Friday, May 19, 2006

The princess thwarted

Oh ye of little faith, we made it to the embassy no later than 10:45 AM, got in NO problem, so there! We starting filling out the forms and playing with the pencils and finally our turn was called (just as the kiddo decided it was lunch time, oh well, so I actually missed this next part of the drama...). We had filled out the forms thusly:

First name: Princess Sarah
Middle name: Rachel

And they said... NO! Someone said you can't name a baby Princess, but we pointed out that a) yes we could and b) it's a literal translation of 'Sarah.' But because her Israeli birth certificate only said 'Sarah Rachel' (correct, we couldn't get the Israelis to spell it 'Rochel' in English), they wouldn't do it!! HARUMPH!

Never fear - this is what change-of-name forms were invented for! All in good time...

Here's a picture of her Highness on top of the world. We took it across the street from the embassy in Tel Aviv. Would YOU defy this face?! So we went there and back without incident, B"H, and now we're home and getting ready for shabbos. I put the girl in the sling while I was working around the house. I put her in in a position that she's supposed to be older for, in terms of neck support. Except that a) I was very careful, b) she was in kinda crooked so it supported her neck a bit, c) I was very careful, d) she got to see the world and so she was happy, and of course e) I was very careful. She loved it - and she fell asleep! Strangely enough, I get even more work done that way...

A wonderful shabbos to all of you - wish us luck getting her to sleep tonight, sans bath and mobile and mellow repetitive music. Any lullaby requests out there? EVERY night is kareoke night at the Druyans! Good shabbos!

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