Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Typing with my eyes closed

So she went to sleep at 1:20 AM, woke up screaming at 5. When by 10 to 6 I had fed her all she wanted to eat, I turned over the crying baby to her father, closed the doors between us, whimpered, put a pillow over my head, and slept until 7, when I took back the crying baby, fed her some more, and now she seems to be in a milk-stupor. Sheesh. We gave her some of the gas medicine last night, and then now again this morning. We're - all three of us - zonked.

Ostensibly, we need to go to get her birth certificate again, since we only got the Hebrew one, and the US Embassy needs the Hebrew-English one (and when Yoav went to go get it yesterday afternoon, the ministry's computers were all down, sigh). So that needs to happen - they open at 8 AM. The embassy in Tel Aviv is only open every day to the public until 11 AM (gevalt!). And we're both pooped and the daughter ought to be pooped and and and and... We'll probably make it all happen, then come home and take turns sleeping. Or, we'll sleep now.

Just when you think the kid is on some predictable schedule... Baruch Hashem!

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