Thursday, May 25, 2006

Winding down

After a hard day of sleep, my daughter is getting ready to sleep - okay by me! Today I actually made dinner (like homemade pasta sauce and all), and made banana cake and two kinds of banana muffins too (don't even think about implying it was because I had a dozen bananas thisclose to rotting) (it was more like 14 of them. Anyway...).

Tomorrow en route to Tzfat we hope to stop at - insert heavenly chorus here - Ikea. I don't even have anything on the brain that I'm meaning to buy, but I will certainly think of something by the time we get there.

We just bought a different brand of diaper wipes. There was nothing wrong with the kind we had, just we ran out and they didn't have that kind in the store this time. They did have one that we decided to skip, however, since the label kindly informed us of the precise quantity of formaldehyde in the wipe. Ya know... dunno if I'm ready to have that on my little daughter's little tushy. (Speaking of which, she pooped again today. She didn't poop yesterday, so she broke the streak (har har), but maybe that's why she was so sleepy...)

Hope everyone has a lovely night, myself included. Time to bathe the tochter. To bathe, perchance to shloof. Goodnight!

Oh, enjoy this profile shot - now feel free to argue whose nose she has (Great Aunt Broomhilda's?).

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