Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Tonight three other ladies on my block and I got together and played Cranium (always fun!). The following vocabulary word came up therein:

Omphalomancy. Definition? A manner of divining the number of children a mother will have by analyzing her firstborn's belly button.

Obviously, I can sue my doctor for malpractice for not bringing this scientific method to my attention!

http://www.serenapowers.com/unusual.html - this is the only place I found that discusses some of the 'how to' involved (scroll down a bit, but be careful - there's some highly funky stuff on this site)

My daughter still has an outie, but it's changing all the time, and is probably slowly receding into an innie.

Regardless, here's a photo composite from when Yoav was trying yesterday to accurately record his wife and child's eyecoloring.

The tochter slept so beautifully last night, as I posted earlier (she finally got up at 10:30, and I was right, she was building a lovely poop that came out when she woke up!), but was a little fussy all day - methinks she needs more daytime sleep too. She's out now, B"H, and I need to be to, and we'll see what tomorrow brings, belly buttons at the ready.

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