Sunday, June 04, 2006

Good yuntif and forgive me!

Don't think that over the last three days I wasn't plagued with sporadic guilt about failing to blog on Thursday (okay, so maybe 'plagued' is a little strong...). Yoav and I stayed up all night (essentially) after the wedding to get ready for the upcoming holiday and celebrations. At 4 AM that night I had woken up the baby to feed her. Apparently I was interrupting an exciting dream she had been having about her boyfriend Mr. Flash (the camera), or something anyway, cause she wasn't happy and didn't eat well and spit up and fussed and fussed and so much for the idea of waking her up now to have a nice, calm feeding!

Thursday we scurried around but got everything done, all the food made and we even got naps, albeit brief ones. Sarah Rochel was babysat!! My neighbor-with-a-halo offered to take her so I could get some work done... and so she went upstairs for a couple hours. My neighbor's 2 year old heartily enjoyed playing with the baby (the game? Put the pacifier in and take it out and put it in and take it out, repeat), and was quite upset when SR fell asleep! But she did sleep for quite a while, which enabled all kinds of things.

Then the chag started, and we all just had a really nice time! SR slept for three hours through dinner (we think the bath she got just before candlelighting confused her), which was very nice and let me eat with everyone else (what a concept!). She pooped when we got home (didn't I say a few days ago that it would be a few days until she did that again?), we cleaned her up, and she went to sleep under some protest but got there in the end.

Friday we had both meals here with everyone, which was great and wonderful, if somewhat hectic! But really, things couldn't have been better, and I introduced all these Canadians to gazpacho! Mysteriously enough, there were leftovers...

Shabbos day Yoav and I ate alone, nicely, peacefully and quickly, and then collapsed into nappage. Shaloshudas everyone was back here again - and now it's 1:30 AM, and everything is clean (or as clean as it's getting) and back to normal (or as normal as ever). The daughter has been eating every three hours lately, even through the night, and as she went to sleep at 12 that means she'll be up at 3. I don't think I'll try to wake her earlier to eat, though - it just didn't work well last time.

She pooped again in her tub during tonight's bath - charming! Really, it was cute - cute sound effects too (friends, where else can you find these delightful details other than this blog, I ask you!?). She was getting her bath in the baby tub, which was in the adult tub, so it was a little easier to remove her, wash everything, refill and replace her. She splashed merrily, as shown here, and is none the worse for her little aquatic elimination (actually, she's feeling much better now!).

The last blog I made has a comment on it by another Sarah Rochel, a girl whose first name is Sarah and last name is Rochel! Who knew? Imagine if my daughter married her brother - Sarah Rochel Rochel?

I think I've pretty much caught up. My eyelids are drooping, Yoav is yawning and the tochter is shloofing. We're off to do the same! Goodnight, gut voch, and may your cheesecake digest with a minimum of disturbance.


Faye Berman said...

Ok your baby is KE"H adorable. She is getting so big! Yom Tov here was great, cheesecake is a good thing. I had it for breakfast after Kiddush this morning as a matter of fact.

Miriam the Mommy said...

I'm like, this morning?? Oh, right, it's motzei for you. I couldn't figure out why you made kiddush on Sunday... three day yuntif withdrawl??

Faye Berman said...

Not so much...... Live in a different time zone, remember? Waiting for my Abba to show up so he can show off his new car, and we can go to the big sefarim sale.