Friday, June 23, 2006


In honor of Savta's arrival, the tochter has regressed back to behaviors last seen when Savta was last here, like having tummy pains and not pooping and so on and so forth. Gevalt. Poor little pumpkin, she was just so, so unhappy, and she hasn't pooped in almost three days (which, by now is a lot for her), and taka, I don't know what to do for her. She's also so tired, barely napped today, but I think she's down now. True, I thought she was down thirty minutes ago too, when she woke up screaming, but since then she's had some of her magic-anti-gas-drops and eaten some more, so hopefully that'll do the trick.

Otherwise, she's really excited to see Savta! And Savta took a picture of us putting away groceries together. Tomorrow we were planning a whole sojourn into J-town, but we're gonna wait and see how the night goes.

Poor little pumpershnitzel. May all her troubles pass easily and soon!

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