Thursday, May 18, 2006


Wo - how the heck did it get to be almost noon??
So we went to the doctor, the whole family at the family doctor... and we ALL have a virus!! Booger! So I just puffed some Flonase (seems to be helping) and we all have to drink and use steam and so on - well, Yoav and I do. SR feels much better than we do, and she has SuperDuper Immunity Juice at every meal! She is even as I write in her crib trying to resume the nap interrupted by the doctor. She's in full "hands up - don't shoot!" position, which is how she usually sleeps - too yummy.

Since we're going to try the embassy again tomorrow (no more comments from the peanut gallery please!), I need to try to make shabbos today, so I'm going to attempt not to play on the computer at all until shabbos is done, except when I'm feeding the kiddo (which is why many of you get short emails from me - I'm typing with just one hand!!).

Has anyone else noticed that most of my sentences in this blog end in !!!?

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