Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rubber ducky

She's really too cute. She loves her tub, as you know. So I plop her in the bath tonight (at 10:30 PM, by the way, since we were hoping bedtime wouldn't be 2 AM tonight!), and she isn't doing her usual splashing around, but is meditatively munching on her hand.

Uh oh. Saw it coming... poop in the tub.

Let out all the water, start to refill, let her finish pooping, rinse, refill, and we continue on our merry way.

After the bath, assuming she isn't too hungry for her post-bath-pre-shloof feeding, I always moisturize her and give her a little massage, and if she's still happy (and I'm not exhausted) we do little range of motion exercises too. Well tonight she was VERY into her limbs and things and boy were we boogeying. I had just read on ivillage today how babies this age like to have some naked play time, so while I usually diaper her right after the leg moisturizing, this time I left her bare.

Uh oh. You saw it coming... we got all wet!! Let's hear it for the ubiquitous package of wipes next to the tub.

Anyway, she went to bed oh so nicely, asleep by 11:45, Baruch Hashem! Which is naturally why I'm still up now, at a quarter after 1 AM. I've been online stroller shopping again - the decisions! Argh! Maybe it's because we bought a lawnmower today (finally, only two years after we got a lawn!). I figure if Yoav has a new wheeling toy to walk behind, then I should get one too!

Nighty night, ya'll.

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