Saturday, June 10, 2006

Baby, thou art fickle

I think we've reached a new milestone... I think I'm going to stop blogging each and every one of my daughter's poops! Baruch Hashem, we've come a long way, and now she steadily poops every other day or so, and so except for exceptional poops (like the one in the Sharfman's kitchen, for example), I think we can reserve her movements for those worthy of changing her diapers.

It's the end of an era.

So my daughter is in love. We have two light fixtures in the living room, and recently we switched out the bulbs in one of them for a different brand. Well. Lemme tell ya... her boyfriend, Mr. Flash the Camera, is going to be VERY jealous, because the little pumpernickle is positively obsessed with this light. She just sat there happily staring at it and talking to it for like fifteen minutes at a time. Okay, she's probably just talking to the angels surrounding her that she's clearly still pure enough to see, but maybe there are just more of them in this lightbulb, I don't know. It was totally amusing to watch!

Shabbos was lovely, and she's blissfully asleep now, as I need to be! A lovely week to you all.


debbie said...

nooo! we love the poopy updates!!

Faye Berman said...

Thanks for Nechy's address. My friend will be pleased.