Monday, May 29, 2006

Off the road again

We are SO enjoying being home - except, of course, we didn't stay home all that much today... I went to a routine doc's appointment for myself (confirmed: I had a baby!), and then we all went in the family car off to J-town, where we saw the Savta Raba (briefly), and Yoav went to the Afikei Torah end-of-year-let's-tell-the-teachers-how-amazing-they-are banquet, while I went to the big KES chinese auction. Yoav was feted (did I spell that right?) and accoladed, and the baby got many coos from the friends I ran into (but no, I didn't win anything - but I still got to take home the cutest prize there!). Then back to the 'hood for Yoav to make an 11th hour appearance at a student's bar mitzvah, then home for SR's first bath in three days (she needed it - another poop today, although it was a small one. Gosh, aren't you all relieved?), and here we are!! She is, I believe, sleeping at the moment.

As you see from the suitcase picture, we almost didn't need to take a bed for her with us. Almost. What hotel chain had that guy popping out of luggage in their ads? She's a natural! And look at her expression - so young, and she's already starting to give us the "I'll humor you, just get this over with please!" expression! Genius.

And this is us all together in Tzfat (for those alert blog readers, you'll note she's wearing outfit #3 from our previous contest). We all have matching red eye - clearly we're all related.

There's still a lot on our plate this week - literally, since cooking for the upcoming chag is a big chunk of it. We'll be making 7 brachos on Shavuos/shabbos, not all of the meals but plenty, but I'm confident Sarah Rochel will play happily by herself for hours at a time to insure we get it all accomplished. And tomorrow she gets a couple of vaccines (gulp), and we have a bris on Tuesday, and there are two thingies I have to go to tomorrow night to be properly sociable - busy busy! Off to bed - goodnight!

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Faye Berman said...

wow busy druyans! That pic of the 3 of you is so nice.