Thursday, May 18, 2006

What goes up...

Such an unhappy morning and afternoon we had. When we weren't eating or crying we were sleeping, but so fitfully, waking up all in a fuss. So we were overtired and underpooped (she was due to poop this AM - we haven't seen it yet!!) and oh, the druyanity!
Finally, we fell asleep in the sling (okay, we had fallen asleep previously in the sling, but after a half hour dumb Mom decided to put us in our crib, and we did NOT like that not one bit! End of THAT nap!), and so there we remained - for three hours! Whew!
When we woke up, we were in a MUCH better mood, as evidenced by the picture shown here. In all sincerity, the grinning playing moments are such a heart's ease for the difficult crying ones. This picture doesn't even begin to do justice with how much Sarah Rochel has developed in terms of really interacting with another person. Precious!

So she woke up at 10, and we ate and played and starting up being miserable again, but then Abba came home and gave us a bath - we stayed in the bath for like a half hour! Such a decadent lifestyle we lead! And then massage, our nightcap, and it's 1 AM and we're asleep - hopefully for the duration!

Alas, I think we're definitely all getting sick. The kiddo is sniffly (and who knows, maybe her throat hurts too), Yoav and I are all runny nosed and sinus drippy and I'm coughing and sneezing and my throat hurts and and and... Aren't mommies not supposed to get sick?? Isn't it like a rule?? And yes, Mother, before you ask, I'm taking the zinc and vitamin C like crazy, and will ask the doctor tomorrow if I can take the Flonase.

We were so responsible and ordered groceries online - and of course, they didn't have a few things (which I only discovered when the order arrived here), and of course, they forgot to deliver the bag of perishables altogether (never fear - they charged me anyway!), so methinks this wasn't such a timesaver after all. My vegetable order, on the other hand, was lovely.

And now, to bed... All the latest baby books recommend swaddling even older infants (like up to 6 months or something) to help them sleep more soundly. Heck, we're giving it a shot, and so far, bli ayin hara... Okay, I'm off to sleep before I lose my option. Goodnight!

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Faye Berman said...

I have a friend who swaddled her son till he was like 6 months old. When he was a newborn he had a tendency to bonk himself in the head, so they started to do it then. After he got a little older, he just slept better that way. Hope y'all have a refua shleima!