Friday, June 16, 2006

Keeping us guessing!

She's crying - she's voraciously hungry - she eats a ton - and then spits most of it up (so it seems). She's exhausted - she can't keep her eyes open - put her in the crib, turn off the lights, and... she's wide awake.

What, is she practicing for being a teenager?!

Yoav was off of school today, so we had one of those lovely hang-out-at-home type days, playing with the tochter and eating and doing good things. I introduced her today to Dini (pronounced DYE-nee), my 24 year old brontasaurus (see attached picture). She barely naps. We go off to the grocery store, and around 8 PM at the store she falls asleep in her car seat. Okay, fine. We quickly finish up, because while she often takes a nap in the evening, it's a little late for it and, frankly, I don't trust her not to wake up screaming in hunger, despite having eaten only an hour or two before.

But she sleeps. And sleeps. And sleeps.

She wakes up then at 10:30 (!), which is usually when we're getting her ready for bed! So she drowsily eats - for an hour - and since she's falling asleep in her plate (as it were), I figure she's just going to sleep for the night, right?

Nope - put her down, and she's suddenly awake and ready to play! So Yoav plays with her for a bit, I play with her for a bit. This is a picture of she and I on the couch, playing at 12:30 in the morning (check out that holding-up-her-head action!). Then Yoav bathes her, I feed her some more, and bli ayin hara, she's hopefully down for the count.

Yoav wants me to mention, by the way, that this picture is less like Washington's mother, in his opinion, and more like a spaced-out, feminine World War One flying ace. The man has a point...

I'm going to try to organize a couple more things for shabbos prep now, and maybe eat something (meal times have no meaning around here, when today I ate cereal at noon for breakfast, corn shnitzel at 5 for lunch (or was it 6?), and a bagel and cream cheese at 9 PM for dinner). So until tomorrow...


Faye Berman said...

those pics are too cute! A pre-emptive Good Shabbos to you!
p.s what is with the verification thing? My eyes do not work so good! Trying to decipher those weird curvy letters is very hard.

Miriam the Mommy said...

Sorry about it - I got a whole bunch of spam posts before (I had to delete them) and they annoyed me, so I enabled this.

If you click on the handicapped thingy it will read you some numbers out loud.

It's 5:35 AM and I can't keep my eyes open. Buh-bye.

Faye Berman said...

okie dokie........Hope you had a great shabbos.

Jennifer Bean said...

I remember Dini! As soon as I looked at that pic, I was like... that looks really familiar!