Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gut voch

Baruch Hashem, Sarah Rochel went to sleep much easier this Friday night than in the last couple of instances. We tried giving her a bath right before shabbos - musta confused the heck outa her - but she did go to sleep by 11:30/12. Of course, by the time she did, her father and I were so exhausted we couldn't see straight. She then woke up at 4:15 - 4:15! - despite the fact that the previous four nights she woke up at 5:30 most punctually. Sigh, or rather, snore, or rather, un-snore, since I was awake! Then back to sleep, and up again at 6:30. She didn't want to go back to sleep then, and Yoav took her. I was so out of it that when he woke me at 8 because he was leaving for shul, I was so disoriented that I didn't understand what happened, having no recollection of going back to sleep! So - fed her again at 8:30 (what's with this every 2 hours business?) and then we curled up together and shloofed a bit more until 9:30... or maybe it was 10... what's my name? (Hers, as you all know, is Hortense Pumpernickel Shmerlingoff - that's how tired I was.)

It's funny that only now, when she's 7 weeks old, am I having the absurd fatigue associated with the first couple weeks with a newborn. So she's really advanced, and I'm delayed? Or I'm regressing? Or she's going through a 10 day growth spurt? Let's do the timewarp again... ARGH!

Not that I'm not loving every minute. Well, maybe not EVERY minute... But she is more wonderful and sweet every day, when she's not crying because she hasn't eaten in, gosh, moments.

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of my daughter just after her bath the other day, with a lovely view up her nostrils (the cutest nostrils this side of the Rio Grande).

Tomorrow, we have planned... nothing! Zip, zilch, not an iota. We plan to do it well. She's asleep now, our guests are about to leave, and I'm going to bed!


Debbie said...

and they have guests too. how do they do it? the world may never know. ah, the druyanity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mir! I heard you had my cousin over for shabbos - Ahuva Furst! Its a very small world after all! Miss you!

Rebecca Schochet