Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ouch, so cute!

I warned you the sandal pictures would be cute!!

We both just slept for a couple hours - hurray! I'm eating peanut butter and jelly on crackers for a snack, while my daughter snacks too. When we're both done we're going out for a walk, braving the newly hot weather to go try and make some essential purchases (although not, alas, the recliner - I don't think they're sold in walking distance).

I'm appealing to all laundry gurus out there to suggest how I can get the poop stain out of my daughter's shabbos clothes! I rinsed it at the time, soaked it in detergentized warm water when we came home, and then washed it regularly - and it's still there! My, poop is just facinating all the way around - should I just change the name of this blog to "The Princess's Poopdom" and have done with it?

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Adina Glass said...

I am sorry this is so late, but MAZAL TOV!!!
You have a beautiful daughter and im yirtzeh Hashem, we will see you in the near future (hey, my mom is coming to your neck of the woods tomorrow, think there is room in her suitcase for me?)

In re pooping - I don't know if it is available over there, but I found that the Dreft stain remover spray works wonders on poop stains (and blood as my MIL found out when my FIL cut himself shaving). Good luck hon!