Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rambling on

We went on lots of walks today. That is, several times today I couldn't figure out what Prunella (note - Yoav called her a 'fig' today) wanted, and so in desparation I up and left the house. Seemed to work each time, so maybe I'm just totally, wonderfully intuitive. And maybe she just got distracted.

Here's a picture of her helping me match socks. Isn't it nice that Her Highness deigns to help out with the common chores? (The scullery maid is on vacation.) Here's also a picture of her at play with her new activity whosits (thanks, Boyarskys!).

Savta is coming tomorrow - hurray! Did you know that baby wipes clean EVERYTHING? I may never mop again - just get me on the floor with a box of wipes, and I'm set! (of course, I never mop now as it is - and if I did, I would sponga, so never mind..)

Would you believe our one gigabyte memory card in the digital camera is full? What, I should actually DELETE some pictures of the little peanut butter? Well, I'm doing it, but only after making lots of copies and backups and so on. Think that we, as parents, are a wee bit obsessed? Well, duh.

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Bilha said...

We are honored that we made it to your holy blog. And, we're so happy that SR is using the toy we got. Enjoy!