Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lazy Thursday

Okay, now she's freaking me out. She slept from 12:30 to 6 AM, which was amazing, and then at 7:30 she went back down for a nap... she got up twice to eat, but then immediately fell back asleep, until 12:30! And at 2 she took another half hour nap. So out of the last 14 hours, she slept for 10 of 'em! Gosh, she sure is easy to live with like this, and I certainly appreciated being able to catch up on all my sleep, finish a novel, get dressed leisurely, eat lunch, etc, etc, but.. think she's gearing up for something big, mayhaps even sinister? You never know!

We're going to Tzfat for shabbos, IY"H, with Yoav's yeshiva. If this pattern holds over the weekend it would be wonderful, but somehow, I doubt it!

Above are at long last two nursery pictures (you can't even see the yellow ceiling - it's hard to take pictures of a room and get all the details) and of course the - ta da! - recliner, with cute occupant!

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