Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Material girl

(note the picture of Prunella working on her rolling technique)

For some reason, in the last week we've received another rash of baby presents (much better than a present of baby rash!), which is quite a lot of fun. Someone today scolded me for having Butterbean in a color besides pink ("what, a first granddaughter? Inconceivable!"). Looks like she will never HAVE to be pinkless, it's the truth - we've got her covered!

My Aunt Lisa just mailed us some yummy clothes, and a card so sweet I have to share it with you. On the front is a yawning baby and the caption "who needs sleep?" And on the inside, it finishes the thought... "your dreams have already come true." Awww... True enough, and it nicely coincides with our lack of sleep!! I taped the card above the crib. :)

She was wonderful today in Bnei Brak, and we even got there without getting lost.Tomorrow night I'm going to a play with her Highness, who I sincerely hope will behave. Let's hear it for all-women's productions! Maybe I'll take the opportunity to try out our new toy... (experienced mothers, prepare to attack)... We bought her a sippy cup to use! They make wonderful 'transition cups' with soft spouts and small openings, so they are akin to bottles but more cup like. The idea is, why have to wean from bottles to cups, when you can just teach cups when they're little bitty? The idea is not totally my own; there IS literature to back me up. We'll see how it goes.

And finally, a picture of the darling that her father made. It is dangerous to leave random accessories around doting abbas! Note that in her little bonnet, she looks much less like a prairie princess and much more like George Washington's grandmother with a dyed wig. Goodnight everyone!

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Nechama said...

now that ive finally made it to you for shabbos, i find this blog very entertaining. thanks for giving me something to do at work!