Sunday, May 21, 2006


It seems perhaps my daughter's um, er, "difficult" moments can sometimes be explained. Girlfriend had a rough morning, but she definitely got a bit better after pooping. She's still eating and sleeping somewhat erratically for her, but more congenial. I missed poop #1 of the day, since Yoav was with her while I ran off to the gym (go go endorphins!), but I had the pleasure of dealing with poop #2. Yoav says I should not tell you all how the color and smell are changing because of the acidophilus, so I won't.

Sorry, didn't take any pictures of the pumpkin today (aside: why do southerners always nickname their children with food? Pumpkin - Sweet Pea - Butternut - Butterbean - Peanut - Pumpernickel - Milk Breath (doesn't everyone call their baby that?) - Sugar - Honey... it just goes on!). Here's a copy of her passport picture though - doesn't she look like she's having her temperature taken? (Actually, she doesn't look like herself to me, but the picture is reminding me of someone... anyone have an idea? It's driving me crazy.)

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Faye Berman said...

she is KE"H adorable. Yay endorphins. I am happy if I can get through the day without falling over (which means that today I am not so happy). Anyway.. Have a good night dear.