Monday, May 08, 2006

More unrealistic expectations

We took a wonderful nap from 8 to 10 or so, truly lovely, and she pooped again, only 36 hours since the previous poop! Such fun (and smelling so divine!).

So we have a lot planned for today. We're going to buy a recliner and visit the great-grandmother and do laundry (and try to get that poop stain out AGAIN - the sintabon helped, Ima, but it didn't get it all out!) and organize bookshelves and return all my borrowed maternity clothes and just in general be a perfect wife and mother and baby, respectively. Which means, no doubt, that we'll do nothing at all, but boy will we do it well!

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Bilha said...

Sintabon is the bomb. It totally works. You just have to rub it in really well and wash it out many times. Believe me, having a poopie queen, I know how to get these stains out. Good luck.