Monday, June 26, 2006

Leaps and bounds

(Leaps and bounds out of her crib, but more on that later.)

Girlfriend really is at the learn-a-new-trick-a-day stage, which is quite fun to watch. She continues to try so so hard to turn over, but hasn't quite gotten there yet, but she really is starting to seem happier on her tummy, which is great for muscular development, etc. Yesterday and today she was using her feet to knock and play with the stuff on one of her activity gym things, as shown, and she was even using her feet in a pincer-like manner with the toys, although methinks that may have been unintentional.

Getting ready for her bath tonight, she actually sat unassisted for a few moments, which is of course indicative of her complete and utter brilliance, to say nothing of her dashing good looks. So we're taking pictures of her, and for the first time she notices the camera, I mean, really notices it and is staring at it and wants to reach out for it, which results in the amazing photo essay below.

And then, bedtime - ho ho ho! She ate and fussed and ate and fussed and ate and - guess what? Quietly went to sleep... HA! Nope, fussed some more, and on and on. She was even trying to roll over in the crib (and yes, I tried flipping her and seeing if she wanted to sleep on her stomach - nope, not that either). On and on and on until I took her out. The pumpkin didn't care that it was past her bedtime. So we came out to the living room, where she subduedly consented to lay in her stroller. So I starting playing with the computer (to keep me sane), rocking her in one hand. Slowly, slowly, the eyelids droop... and then back open! To make a long story short (too late), she's asleep now in the stroller, but chirping in her sleep every few moments, and maybe, maybe is getting to real slumber. Yoav is actually concerned about her sleeping in the stroller unrestrained, since she is getting to be active and mobile. But we'll restrain her as best we can, and I'll move the carseat part of the stroller to the floor, so if she does manage to escape (and while she's talented, I really don't think she could) she won't have far to drop.

Postscript at 1:46 AM: When I moved the stroller, she stirred and opened her eyes a little. So I picked her up and put her in her crib and - bli ayin hara - she seems to have gone right back to sleep. Hurray!!

So why hasn't anyone commented yet?


debbie & tziporah said...

i just wrote a whole long comment and lost it grrr. ok so hello from debbie and tzipoirah. she was here for dinner and is now washing my dishes... and counter.. nad everything she can get her hands on- bwa ha ha shes mine now, dont you miss her? yes yes but enough about us we are loving pic #2 of SR finding the camera.. so cute. i now have a first hand verification that she is indeed extremely cute... oy vey gota go lauries trying to wash my dish drain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Debbie & Tziporah,
I'm so jealous that you guys can play with each other. I miss you both tons. Write me sometime, I might actually write back. Love, Nechy
P.S. Yummy, SR is getting cuter every second. I haven't seen her in far too long for a surrogate grandparent. I'll be in RBS tomorrow, maybe I'll see you. I'll be in touch.

Faye Berman said...

ok i tried to post last night, however the giant rain storms messed with my connection. Either that, or Hashem did not want you to read what I wrote. I was very innocently going to say that you should use the time while Savta is there to try to catch up on your rest. Have a great week!