Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dry run

So the darling had a little sleep night, as previously blogged, but still we scurried to get her redone birth certificate this morning (got her Israeli passport too - awww... How is she supposed to sign it, exactly? With a paw print?). We got it, collected all our goodies, and despite our fatigue boogied off to Tel Aviv... They had told us we just had to get in the door by 11. So we arrived, and it was 11 on MY watch (okay, maybe 11:02), but alas, they wouldn't let us in the door.

We are SURE God has a good reason for that happening. If anyone knows what it is, please share!!

So we piddled around for a few more hours, going to Yafo and seeing the sea (gorgeous day!), driving home the scenic route and generally all hanging out together (and yes, the daughter slept from 7:30-11:30 AM, which we would have loved to have napped during as well, but see above comment that we're sure Hashem has a reason...). We took a couple pictures, like good little parents. To all the grandmothers out there, OF COURSE we didn't take a baby out in the sun without a hat!! Please, what kind of parents do you think we are? (Answer: the kind who didn't bring a hat with us, but gosh we meant to, and we were only out for a couple of minutes anyway, and the tochter was just fine - we didn't even drop her in the Mediterranean!).

Hopefully Friday we'll go back to the embassy and take care of bidness.


Sabba said...

The amusing thing is that SR's Mom and Dad thought the US Embassy in TA operates on Jewish Time, like, say the neighborhood shul. "Our suggested closing time is 11 AM, but feel free to arrive anytime before noon when our friendly hostess will greet you with a cool drink." Yeah sure!

Faye Berman said...

ok those pics are too cute! Mir, how could you not know by now how the Israeli beauracratic system works?

Miriam the Mommy said...

It's not like we TRIED to get there after the time!! We had an unavoidable detour (baby screaming) to say nothing of a one-way street that we were told to turn onto, etc, etc. And it's not the Israelis - it's the Americans!!