Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Like baby for chocolate

So we're down at the grocery store, and I'm shmoozing with a friend, and she mentions how she had to stop eating chocolate since her baby just wasn't sleeping! And it occured to me... um... oops. When I was pregnant, I probably had chocolate - like stand alone, chocolate bar chocolate - only a couple of times. But lately.... I personally blame my mother, since she's taught me to appreciate these things. Mayhaps Sarah Rochel doesn't want all this caffeine in her system. Booger. Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children.

The critter is currently sleeping, and so I ought to be cleaning the kitchen or washing that darned slipcover (you know, the one that got pooped on? It's still sitting by the washing machine) or helping my daughter write her thank you notes, but instead I'm blogging for you, my loyal customers.

Someone gave us an outfit for her that has - brace yourselves - denim. It came with this little triangular piece of fabric which I have to assume is a head thingy, since it seems rather pointless as a loincloth, even though that is what it resembles most. So here's a picture of little miss thang from the brief moments my daughter tolerated having her bonnet on her head!

Where did that half a chocolate bar go?


Faye Berman said...

AWW!!! What a cutie! I seem to say that a lot when I look at this blog.

debsters said...

no miriam! not bonnet! super duper cool head scarf!! the tie is supposed to go BEHIND her head!
good grief she looks like she's straight out of little house on the prairie. no wonder she ripped it off.