Sunday, May 07, 2006

NEED a recliner

Gut voch! We had a lovely shabbos in Har Nof, capped off by our customary motzei shabbos pooping (funny, I don't remember her eating any chulent...). We also got to use the excellent recliner there for eating and for napping (the babe and her dad)... geeeeeshmak!! Clearly, we must purchase one of these things at once and to unct! (What, pray tell, is a unct anyway?)

Behold the princess in all her post sabbatical glory. And here's a picture of me from erev shabbos in full multi-tasking mode (including the phone on 'speaker' clipped on).

Coming attractions: My friend Samara knitted our daughter the drop-diaper CUTEST hat and - get this - baby sandals. We will photograph them on Sarah Rochel tomorrow, IY"H, and, warning: it's so cute, it might hurt.

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