Tuesday, May 09, 2006


"Yes Mommy, it's 4:30 AM, but that's no reason you can't put down the dumb camera and wipe the spit-up off my chin!"

"Well, pumpkin, I can hardly see straight at this hour - I'm not sure which side of you is up!"

"That certainly explains a lot. Could you try to wake up a little more before you put the next diaper on?"

And then, gentle reader, I spied a 6 legged creature a-walking on my floor, which woke me the heck up, lemme tell you! It's dying, I'm sure, but harumph!! Think Yoav will mind being awoken at 4:30 AM to deal with a small creature? I was awakened at 3:30 to deal with one, albeit one of fewer legs and much greater cuteness (lehavdil!!).

Rocking a stroller with one hand, blogging with another, and eating chocolate throughout (just to stay awake of course) - no wonder I'm pooped! (sorry, had to get the word 'poop' in there somewhere...)

[addendum at 4:55 AM: I needn't have gone out of my way - she just pooped again - I think it's her new diapers with a picture of Pooh on them - power of suggestion much???]


debsters said...

TeeHeeHee! Oh, but this is so terribly enjoyable.
Do babies really poop THAT often?
Miss ya!
cant wait to try out your recliner!

Faye Berman said...

I think that there is a chance that you may be losing what little of your mind you have left!