Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Do you know that it's hard to think of catchy titles when you blog three times a day?

The darling has just gone off to sleep, as must I. She and I went off to a big tznious presentation this evening (as someone said to me upon seeing my daughter there, "Early education?" Indeed!). She was very good, only fussed a bit and was happy once I fed her. At the end there was a little song thing addressed to a little girl, calling her princess and talking about how she's Hashem's daughter and one day she'll grow up and get married and so on, and I was standing there holding my precious little princess in my arms, and I'm wishing her only the best things in life, and yes I teared up, thank you very much - you would have too!!

This picture is from our bath tonight. Thoughtful thing that she is, she pooped just as we were getting her undressed for the bath, meaning she didn't wait until she was IN the bath to do so - much appreciated!! Baruch Hashem she went to sleep very easily afterwards, none of the come-back-in-here-every-five-minutes of her afternoon naps. Well, we wouldn't want her to be too perfect, now would we?

Do you realize that's three poop days in a row?? Such exciting going ons! A goodnight to you all!

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