Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mazal tov!

Oh no - you can't see the frilly socks!

They're married!! It was a lovely wedding, very heavy on the screaming seminary girls and exuberant yeshiva guys - heck, I was one of the oldest women there, which is saying something. But it was totally wonderful - hurray! But you'll be wanting to hear about the girl...
We went to put on outfit #1, right? It's a 3-6 months outfit. So we tried the hat... It's a Goldilocks moment... This hat is too big!
So we try the cute little tushy cover thing... This tushy thing is too big!! (heck, we coulda worn it by itself as a little halter jumpsuit, ya know?)

So we get the dress on (clearly, it tastes good), and then we try the cute matching overcoat. Hmm... does this thing make me look fat?

So we wore the dress by itself, over a onesie. We'll grow into the rest!!

She did really great, was silent and alert during the whole chupa, slept through part of the meal and even the beginning of the dancing... but when she did wake up then, with this music pounding like nothing she's ever heard before, well, she tried to hide under her covers.

A splendid time was had by all, and now Yoav is going to go flip blinis for me, while I try to clear out the rest of the kitchen so we can do some mad cooking tommorrow. The daughter is asleep, but I will wake her soon to feed her and put her to bed in something other than her polyester finery. Mazal tov!

Oh, and one more moment of thanks to Hashem... this is the first wedding I've been to in years where I gave the kallah a bracha, rather than needing to ask for one for myself. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Princess Sarah looks so cute! I'll tell you what? Let's share a bracha. May this be the first of MANY Chasunas you take your little princess to, so people can "oooh and aaaah" over her! Amen!
Luv, Bracha Berman

Faye Berman said...

Ok could the Druyans be any cuter?
Mir, you last little bit made me tear up. You are so lucky and I know you know that, but thought I would remind you.
Chag Sameach!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Oh, I started crying when it occurred to me too, never fear! IY"H by us ALL in the right time! Gut yuntif! (and yes, I'm going to sleep now)

Anonymous said...

Well, this is totally irrelevant, but I found this page, funnily enough, by google-ing my own name purely out of adolescent boredom. Finding nothing but honor-roll listings on the actual me, I decided to check this out because I saw my name and frilly socks in the same sentence. Originally I wasn't going to leave a comment or anything of the sort, but your baby is just so CUTE!
I may not know anything about the Druyan dynasty or even what a Scion is (to me it's the car company that sponsored the festival I went to last year), but I wish Sarah Rochel luck in growing up, and you as the parent luck when she's a teenager.
Hugs and kisses,
The Older Sarah Rochel