Friday, June 30, 2006

Enter Mr. Cole

Now everyone, sing along:

Unpredictable, that's what you are...
Unpredictable, though you're our star
Like a bad poop stain that clings to me
I am a slave to your spontaneity
Never before has someone changed their mind more.

Unpredictable, in every way...
Now I want out of the tub, wait - now I'll stay!
That's why darling, you're invincible
Cause despite being so unpredictable
You're the smoonchiest, and we love you too-oo!

Unpredictable, in every way...
Forgot when to sleep - is it night or day?
So my darling, cute and munchable
Even though you're so unpredictable
We'll just love you, and hold you 'till we turn blue-oo.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

What the shloof?

Between 3 and 7 AM, I don't even know how many times she woke up - it's totally a blur. But she woke up around 7:30 AM and was oh-so-ready to play. So play we did, and she went back to sleep at 9ish...

She woke then at noon (!), ate, and it's now 1:30 PM and she's still sleeping.

Does this mean she'll forget to go to sleep again tonight? This is STRANGE!! I hardly know what to do with myself, since it's inevitable she'll wake up a moment after I begin any lengthy task.

Should I risk it? Should I get out of pajamas since it's after noon? Should I start cleaning my bathroom for the first time in... well, a while? Should I - dare I suggest it - start cooking for shabbos?!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


She did it!! All by herself, she rolled over from back to tummy - at the tender age of barely three months! (as you can see here, she's obviously advanced!)

We're so proud!

Apparently it wore her the heck out, cause she's been sleeping most of the evening, so it's kind of a win-win situation.

Witness the triumphant belly shot above, and a closeup of Miss All That.

*Addendum at 12:48 AM: so that sleeping-all-evening thing really isn't such a win-win, when you try to put her to bed at 11:30 PM and she just laughs and laughs (um, literally - she was being VERY vocal). So we just went for a midnight stroll outside, for the first time in ages, which subdued her a tad. Then back inside, a quick bite to eat, some singing, some holding a pacifier in her mouth, lots of shushy noises, more pacifing, etc, etc - and she's asleep now. And I'm eating chocolate cake and string cheese, because I deserve it. Goodnight!

New shloof order

She is getting sleepier, or maybe she's finally getting what she needs, but Butterbean is sleeping more often and for longer lately. Fine with me! She's also eating more frequently, and the two things combined point to a typical growth spurt, but it's been going on for a while already.

She was totally wonderful today, and we adore her. In the midst of all that adoration, we didn't take any new pictures - sorry! But you've had really cute ones for the last two days, so try to bear with us.

Do you realize she's 3 months old now? Wasn't she born yesterday, as it were? Amazing.

And yes, we're ready to do it all again!

(postscript: Maybe.)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Chodesh tov!

Whew - such a sleepy day we had! The tochter went to sleep last night around 2 AM, as you know, but except for about an hour of playing at 11 AM, and a few eating sessions, she essentially slept until 2 PM! And moreover napped a few times, and then slept from about 8 to 10:30 PM. Not bad!
She went back to sleep, a tad fitfully, about 12:30 AM. It's a nice lifestyle she leads, you know?

We went and visited Savta Raba today in Yerushalaim, and otherwise, um, didn't accomplish much. But we were VERY cute, as indicated in the photos shown here. Goodnight!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Leaps and bounds

(Leaps and bounds out of her crib, but more on that later.)

Girlfriend really is at the learn-a-new-trick-a-day stage, which is quite fun to watch. She continues to try so so hard to turn over, but hasn't quite gotten there yet, but she really is starting to seem happier on her tummy, which is great for muscular development, etc. Yesterday and today she was using her feet to knock and play with the stuff on one of her activity gym things, as shown, and she was even using her feet in a pincer-like manner with the toys, although methinks that may have been unintentional.

Getting ready for her bath tonight, she actually sat unassisted for a few moments, which is of course indicative of her complete and utter brilliance, to say nothing of her dashing good looks. So we're taking pictures of her, and for the first time she notices the camera, I mean, really notices it and is staring at it and wants to reach out for it, which results in the amazing photo essay below.

And then, bedtime - ho ho ho! She ate and fussed and ate and fussed and ate and - guess what? Quietly went to sleep... HA! Nope, fussed some more, and on and on. She was even trying to roll over in the crib (and yes, I tried flipping her and seeing if she wanted to sleep on her stomach - nope, not that either). On and on and on until I took her out. The pumpkin didn't care that it was past her bedtime. So we came out to the living room, where she subduedly consented to lay in her stroller. So I starting playing with the computer (to keep me sane), rocking her in one hand. Slowly, slowly, the eyelids droop... and then back open! To make a long story short (too late), she's asleep now in the stroller, but chirping in her sleep every few moments, and maybe, maybe is getting to real slumber. Yoav is actually concerned about her sleeping in the stroller unrestrained, since she is getting to be active and mobile. But we'll restrain her as best we can, and I'll move the carseat part of the stroller to the floor, so if she does manage to escape (and while she's talented, I really don't think she could) she won't have far to drop.

Postscript at 1:46 AM: When I moved the stroller, she stirred and opened her eyes a little. So I picked her up and put her in her crib and - bli ayin hara - she seems to have gone right back to sleep. Hurray!!

So why hasn't anyone commented yet?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

SO close!

She did go to sleep eventually last night, and woke up only at 6 AM - not too bad at all, bless her!

She is trying so, so hard to roll over - here's a picture from the effort this morning. She got this far, but I think the question of what to do with her arms got her stuck. I then helped her over onto her tummy, and she then flipped back over onto her back (knocked her head on the tile too - I winced, but she didn't seem to notice) but I don't know if it counts as an official back-to-tummy roll over, since she didn't seem to try to do it... Hmmm...

The merriest of weeks to you

I'm sorry I didn't post anything erev shabbos, but sometimes that's how things are...

To all of you who were concerned, the tochter did poop erev shabbos (in her bath, of course), and twice more today, so she seems to be doing much better in that department - hurray!

We all had a wonderful shabbos together! Savta (besides being the usual tremendous help that she always is) took SR for a walk shabbos afternoon, enabling me to start catching up on my newspaper reading (I'm up to May 17th now!). Speaking of which, I think we'll be cancelling our Hamodia subscription most imminently - there just ain't no point.

The girlchild was put to bed a little while ago, all bathed and fed and asleep, and now she's screaming her head off in her abba's arms. Sigh. I'm off to offer my services, but I don't know what she wants (I think I'm going to rename this blog - and my life - "I don't know what she wants").

Friday, June 23, 2006


In honor of Savta's arrival, the tochter has regressed back to behaviors last seen when Savta was last here, like having tummy pains and not pooping and so on and so forth. Gevalt. Poor little pumpkin, she was just so, so unhappy, and she hasn't pooped in almost three days (which, by now is a lot for her), and taka, I don't know what to do for her. She's also so tired, barely napped today, but I think she's down now. True, I thought she was down thirty minutes ago too, when she woke up screaming, but since then she's had some of her magic-anti-gas-drops and eaten some more, so hopefully that'll do the trick.

Otherwise, she's really excited to see Savta! And Savta took a picture of us putting away groceries together. Tomorrow we were planning a whole sojourn into J-town, but we're gonna wait and see how the night goes.

Poor little pumpershnitzel. May all her troubles pass easily and soon!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Latest hallucinations

Last night (this morning?) I'm feeding my daughter essentially in my
sleep, and I'm having such helpful thoughts as...

-Oh my gosh, what happened to my skin?? It's all loose and dry - oh,
that's my t-shirt.

-I really need to talk to the person who put my daughter in my lap; they
put her at a funny angle.

-How did I get here? (No, seriously, I had and have absolutely no
recollection of getting out of bed, washing my hands, coming into my
daughter's room and picking her up. I went from sleep to being in the
chair with her, no clue about the steps inbetween.)

(I wanted to post this last night at 4 AM, but needless to say, I
couldn't click the mouse that many times)

Rambling on

We went on lots of walks today. That is, several times today I couldn't figure out what Prunella (note - Yoav called her a 'fig' today) wanted, and so in desparation I up and left the house. Seemed to work each time, so maybe I'm just totally, wonderfully intuitive. And maybe she just got distracted.

Here's a picture of her helping me match socks. Isn't it nice that Her Highness deigns to help out with the common chores? (The scullery maid is on vacation.) Here's also a picture of her at play with her new activity whosits (thanks, Boyarskys!).

Savta is coming tomorrow - hurray! Did you know that baby wipes clean EVERYTHING? I may never mop again - just get me on the floor with a box of wipes, and I'm set! (of course, I never mop now as it is - and if I did, I would sponga, so never mind..)

Would you believe our one gigabyte memory card in the digital camera is full? What, I should actually DELETE some pictures of the little peanut butter? Well, I'm doing it, but only after making lots of copies and backups and so on. Think that we, as parents, are a wee bit obsessed? Well, duh.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As long as you can laugh at things, you're doing alright, right?

Last night I went to check on her at 2 AM, and poof, she was awake. So I figured, rather than wait for her to wake up at 5 AM or so, just feed her now so I can get her to sleep later. Well, she ate and fell back asleep very nicely, and so I expected to sleep until 7:30, maybe, maybe even later... Which is why, when I heard her crying at 5 AM, my still-asleep brain concluded it wasn't Sarah Rochel asking to be fed, but the tour group she was leading, who were all clamoring for breakfast at the group rate (creative, huh?). This dellusion lasted until several minutes into the feeding (which, by the way, wasn't comfortable for me (I was too asleep to help her eat properly) but I attributed the discomfort to the fact that it was a group eating), when I tried to put her down in her crib cause hey, the tour group needed to move on to the next stop.

Fortunately, I then woke up enough to have a brain, picked her up and finished feeding her. I'm a whack-job, no doubt about it.

She went back into her crib wide awake and happy. So I strategically put her inchworm on her tummy where she can bop it with her hands, turned on her mobile, even inserted her cork (note: she barely sucks on the pacifier anymore, I usually hear it pop outa her mouth before I make it to the door), and walked away. Then did it again. And again. And now, at 6:22 AM, it's been quiet, so hopefully she's back asleep. And hopefully, next time she wakes, I won't think she's leading a posse of Japanese tourists through Disneyworld, all wearing identical 'I [heart] Israel' kibbutz hats.

Man, I'm groggy...

(6:27 AM - those are sleeping noises, right? Maybe she's dreaming about the lightbulb... I'm just going to believe those are happy sleeping noises, happy little pink and blue sleeping noises of sugar and cinnamon...)


Gollee, what exactly did we do today? Musta been a long day, since I can't remember!

We ate - and slept (repeat) - oh, we went to the grocery store, to two of them in fact (our two big stores, Zol Po and Zol Mehadrin, are merging. Zol Po will move into Zol Mehadrin, and the will-be-vacant Zol Po location will be filled by Shefa Shuk. Thrilling, no?)... and then we came home... oh, and I went to the gym. Gosh, did we do anything else? Tochter caught a bath, lots of fun there, and was asleep by 11:30 PM, which is great. And that's pretty much it!

Boring days are okay too! Goodnight everyone, oh, and if you see Yoav, please send him home. Poor thing is out with the ambulance again tonight.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More about poop

(I know I was going to stop writing about my daughter's bodily functions, but I just can't get away from them, you know?)

I was very amused just now, when I was holding her and reading a thread online about potty training and infant potty training (gevalt), and the tochter proceeded to poop all over. That's my girl!

Here's a picture of us in the crib this morning. Note how well we fill out our 3-6 month romper (she's 12 weeks old today, by the way) (oh, and I bought a three pack of these rompers, two pink ones and a white one, and the pink ones fit this well and the white one is way too big. Conclusion: my daughter shrinks in white clothing (obviously)).

She's back asleep, so it's time for me to be as well!

Rubber ducky

She's really too cute. She loves her tub, as you know. So I plop her in the bath tonight (at 10:30 PM, by the way, since we were hoping bedtime wouldn't be 2 AM tonight!), and she isn't doing her usual splashing around, but is meditatively munching on her hand.

Uh oh. Saw it coming... poop in the tub.

Let out all the water, start to refill, let her finish pooping, rinse, refill, and we continue on our merry way.

After the bath, assuming she isn't too hungry for her post-bath-pre-shloof feeding, I always moisturize her and give her a little massage, and if she's still happy (and I'm not exhausted) we do little range of motion exercises too. Well tonight she was VERY into her limbs and things and boy were we boogeying. I had just read on ivillage today how babies this age like to have some naked play time, so while I usually diaper her right after the leg moisturizing, this time I left her bare.

Uh oh. You saw it coming... we got all wet!! Let's hear it for the ubiquitous package of wipes next to the tub.

Anyway, she went to bed oh so nicely, asleep by 11:45, Baruch Hashem! Which is naturally why I'm still up now, at a quarter after 1 AM. I've been online stroller shopping again - the decisions! Argh! Maybe it's because we bought a lawnmower today (finally, only two years after we got a lawn!). I figure if Yoav has a new wheeling toy to walk behind, then I should get one too!

Nighty night, ya'll.

Monday, June 19, 2006


What's my name again?

I just don't get it. She sleeps, she doesn't sleep. She's starving, she's barely eating. Now it's 1:45 in the morning, and she's here next to me as I blog. She's in her stroller, in hopes that she'll fall asleep there. She kept crying in her crib unless I was in there with her. So now we're here together in the living room, and if she doesn't go to sleep soon, we'll be going outside for a walk. Just when you think you've got them pinned...

Speaking of pinned, she's starting to really grab things deliberately, as in see toy - stick out hand - grab toy - release toy - grab toy again - waggle toy - quote Shakespeare.

She's just sitting there in the stroller, watching me...

Here are some absurdedly adorable pictures I took of her having tummy time earlier today. It was very hard to choose just a few to share with ya'll (I didn't want to bore you, heaven forfend).

It's 2:04 AM now, and she's asleep in the stroller. Dare I try to move her to her bed, or let her sleep there?

Now 2:22 AM. The answer was, shoulda left her in there. But now, one rocking recliner and many 'shh, shh-es' later, she's asleep in her crib (note: when you're so tired you're forgetting the words to 'shh shh' - you must be a mother).

Sunday, June 18, 2006

All's well, B"H

We had a lovely shabbos, thank God, with Daniella Halstuch over (fun fun!) and much cranberry kugel goodness. It's 1 AM, and we're all fine. The daughter keeps waking up, which is strange, but she's well, we're well, and we're tired.

I really must recommend Sintabon, per my shvigger's recommendation, for getting poop out of clothes. ;) But of course, this blog is no longer about my daughter's pooping in the tub erev shabbos (twice), pooping all over her shabbos outfit while I washed for shaloshudas, etc, etc.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Big development - this morning, when I picked her up (at 5 AM? 7:30 AM? Who remembers?), she made a 'g' noise! That's a new consonant for her!

It's two hours to shabbos now, and our chicken is roasting, we're back from the cranial sacral therapist, I still need to make tuna and then we are done - hurray! The tochter is progressing very nicely, says the therapist, and indeed, she totally moves her head from side to side now, which is a wonderful development.

We're off to bathe everyone, and we wish you a wonderful shabbos!

Keeping us guessing!

She's crying - she's voraciously hungry - she eats a ton - and then spits most of it up (so it seems). She's exhausted - she can't keep her eyes open - put her in the crib, turn off the lights, and... she's wide awake.

What, is she practicing for being a teenager?!

Yoav was off of school today, so we had one of those lovely hang-out-at-home type days, playing with the tochter and eating and doing good things. I introduced her today to Dini (pronounced DYE-nee), my 24 year old brontasaurus (see attached picture). She barely naps. We go off to the grocery store, and around 8 PM at the store she falls asleep in her car seat. Okay, fine. We quickly finish up, because while she often takes a nap in the evening, it's a little late for it and, frankly, I don't trust her not to wake up screaming in hunger, despite having eaten only an hour or two before.

But she sleeps. And sleeps. And sleeps.

She wakes up then at 10:30 (!), which is usually when we're getting her ready for bed! So she drowsily eats - for an hour - and since she's falling asleep in her plate (as it were), I figure she's just going to sleep for the night, right?

Nope - put her down, and she's suddenly awake and ready to play! So Yoav plays with her for a bit, I play with her for a bit. This is a picture of she and I on the couch, playing at 12:30 in the morning (check out that holding-up-her-head action!). Then Yoav bathes her, I feed her some more, and bli ayin hara, she's hopefully down for the count.

Yoav wants me to mention, by the way, that this picture is less like Washington's mother, in his opinion, and more like a spaced-out, feminine World War One flying ace. The man has a point...

I'm going to try to organize a couple more things for shabbos prep now, and maybe eat something (meal times have no meaning around here, when today I ate cereal at noon for breakfast, corn shnitzel at 5 for lunch (or was it 6?), and a bagel and cream cheese at 9 PM for dinner). So until tomorrow...

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Sometime around 3 PM, I was despairing. Why? Because it never really ends. There's always more laundry and more dishes. I have a stack of my daughter's clean clothes just sitting on the bed because I can't find a chance to put them away in her drawers. I pull socks out of the dryer, not out of the drawer. I have my maternity clothes in two garbage bags on my daughter's room's floor. And every day, she wants to eat and play and eat and play and be held (but only if you're standing!) and play and of course eat and eat, and maybe take a nap, but when she DOES take a nap all I want to do is eat something in an actual sitting position, and by the time I have she's awake again, and, oh, the sky is falling, etc.

Now you all know perfectly well it just ain't that bad (that, or I've been lying in my blogs). But for some reason it was just all Too Much today, and the futility of the neverending cycles of laundry and feeding (ourselves and her) just seemed so, um, futile. So Yoav came home from school, and I popped the tochter into his arms and ran away.

Okay, so I ran away just to my bedroom, to close the door and sit on the bed eating crackers and mayonnaise (they were whole wheat crackers!). And I called Courtney to share this, my little post-partum moment... and lo and behold, she was at the hospital, having a baby!! And that totally turned my head back to the joys of this little person, rather than the hardships, and now I'm just fine. (Oh, and it helps that I went to the play tonight by myself, leaving Yoav with the babe, and so I got a nice little four hour break!)

Courtney had a boy - mazal tov! And of course he weighs 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and my daughter was 7.7 pounds (close enough).

In developmental news, after about a week of being approximately there, I think we can safely say that Milkbreath holds her head up by herself! (99% of the time) Very exciting! And she's sleeping now, which might even be MORE exciting, and so I'll go. Yoav, the stalwart abba, is sleeping on the couch. I am so, so very blessed, and so much so that the mood I got into earlier today is a wonderful anomaly. Thank you Hashem!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Material girl

(note the picture of Prunella working on her rolling technique)

For some reason, in the last week we've received another rash of baby presents (much better than a present of baby rash!), which is quite a lot of fun. Someone today scolded me for having Butterbean in a color besides pink ("what, a first granddaughter? Inconceivable!"). Looks like she will never HAVE to be pinkless, it's the truth - we've got her covered!

My Aunt Lisa just mailed us some yummy clothes, and a card so sweet I have to share it with you. On the front is a yawning baby and the caption "who needs sleep?" And on the inside, it finishes the thought... "your dreams have already come true." Awww... True enough, and it nicely coincides with our lack of sleep!! I taped the card above the crib. :)

She was wonderful today in Bnei Brak, and we even got there without getting lost.Tomorrow night I'm going to a play with her Highness, who I sincerely hope will behave. Let's hear it for all-women's productions! Maybe I'll take the opportunity to try out our new toy... (experienced mothers, prepare to attack)... We bought her a sippy cup to use! They make wonderful 'transition cups' with soft spouts and small openings, so they are akin to bottles but more cup like. The idea is, why have to wean from bottles to cups, when you can just teach cups when they're little bitty? The idea is not totally my own; there IS literature to back me up. We'll see how it goes.

And finally, a picture of the darling that her father made. It is dangerous to leave random accessories around doting abbas! Note that in her little bonnet, she looks much less like a prairie princess and much more like George Washington's grandmother with a dyed wig. Goodnight everyone!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Science hour

Okay, 'science five minutes' is more like it, but I just had a wonderful
educational time with Sarah Rochel. She played with a empty plastic
bottle, and I explained to her in great detail how plastic is a
petroleum product, and the fact that she can see through the bottle
means it's clear, and the indentation in the bottom is called a punt,
and so on and so forth. We explored how the bottle makes noise when you
hit it, how it bounces off your kneecap, the sound it makes when it
drops on the floor, how light it is to hold, and the feeling when you
clap it against the bottom of your foot.

Now, besides the fact that she didn't clue into the fact it was
play-with-garbage-on-the-floor hour, she was actually really into it,
watching the bottle the whole time and reaching for it with both hands
and like really being AWARE. She's growing up!!

Latest feat: I found her this morning having rolled over from her back
to her side! Now it's not quite all the way to her tummy, but still VERY
impressive! And in the crib she was totally a foot away from where I had
put her down to sleep, and perpendicular to that as well. That's our
little prodigy!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I take it back!

I'm sorry, but my daughter's pooping habits do continue to provide the most facinating fodder for this forum! The charming little sneaky one pooped while we were down the block at a friend's (aside: at what age does the poop stop coming out with such a very distinctive sound? I know they eventually grow out of it - I just wanna know when!), so we carefully layed a paper towel in the stroller and came on home, where I cleaned her up and popped her in the tubby. She starts splashing all around, merry as can be, when many bubbles erupt in the water (don't you love all this detail?). So I say to my daughter, "daughter, if you poop now, I'm going to have to have very strong words with you!" Did I mention that I had broken the don't-bathe-the-daughter-with-dirty-dishes-in-the-sink rule? (For those of you who don't understand why, it's because her tub is positioned to drain over the fleishig sink. Oh. Ewwww....)

Naturally, she poops in the bath. Sigh. And she keeps splashing and then starts sucking on her fingers. Let's not dwell on that aspect too much, blech.

So, get all the dirty dishes out of the sink (they weren't really dirty, I had washed all of them earlier in the day but hadn't gotten to rinse them yet - I tend to have a progression of half-finished tasks all over the house these days). Proceed with emptying tub, rinsing, refilling, etc, etc.

Anyway, she's sleeping now, a little early for her but she didn't sleep much at all this afternoon. Here is a picture of little miss angelica sleeping from earlier, though (aww).

Today we were fairly productive, making dinner for a friend who just moved and changing the Brita filter (once a year, whether we need it or not!), and returning some borrowed maternity clothes (but, alas, not all of them, although I at least set them aside to wash apropo to returning them!). Tomorrow we're going to Bnei Brak (!) for a bris. I've never been to Bnei Brak, and I'm driving. Oh dear. Hope they save some food for me... I LOVE having shnitzel for breakfast...

We're finally learning

You'll all be happy to know that today in the mall when our little darlin' had an impressively full poopster that we were properly equipped with diaper bag, wipes, alternate outfit, etc, and we made a clean change of it. So there!

We really got around today! First to a big baby store in J-town, where I fell in love with a 'Doctor Baby' brand (some cheap Korean import) three-wheeled stroller, which was lightweight (for a jogger) and folded down nicely and has a huge sunshade and is only 849 NIS (approximately $180 which, these things considered, ain't too shabby). Didn't buy it though. And then to the mall for pooping (yes, I know I said I wasn't going to log EVERY poop - so sue me), and we went ahead and used up a gift certificate we'd been given for a baby store there (I bought my daughter SHORTS). Then back home, and we went to a chinese auction tonight in the neighborhood, and didn't win anything.

Now the daughter is sleeping, and I have to go clean the kitchen. Funny how just 24 hours ago, it was immaculate, since our holy shabbos guests had washed all the dishes (except for the pans I hid in the oven, drats), even the chulent pot! And yet somehow, it's a mess again. Either the kitchen is too small... or the parents aren't too tidy. Hmm. So even though I would LOVE to be sleeping now, if I don't take care of it we won't be able to eat tomorrow, and eating is very, very important.

Didn't take any new pictures today, so presented here for your enjoyment is one from about a week and a half ago (caption: "Oh!"). And yeah, she'll be 11 weeks old on Tuesday, which means correct, we lost track of how old she is somewhere in there. I'm beginning to understand how parents can forget how old their children are, although something tells me it gets easier when the number only changes once a year...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Baby, thou art fickle

I think we've reached a new milestone... I think I'm going to stop blogging each and every one of my daughter's poops! Baruch Hashem, we've come a long way, and now she steadily poops every other day or so, and so except for exceptional poops (like the one in the Sharfman's kitchen, for example), I think we can reserve her movements for those worthy of changing her diapers.

It's the end of an era.

So my daughter is in love. We have two light fixtures in the living room, and recently we switched out the bulbs in one of them for a different brand. Well. Lemme tell ya... her boyfriend, Mr. Flash the Camera, is going to be VERY jealous, because the little pumpernickle is positively obsessed with this light. She just sat there happily staring at it and talking to it for like fifteen minutes at a time. Okay, she's probably just talking to the angels surrounding her that she's clearly still pure enough to see, but maybe there are just more of them in this lightbulb, I don't know. It was totally amusing to watch!

Shabbos was lovely, and she's blissfully asleep now, as I need to be! A lovely week to you all.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Quick good shabbos

All is well here, no new exciting news in pooping or eating or anything. The therapist worked on her today, things are moving along in that arena, and we're just getting ready for shabbos! And as regards the picture of all of us, she really WAS smiling a moment before we took this one... hmmm...

Gosh, I'm running out of exciting news... We're trying two new flavors of jello this shabbos... We managed to cook all the food for shabbos (thanks to an obliging sleeping tochter), and all is well in planet Druyanity!

Here's hoping you all have a wonderfullest sabbath! Kiddo is crying for her pre-candlelighting snack, and I'm off!

Cruciferous cutie

So I didn't dream of strollers last night (okay, this morning - I didn't
sleep last night!), but I dreamt that Sarah Rochel, out of the blue,
said "broccoli."

I exclaimed that she could talk, and she said, "Of course - I'm not
stupid!" So I called my mother to tell her that my daughter could talk.
I said to SR, "go on, say 'cauliflower.'" And she said into the phone,
in the sweetest little voice, "cauliflower!"

And my mother was speechless in tears of pride.

This MEANS something...

And so later this evening, my daughter... well, I'll let her tell you
(she does talk, after all).
"So I've had a bit of a rough day - I had a small poop in the morning
(let's face it, it was afternoon) and my napping has been a little off,
but FINALLY it was Warm Wiggly Water time, my favorite time of the day.
I'm in my blue tubby, and I have these TWO really nifty appendages that
I like pushing against the tubby walls and splashing my abba with. And
I'm splashing away and grinning at my mommy, who is standing right next
to me (my mommy is the best!) and I'm just so happy and content and
relaxed, I just feel all my cares and worries leave my body... And all
of a sudden, I'm whisked up into the cold air, wrapped in a towel (it
wasn't even prewarmed!), and my abba is trying to dry me off while my
mommy is letting all my yummy bath water just go down the drain!!
Harumph! Thank goodness after I cried a bit they plopped me back in
there, filled the tub back up and let me play some more, but hopefully
now I've learned my lesson not to do too much, er, relaxing in the

Glad she got that out of her system. Ahem.

Blogger isn't letting me post pictures, so I bid you all goodnight!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

WHAT was I thinking?

Recap: we bathed her early, put her down to sleep at 10 PM instead of
the usual midnight.

She slept until a few minutes after 11, then woke up. So I fed her some
more, put her back down, and she slept beautifully... until 1 AM. So I
fed her some more, put her back down at 1:30 (she was asleep, really). I
then was treated to the rythmic THUNK noises as she picked up both legs
and dropped them down on the crib mattress, repeatedly. Finally, she
kvetched some more. I told her, her options were eating or sleeping! So
she ate some more. Still wide awake. I changed her diaper, took her out
of her sleep sack and swaddled her, and held her. She spit up all over
me. Fine, back in the crib while I changed my shirt, and now it's 2 AM
and I'm still hearing THUNKs every minute or so.

I don't want to go back to bed until I know she's out, or else she'll
wake me up just as I drift off and I'll be totally disoriented. So here
I am, at 2:11 AM, blogging away and counting the time between THUNKing
(it's like counting the seconds between thunder and lightning). I'm also
eating an apple and cheese, because if SHE gets middle of the night
snacks, then darn it, so do I!

Dare I tiptoe into her room to see what's going on?

Getting some valuable stroller shopping done (what did parents do in the
middle of the night before the internet? Knit?).

2:20 AM - first THUNK in like 10 minutes. What is she doing in there??
There's another one! Is she playing Whack-a-Mole?
2:27 AM - still THUNKing. Hmm, the Bugaboo?
2:31 AM - and again! Bugaboo or kidneys... Tough call.
2:33 AM - THUNK and the beginnings of crying...
2:35 AM - I just tucked her in and wound the mobile again and tried to
explain that it really is time to sleep. And I'm back out here, and it's
funny. She has so spoiled me by sleeping at night so consistently for so
long, that I find myself tempted to, if she starts crying, let her cry
herself to sleep. Because I don't know what to do with a wide awake baby
at 2:37 AM!
2:40 AM - she's not crying, thank God, just making a kvetch every few
minutes. Going to put on music in her room...
2:48 AM - when I put on the hallway light so I could see her a bit
better, she looked at me and gave such an actual LAUGH of joy at seeing
me, that I am feeling somewhat wormsweat-ish for not immediately getting
dressed and taking her to the park.
3:13 AM - okay... Music off, cause I need to plug the nightlight back
in, and I can only find one farshtugina outlet. Her whimpers have turned
to cries. Feed her some more, and as I'm doing so, her tummy makes a
grumbling noise and she releases much gas. And again. And again. So
fine, she eats for a while, and I put her back down in the crib. She is,
at least, drowsy, if not asleep.
3:19 AM - so what was that??? Off to tiptoe in...
3:22 AM - Bad Mother Alert: the only thing I can think of that's keeping
her up, because inbetween kvetches she's sleeping or just staring, is
that her tummy is bothering her. So I just gave her a dose of the
anti-gas medicine, even though I don't think it's necessarily gas pains
(hence the BMA - giving her medicine without being sure she needs it).
We'll give her a few more minutes and see if she's able to sleep... Back
to the Graco versus the Combi...
3:32 AM - that's ten silent minutes. And as I typed that, boom, a chirp.
But just a chirp. I'm going to try to sneak off to bed now, where I will
dream of $500 strollers going THUNK THUNK THUNK.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Crafty cranials

I'm feeling a wee bit crafty...

We had our appointment with the pediatric cranial sacral therapist at 7 PM. In what is beginning to seem like a trend with this kid, there's no one simple easy answer (or easy fix) to our issues, but the therapist began treatment for my daughter's mild torticollis and general neck tension and lack of sacral movement. She anticipates 3-5 sessions will fix all that - with Hashem's help! Whether or not that will solve all our nursing issues, she was not sure, but gosh, it can't hurt.

For the last couple of days I've watched to see if Sarah Rochel ever turns her head to the right. She did, exactly once, when I moved her head for her!

So we came home, and she was up and playing (she had bawled at the therapist's, but then had eaten) and I thought to myself, "Self? Perhaps we shall be crafty." So rather than her usual 11 PM bathtime, I plopped her in the tub at 9, when her abba was off learning. We were out of the tub by 9:35, settled down for a nice big meal, and by 10:04 PM the tochter was in her crib - sleeping!! And get this - she was sleeping with her head turned to the right side.

Okay, fine, five minutes later she gave a little squawk and when Yoav went to check on her, she was fast asleep with her head firmly to the left side, but hey, not bad, right?

So this is the experiment - we'll see how things go. In the meantime, here's a picture of the girl waving hello to you... or maybe she was waving at us to stop taking pictures... or maybe her hand was on its way to her nostril.

(ps - she woke up and ate again at 11, but so far, it's quiet...)

Editorial pooping

Ah, the dangers of complacency... I have become so accustomed to my daughter's irregular (har har) pooping habits that I often leave the house without diaper bag in tow. Oh, I take a clean diaper, because the vast majority of her diaper changes require no other stuff. Fatal flaw!

So we go tonight to the Sharfman's end-of-the-year banquet, which was very exciting for me since I go every year, but this was the first year I went with my husband, since he's on staff there now. Needless to say, the little critter came with us too.

Did I read the signs? Of course not. Besides the fact that Murphy's law says, "When you go to another city sans diaper bag, you will regret it," I had noticed that my daughter's tummy was making very grown up gurgly noises this afternoon, and that she seemed a bit uncomfortable, arching her back and being a little fussy, but I did not attribute any special meaning to it.

Well. Lemme tell ya... The skits begin, Yoav and I are sitting watching them, and she's on my lap. She starts to fuss, so I get up and am standing in the kitchen just off the main room, so I can still hear and watch but I can pace without disturbing anyone.

And then the multisensory experience began. It was like an ad for a b-film...
HEAR the telltale wet explosive sound!
SMELL the distinctive (rather cute) poop smell!
FEEL the sensation of something moving - wait, why do I feel it down her leg? And....
SEE the puddle of poop on the floor of the kitchen!!
(fortunately, we forwent (forgoed?) taste on this one)

Indeed, she pooped a mighty poop that exited her diaper leg (must sue the Huggies people), traveled down her pants, saturated her sock and left a puddle on the floor.

Was she making an editorial comment? Did she not enjoy the skits? Did she want to poop where no one has pooped before? We may never know.

And and and I have no diaper bag (so no wipes, no mat, no spare outfit, nada). And and and the stuff I do have is across the room, meaning I'd have to walk across the whole skit-in-progress, and I've got a dripping, aromatic baby in my arms. And and and and AND she's a-starting to cry, cause heck, wouldn't you?

Because Hashem loves me, Nechy was sitting just outside (Yoav was much further away, and frankly, Nechy's had more experience here). I called her in and bless her heart, she flew into action. First, she got paper towels and wiped up the floor (I will not of course mention what she asked, which was if my daughter had had split pea soup for dinner - far too tasteless for this forum). She went and got my spare diaper and a burp cloth and blanket. We get the tochter's clothes off (they're all filthy), lay her down on the cloth, wipe her down with toilet paper (did I mention she's screaming by now?), get her clean diaper on her, throw the clothes, etc, into a plastic bag. Someone else comes in and swaddles her in the blanket, poor naked baby. Someone else (R'Sharfman's daughter who just had a baby, hurray!) calls home for wipes and a new outfit.

So relying on the kindness of strangers (hardly strangers, actually), she got changed and eventually redressed and eventually fed (okay, that part I took care of myself).

We got home some time later. Our borrowed outfit stayed clean (whew!), but her tummy was still grumbling. She ate some more, took a leisurely bath, got into clean clothes, promptly spit up on them (ANOTHER puddle on the floor!), ate again, and went to bed, poor tuckered out little thing. That was about 40 minutes ago, and I have recovered my equalibrium with the help of leftover corn beef on whole wheat (highly recommended), and only two cookies (or was it three?).

So, what upset her tummy? Either it's cause I've had a bit of Splenda in the last couple days, or it's the ton of roasted vegetables I had for lunch (or, mayhaps, the kohlrabi that was in the veggies, that I haven't had that since she was born). So I will try to cut out both for the next couple of days, and see if things improve.

Here's a picture of the two of us doing laundry earlier today, before all this excitement! The pooped on clothes (and it was one of her cutest outfits too!) are soaking in hot water, and hopefully will only need three washes in the machine (the average for pooped on clothes) to get back to their normal pink color.

How come no one makes brown baby clothes?

Tomorrow we hopefully have an appointment with a specialist in the neighborhood purported to have great success with babies who have nursing 'issues.' So we'll see what she says and does and hopefully by this time tomorrow (wait, isn't it tomorrow already?) her intake and output will be streamlined and more fun for the whole family.

Okay, four cookies, but I'm stopping here.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

25% is perfect!

We went to our doctor today, since I needed a prescription (aside: this is why I LOVE having a GP as a doctor, rather than a pediatrician for her and a grown up doctor for me - one stop shopping!). While we were there, we weighed the girl child, and she is absolutely without fail climbing the weight chart steadily on the 25th percentile growth curve! So she's doing fine, just isn't a big old chubbo. She is still highly, highly edible, however.

New words of wisdom: never put food into the oven and then sit down in comfy reclining chair to feed the baby. Good thing my sense of smell was acute enough to wake me up...!

BOOGIE UPDATE: I put Prunella down on her mat to play while I eat and blog. She hasn't rolled over, but she has managed to wiggle adequately so that she is now lying a full 90 degrees apart from where I put her down! Rolling over can't be far away, and after that - college!


Tonight three other ladies on my block and I got together and played Cranium (always fun!). The following vocabulary word came up therein:

Omphalomancy. Definition? A manner of divining the number of children a mother will have by analyzing her firstborn's belly button.

Obviously, I can sue my doctor for malpractice for not bringing this scientific method to my attention! - this is the only place I found that discusses some of the 'how to' involved (scroll down a bit, but be careful - there's some highly funky stuff on this site)

My daughter still has an outie, but it's changing all the time, and is probably slowly receding into an innie.

Regardless, here's a photo composite from when Yoav was trying yesterday to accurately record his wife and child's eyecoloring.

The tochter slept so beautifully last night, as I posted earlier (she finally got up at 10:30, and I was right, she was building a lovely poop that came out when she woke up!), but was a little fussy all day - methinks she needs more daytime sleep too. She's out now, B"H, and I need to be to, and we'll see what tomorrow brings, belly buttons at the ready.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quiet time

She went to sleep last night at 12:30 AM or so... around 5:40 I woke up and she was chirping a little, barely dorsaling but as long as I was up I picked her up and fed her. Then she went back to sleep. At 8:45 or so I woke up again - again, chirping a bit in her sleep. So I got up, did my ablutions - still asleep. So I got my Cheerios, ate them, read my comics online - still asleep. Read some more drivel online - still asleep. It's 9:49 AM now, and I'm tiptoeing in to check on her... she's shloofing away! I love my thoughtful daughter, who breathes loudly enough to reassure me. But I guess she's really tired, or about to grow, or about to poop over all of creation. Well, as long as she's happy!

So I actually don't know what to do now. I'm so used to building my day around her, fitting things in when she lets me, so that now - when her day hasn't started yet - I don't know how to start mine!!

I guess I could conceivably get out of pajamas before she does... and there's no rule that laundry and dishwashing only happen during afternoon naps... If I were SuperDomesticGoddessUno I would probably toss some stuff into the crockpot now for dinner tonight, except that, a) no ingredients in the house, b) inevitably, the second I got my hand in the raw chicken or whatever a hysterical cry would come from her bedroom.

I think that's really it - I'm afraid to start any project, because I expect her to wake up at any moment. And that is why we have the internet, to distract us from doing all the things we could otherwise be doing while we wait for other distractions to show up. Glad we sorted that out!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


We had another lactation consultant come out today, who noticed that whenever my daughter eats, she tries to turn her head towards the floor. Hmm... this clearly means something, but we don't know what! But we're going to try to get it fixed - more news as this story develops!

We had a lovely, peaceful day - I even got to go to the gym (where they were playing Beatles songs!) and made quinoa for dinner (aside: does anyone know what the heck the bracha is on that stuff??). Now I'm about to go bathe her royal hiney (hee hee!) and we're all going to sleep! Ah, a day with no news - not a bad thing!! (Oh yeah, she did poop this morning - I know you were concerned.)

Oh, I wanted to share with ya'll my little giving-daughter-a-bath ditty, to the tune of the chorus of 'Copacabana':

Yes it's bathtime, for Sarah Rochel
Cutest girl ever to be called a tochter
Yes it's bathtime, for Sarah Rochel
Cutie patootie
We'll clean off your bootie (alternate: 'you made a big doody')
Yes it's bathtime....
for Sarah D!

Good yuntif and forgive me!

Don't think that over the last three days I wasn't plagued with sporadic guilt about failing to blog on Thursday (okay, so maybe 'plagued' is a little strong...). Yoav and I stayed up all night (essentially) after the wedding to get ready for the upcoming holiday and celebrations. At 4 AM that night I had woken up the baby to feed her. Apparently I was interrupting an exciting dream she had been having about her boyfriend Mr. Flash (the camera), or something anyway, cause she wasn't happy and didn't eat well and spit up and fussed and fussed and so much for the idea of waking her up now to have a nice, calm feeding!

Thursday we scurried around but got everything done, all the food made and we even got naps, albeit brief ones. Sarah Rochel was babysat!! My neighbor-with-a-halo offered to take her so I could get some work done... and so she went upstairs for a couple hours. My neighbor's 2 year old heartily enjoyed playing with the baby (the game? Put the pacifier in and take it out and put it in and take it out, repeat), and was quite upset when SR fell asleep! But she did sleep for quite a while, which enabled all kinds of things.

Then the chag started, and we all just had a really nice time! SR slept for three hours through dinner (we think the bath she got just before candlelighting confused her), which was very nice and let me eat with everyone else (what a concept!). She pooped when we got home (didn't I say a few days ago that it would be a few days until she did that again?), we cleaned her up, and she went to sleep under some protest but got there in the end.

Friday we had both meals here with everyone, which was great and wonderful, if somewhat hectic! But really, things couldn't have been better, and I introduced all these Canadians to gazpacho! Mysteriously enough, there were leftovers...

Shabbos day Yoav and I ate alone, nicely, peacefully and quickly, and then collapsed into nappage. Shaloshudas everyone was back here again - and now it's 1:30 AM, and everything is clean (or as clean as it's getting) and back to normal (or as normal as ever). The daughter has been eating every three hours lately, even through the night, and as she went to sleep at 12 that means she'll be up at 3. I don't think I'll try to wake her earlier to eat, though - it just didn't work well last time.

She pooped again in her tub during tonight's bath - charming! Really, it was cute - cute sound effects too (friends, where else can you find these delightful details other than this blog, I ask you!?). She was getting her bath in the baby tub, which was in the adult tub, so it was a little easier to remove her, wash everything, refill and replace her. She splashed merrily, as shown here, and is none the worse for her little aquatic elimination (actually, she's feeling much better now!).

The last blog I made has a comment on it by another Sarah Rochel, a girl whose first name is Sarah and last name is Rochel! Who knew? Imagine if my daughter married her brother - Sarah Rochel Rochel?

I think I've pretty much caught up. My eyelids are drooping, Yoav is yawning and the tochter is shloofing. We're off to do the same! Goodnight, gut voch, and may your cheesecake digest with a minimum of disturbance.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mazal tov!

Oh no - you can't see the frilly socks!

They're married!! It was a lovely wedding, very heavy on the screaming seminary girls and exuberant yeshiva guys - heck, I was one of the oldest women there, which is saying something. But it was totally wonderful - hurray! But you'll be wanting to hear about the girl...
We went to put on outfit #1, right? It's a 3-6 months outfit. So we tried the hat... It's a Goldilocks moment... This hat is too big!
So we try the cute little tushy cover thing... This tushy thing is too big!! (heck, we coulda worn it by itself as a little halter jumpsuit, ya know?)

So we get the dress on (clearly, it tastes good), and then we try the cute matching overcoat. Hmm... does this thing make me look fat?

So we wore the dress by itself, over a onesie. We'll grow into the rest!!

She did really great, was silent and alert during the whole chupa, slept through part of the meal and even the beginning of the dancing... but when she did wake up then, with this music pounding like nothing she's ever heard before, well, she tried to hide under her covers.

A splendid time was had by all, and now Yoav is going to go flip blinis for me, while I try to clear out the rest of the kitchen so we can do some mad cooking tommorrow. The daughter is asleep, but I will wake her soon to feed her and put her to bed in something other than her polyester finery. Mazal tov!

Oh, and one more moment of thanks to Hashem... this is the first wedding I've been to in years where I gave the kallah a bracha, rather than needing to ask for one for myself. Thank you!