Sunday, June 25, 2006

The merriest of weeks to you

I'm sorry I didn't post anything erev shabbos, but sometimes that's how things are...

To all of you who were concerned, the tochter did poop erev shabbos (in her bath, of course), and twice more today, so she seems to be doing much better in that department - hurray!

We all had a wonderful shabbos together! Savta (besides being the usual tremendous help that she always is) took SR for a walk shabbos afternoon, enabling me to start catching up on my newspaper reading (I'm up to May 17th now!). Speaking of which, I think we'll be cancelling our Hamodia subscription most imminently - there just ain't no point.

The girlchild was put to bed a little while ago, all bathed and fed and asleep, and now she's screaming her head off in her abba's arms. Sigh. I'm off to offer my services, but I don't know what she wants (I think I'm going to rename this blog - and my life - "I don't know what she wants").

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Faye Berman said...

As far as not knowing what she wants, that should only last until she is done with her teens. You were a girlchild once, you should remember. Hope you have a great week.