Friday, May 05, 2006


We slept from 2:30 to 6:30 AM, which is very respectable, and from 7 to 8, which is less so, and we've just gone down again for a nap now, so we hope it'll be a gezunta one!! Here's a picture of her drifting off to dreamland... We had an appointment with our lactation consultant earlier, and we're going to the chiropractor later - busy kid! We're going to Reuven and Nechy in Har Nof for shabbos. In other news, the burgeoning housewifely goddess that I am made banana pecan muffins for her hard working man earlier this week, to great success, and I'm going to try my hand next at homemade biscuits made with lard from our own pigs... wait, no, wrong goddess (I'm channeling Laura Ingalls again). I am going to try to make date oat muffins next, something I realize is of vital importance to all of you reading this missive. But enough about me, ya'll just wanna see more of the girlchild... (note the massively cute bib, as well as her rather startled expression. You would have an expression like that too if your father kept flashing bright lights at you over and over and over for no apparent reason).


Anonymous said...

hi Miriam; I love your blog site! when Dr. Steve (your dad) told me about it, I immediately called up my parents and told them that it's not so bad that we'll be be"H making aliyah after all. With blogs and videocameras and the like, they shouldn't miss too much. (i don't think it made them feel much better, but i tried!)

mazel tov, mazel tov, and have a good shabbos. (and she's beautiful ka"h)

one footnote from one infant's mom to another: keep up the great work!

Chana Friedman

Miriam the Mommy said...

Wow, thanks so much! Yeah, remind your parents that the flight is just a leeetle bit longer from NY to here than NY to Houston (okay, and maybe a tad more expensive...). Mazal tov to you too - hope Leba doesn't mind sharing ya'll with Esther!!