Thursday, June 22, 2006

Latest hallucinations

Last night (this morning?) I'm feeding my daughter essentially in my
sleep, and I'm having such helpful thoughts as...

-Oh my gosh, what happened to my skin?? It's all loose and dry - oh,
that's my t-shirt.

-I really need to talk to the person who put my daughter in my lap; they
put her at a funny angle.

-How did I get here? (No, seriously, I had and have absolutely no
recollection of getting out of bed, washing my hands, coming into my
daughter's room and picking her up. I went from sleep to being in the
chair with her, no clue about the steps inbetween.)

(I wanted to post this last night at 4 AM, but needless to say, I
couldn't click the mouse that many times)

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