Tuesday, May 09, 2006

(partial) Success!

Well, I didn't do any laundry, didn't return any maternity clothes. We tried to visit the 'savta raba' but we left here late and she told us it was too late to come (and indeed, when we got in the neighborhood, we called again to check and turns out she was sleeping already indeed). Didn't touch the bookshelves, except to get another book off of them - I'm working through my library (again!) nursing... but we DID buy a recliner!! It's very comfortable and rocks beautifully and it's a loverly blue fabric... and won't be delivered for a month, possibly. Drats. But it was the best we could do, and it was even on sale, so the whole thing was like 2100 NIS (read: half a kidney). They had a very economical leather one on sale too, but it wasn't as deep or wide as this one, and IY"H we'll be using this one for many cozy feedings and book readings and - let's face it - post chulent naps for not-so-petite people! You're all invited to come and use it, of course, when it finally arrives (sigh).


Anonymous said...

Dear Mir and Yoav and Druyanity,
Just wanted to say a quick hi and that I enjoy your daily (or should I say hourly??) comments. I love the pictures of the little princess and I feel like I am with you in person seeing this little chick grow and develop....even with all of her poopings!
Cant wait to come over and see the recliner in person....and maybe chopp in some post chulent shluffing....
Miss you tons....and give her kisses from Tanta Becks (AKA Rebecca Halstuch Schochet)!

Miriam the Mommy said...

I need to email you and tell you how much I loved the wedding pictures... sigh... so sweet! Glad you're enjoying my ramblings!!