Friday, May 26, 2006

Miss Punctuality

How does she do it? She went to sleep at just after midnight, then woke up to eat at 3 AM, then 6 AM, then 9 AM - very impressive! She's been awake now for a while - if the clock strikes 12 and she starts crying to eat again, I'm gonna flip.

We're leaving soon for shabbos, so this is a three-picture blog to keep you going over shabbos. You can see how tall she's getting by the picture of her father and she playing with the washing machine. You can see how flexible she is by the random foot on her cheek in the bath picture (as an aside - she LOVES her bath, loves the hot water, loves her little padded reclining chair). And she's just plain cute in the other picture (okay, fine, she's cute in all of them!). Good shabbos!

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Faye Berman said...

I have a funny story to tell you but it is too long to post as a comment, if I get to it, I will email it this week.
Good Shabbos