for all of bein hazmanim, which is roughly August 6-24, or thereabouts, depending on traveling close to shabbos, etc. Of course, we'll be going to Houston and NY. More details to come when they exist! In the meantime, we can all rejoice in the knowledge that today I did two whole loads of laundry, went to the gym for the first time in almost a year, and bli ayin hara I think the daughter just went to bed for the night (or what we call "the night" in hopes that it will grow beyond "the nap"). Off to shloof!

(oh, and if anyone knows enough html for me to tell this thing when to rotate the pictures and when not to, please lemme know!)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Vital stats

So we're six weeks old today. Six weeks is when all the books say we'll be acclimated, adjusted, in a rhythm, etc. Nursing magically gets easier at 6 weeks. Sleeping magically gets more regulated at six weeks. Mothering AND laundry AND cooking AND having a social life all get easier at six weeks.

Okay, whenever you're ready!

I really can't complain. I am getting things more together, nursing is getting better, and I am sorta kinda getting closer to possibly being able to understand this charming creature. Speaking of which, I've compulsively been keeping track for the last several days, and here's the scoop:

Sarah Rochel averages 8 feedings a day, and just under 13 hours of sleep out of every 24 (perky kid!). Her longest stretch of sleep is 5 hours, and her longest awake period has been 3.5 hours. She's 22.8 inches long, or as close as that can be on a squirming kiddo. She likes long walks on the beach and hates manicures (sorry, kiddo). She has blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and she's got a mean right hook. As you see in the picture, she can hold her head up a bit when she's on her tummy, but she does NOT like it, not one bit!


"Yes Mommy, it's 4:30 AM, but that's no reason you can't put down the dumb camera and wipe the spit-up off my chin!"

"Well, pumpkin, I can hardly see straight at this hour - I'm not sure which side of you is up!"

"That certainly explains a lot. Could you try to wake up a little more before you put the next diaper on?"

And then, gentle reader, I spied a 6 legged creature a-walking on my floor, which woke me the heck up, lemme tell you! It's dying, I'm sure, but harumph!! Think Yoav will mind being awoken at 4:30 AM to deal with a small creature? I was awakened at 3:30 to deal with one, albeit one of fewer legs and much greater cuteness (lehavdil!!).

Rocking a stroller with one hand, blogging with another, and eating chocolate throughout (just to stay awake of course) - no wonder I'm pooped! (sorry, had to get the word 'poop' in there somewhere...)

[addendum at 4:55 AM: I needn't have gone out of my way - she just pooped again - I think it's her new diapers with a picture of Pooh on them - power of suggestion much???]

(partial) Success!

Well, I didn't do any laundry, didn't return any maternity clothes. We tried to visit the 'savta raba' but we left here late and she told us it was too late to come (and indeed, when we got in the neighborhood, we called again to check and turns out she was sleeping already indeed). Didn't touch the bookshelves, except to get another book off of them - I'm working through my library (again!) nursing... but we DID buy a recliner!! It's very comfortable and rocks beautifully and it's a loverly blue fabric... and won't be delivered for a month, possibly. Drats. But it was the best we could do, and it was even on sale, so the whole thing was like 2100 NIS (read: half a kidney). They had a very economical leather one on sale too, but it wasn't as deep or wide as this one, and IY"H we'll be using this one for many cozy feedings and book readings and - let's face it - post chulent naps for not-so-petite people! You're all invited to come and use it, of course, when it finally arrives (sigh).

Monday, May 08, 2006

Showing some skin

We're about to jaunt off to J-town, just a quick pic for my daughter's fan club - note that you can see her cute little crop of pimples in this one (freakiest thing - they heal every night, and new ones come the next day.. or maybe they just move!).

More unrealistic expectations

We took a wonderful nap from 8 to 10 or so, truly lovely, and she pooped again, only 36 hours since the previous poop! Such fun (and smelling so divine!).

So we have a lot planned for today. We're going to buy a recliner and visit the great-grandmother and do laundry (and try to get that poop stain out AGAIN - the sintabon helped, Ima, but it didn't get it all out!) and organize bookshelves and return all my borrowed maternity clothes and just in general be a perfect wife and mother and baby, respectively. Which means, no doubt, that we'll do nothing at all, but boy will we do it well!

Unrealistic expectations

So this blog is moving to being about sleep, not poop - well, it's a start! The blessed child slept from 1:30 to 6:30 AM - she is THE MAN (in a manner of speaking), and yet, I'm like one of those heartless Little League moms and I just want more. True, she'll take a nap soon, and then I'll get it, but we need to focus on the impressive things - namely, that I can spell 'league' at this hour!

Slings and arrows

The princess has just dropped off. We're hoping she's not too off-schedule (this assumes, of course, that she has a schedule in the first place!) since she had a lovely nap today in our new sling! (Again, I dunno why the picture on the left is sideways.) Cute stuff, huh?

Otherwise, nothing to report today, except I made two different kinds of muffins, banana-pecan and date-oat, and they're both pretty darn good. Man, why couldn't I have had maternity leave years ago?

Okay, my daughter is asleep - why am I awake? Goodnight!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ouch, so cute!

I warned you the sandal pictures would be cute!!

We both just slept for a couple hours - hurray! I'm eating peanut butter and jelly on crackers for a snack, while my daughter snacks too. When we're both done we're going out for a walk, braving the newly hot weather to go try and make some essential purchases (although not, alas, the recliner - I don't think they're sold in walking distance).

I'm appealing to all laundry gurus out there to suggest how I can get the poop stain out of my daughter's shabbos clothes! I rinsed it at the time, soaked it in detergentized warm water when we came home, and then washed it regularly - and it's still there! My, poop is just facinating all the way around - should I just change the name of this blog to "The Princess's Poopdom" and have done with it?

NEED a reminder

Could someone please remind my daughter she's supposed to be sleeping now?? She fell asleep on my lap - why oh why did she wake up when I moved her? Why oh why did the Carter's people make a mobile that has to be rewound every four minutes? Why oh why does she think 5:30 AM is time to start the day - when you only went to sleep at 2:30?!

Remember the old "Why ask why - try Bud Dry" advertising campaign? Is 7:30 AM really too early to start drinking beer? I'm southern - I think I can get away with it... (for me, not the daughter!! Although, hmm, maybe if she drank the beer... can you imagine if I call the bottle manufacturer and ask how many cc's of beer I should give at one feeding...) Methinks I'm rambling... methinks I've wound the mobile four times now, and girlfriend isn't sleeping, but she also isn't crying... of course, I'm approaching Total Mommy Tired (TMT - like TNT, only cause more damage)... I am now going to wind the mobile for the fifth time... oh bliss, we have half closed lids!! Over and out (boy am I out...)!

NEED a recliner

Gut voch! We had a lovely shabbos in Har Nof, capped off by our customary motzei shabbos pooping (funny, I don't remember her eating any chulent...). We also got to use the excellent recliner there for eating and for napping (the babe and her dad)... geeeeeshmak!! Clearly, we must purchase one of these things at once and to unct! (What, pray tell, is a unct anyway?)

Behold the princess in all her post sabbatical glory. And here's a picture of me from erev shabbos in full multi-tasking mode (including the phone on 'speaker' clipped on).

Coming attractions: My friend Samara knitted our daughter the drop-diaper CUTEST hat and - get this - baby sandals. We will photograph them on Sarah Rochel tomorrow, IY"H, and, warning: it's so cute, it might hurt.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Princess on parade

Okay, just a quick erev shabbos posting, with several yummy shots, since we can't pick just one!! Good shabbos to all!


We slept from 2:30 to 6:30 AM, which is very respectable, and from 7 to 8, which is less so, and we've just gone down again for a nap now, so we hope it'll be a gezunta one!! Here's a picture of her drifting off to dreamland... We had an appointment with our lactation consultant earlier, and we're going to the chiropractor later - busy kid! We're going to Reuven and Nechy in Har Nof for shabbos. In other news, the burgeoning housewifely goddess that I am made banana pecan muffins for her hard working man earlier this week, to great success, and I'm going to try my hand next at homemade biscuits made with lard from our own pigs... wait, no, wrong goddess (I'm channeling Laura Ingalls again). I am going to try to make date oat muffins next, something I realize is of vital importance to all of you reading this missive. But enough about me, ya'll just wanna see more of the girlchild... (note the massively cute bib, as well as her rather startled expression. You would have an expression like that too if your father kept flashing bright lights at you over and over and over for no apparent reason).