Friday, June 09, 2006

Cruciferous cutie

So I didn't dream of strollers last night (okay, this morning - I didn't
sleep last night!), but I dreamt that Sarah Rochel, out of the blue,
said "broccoli."

I exclaimed that she could talk, and she said, "Of course - I'm not
stupid!" So I called my mother to tell her that my daughter could talk.
I said to SR, "go on, say 'cauliflower.'" And she said into the phone,
in the sweetest little voice, "cauliflower!"

And my mother was speechless in tears of pride.

This MEANS something...

And so later this evening, my daughter... well, I'll let her tell you
(she does talk, after all).
"So I've had a bit of a rough day - I had a small poop in the morning
(let's face it, it was afternoon) and my napping has been a little off,
but FINALLY it was Warm Wiggly Water time, my favorite time of the day.
I'm in my blue tubby, and I have these TWO really nifty appendages that
I like pushing against the tubby walls and splashing my abba with. And
I'm splashing away and grinning at my mommy, who is standing right next
to me (my mommy is the best!) and I'm just so happy and content and
relaxed, I just feel all my cares and worries leave my body... And all
of a sudden, I'm whisked up into the cold air, wrapped in a towel (it
wasn't even prewarmed!), and my abba is trying to dry me off while my
mommy is letting all my yummy bath water just go down the drain!!
Harumph! Thank goodness after I cried a bit they plopped me back in
there, filled the tub back up and let me play some more, but hopefully
now I've learned my lesson not to do too much, er, relaxing in the

Glad she got that out of her system. Ahem.

Blogger isn't letting me post pictures, so I bid you all goodnight!

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Faye Berman said...

it could mean that you are vegetable obsessed you freak! i think her first word is much more likely to be chocolate.