Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We start the day in a shirt and sleep sack. Sometime between 10 and 12:30 we change into clothes - sometimes retaining the shirt, often losing it since it became bespitted during the morning. Then we go about our day... Today at about 6 PM we needed a full wardrobe change. Why? Because our dresser apparently hasn't figured out this diaper thing so well, and so we got our pants wet (as well as Mommy's skirt and successive layers underneath, since we were on her lap at the time!). Also, our overshirt had been saturated, but our onesie was still okay. So we changed pants and into a sweater. Promptly, the sweater was annointed as well. But we've held out until now, when we're freshly bathed and in a new shirt and sleep sack. And yes, she spit up as she was getting dressed (and in the bath too - note the shtickle spittle on her chin in the above bath photo). It's all a plot by the Tide people, I tell you.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mir,
YOU'RE COMING TO NY IN AUGUST? The Boyarsky's are coming too!!! Is this a plot to leave Israel? Ohhh right, you said its Bain Hazmanim. Anyway, I would love to see the little bugger so keep us updated with your plans!

Loving the daily updates....

Rebecca Schochet