Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Early to bed...

We're testing out the theory, tonight, that babies sleep more when they go to sleep earlier, or get more sleep, or something like that. At any rate, she's asleep in her crib at 10:55 PM, and we'll see how long it lasts! My husband was very impressed that the daughter was really PLAYING in her tub tonight, like totally amusing herself by kicking and splashing and living it up - until she got rather tuckered out and started complaining. But she is learning. She doesn't cry anymore when we take her out of the tub, because she's learned that the nice warm towel is coming, and there's no reason to cry!

11:03 PM - she's still asleep.

11:04 PM - what was that?

11:04:45 PM - recorked her and wound up the mobile. Think shloofy thoughts!

B"H we've noticed no ill effects from her multiple vaccinations - thank goodness! I finally got a new pair of glasses too, which worked out well and was decently economical. And I think that's all the news from here!

11:06 PM - still snoring...

11:08 PM - chirped, but was asleep again, pacifier out, before we had time to get in there! Woohooey!

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