Friday, June 30, 2006

Enter Mr. Cole

Now everyone, sing along:

Unpredictable, that's what you are...
Unpredictable, though you're our star
Like a bad poop stain that clings to me
I am a slave to your spontaneity
Never before has someone changed their mind more.

Unpredictable, in every way...
Now I want out of the tub, wait - now I'll stay!
That's why darling, you're invincible
Cause despite being so unpredictable
You're the smoonchiest, and we love you too-oo!

Unpredictable, in every way...
Forgot when to sleep - is it night or day?
So my darling, cute and munchable
Even though you're so unpredictable
We'll just love you, and hold you 'till we turn blue-oo.


Faye Berman said...

Ok, you are clearly sleep deprived. Isn't that Unforgettable? I really can't get over how cute she is. Anyway, have a great Shabbos

Daniella said...

i love that galus still has its effects on you:) either that or you're just simply sooo creative - i think its the latter:) B"H the bubah is just getting cuter by the day... speak to you soon! Daniella:)

Naomi said...

In the middle of the night, I go walking in my sleep...ah, Mir, I love ya!