Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Good, er, morning!

The thing about life with a newborn is you keep really funky hours. So it's gotten to the point that going to sleep at 2 AM is normal (alas, it's always been normal for me!), but I get up at 6... and then at 9.. and then at 11. So now it's 2 PM, and I feel like essentially the day has just started, cause I've been out of my pajamas for what, two hours now? Forget normal mealtimes too - I had some kugel at 6:30 AM, and now I'm going to go eat cereal or something. Strange stuff!!

We just went for a little walk outside to get some air (read: kid was awake and my arms got tired of holding her so we're working the stroller!). Last night I tried on one of those funky baby slings, the kind that are vaguely reminicent of tribal swaddlings, and I think we may need one. It allows you to wear the kid in a scrunched up cozy manner, as opposed to a traditional carrier's sitting/standing position. Then I'll have a complete Sarah Rochel wardrobe.

Speaking of which, CLEARLY she doesn't have enough clothes, since she's 5 weeks old today and she keeps wearing things that she's already worn once before!!! It's a shanda.


Sabba said...

I think that the Princess will quickly learn how to manage her parents and grandparents. Does she really need a chiropractor to teach her techniques of manipulation?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Do you know how crowded it was in the womb, with two parents and two sets of granparents all in there, wrapped around her little fingers??