Thursday, June 15, 2006


Sometime around 3 PM, I was despairing. Why? Because it never really ends. There's always more laundry and more dishes. I have a stack of my daughter's clean clothes just sitting on the bed because I can't find a chance to put them away in her drawers. I pull socks out of the dryer, not out of the drawer. I have my maternity clothes in two garbage bags on my daughter's room's floor. And every day, she wants to eat and play and eat and play and be held (but only if you're standing!) and play and of course eat and eat, and maybe take a nap, but when she DOES take a nap all I want to do is eat something in an actual sitting position, and by the time I have she's awake again, and, oh, the sky is falling, etc.

Now you all know perfectly well it just ain't that bad (that, or I've been lying in my blogs). But for some reason it was just all Too Much today, and the futility of the neverending cycles of laundry and feeding (ourselves and her) just seemed so, um, futile. So Yoav came home from school, and I popped the tochter into his arms and ran away.

Okay, so I ran away just to my bedroom, to close the door and sit on the bed eating crackers and mayonnaise (they were whole wheat crackers!). And I called Courtney to share this, my little post-partum moment... and lo and behold, she was at the hospital, having a baby!! And that totally turned my head back to the joys of this little person, rather than the hardships, and now I'm just fine. (Oh, and it helps that I went to the play tonight by myself, leaving Yoav with the babe, and so I got a nice little four hour break!)

Courtney had a boy - mazal tov! And of course he weighs 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and my daughter was 7.7 pounds (close enough).

In developmental news, after about a week of being approximately there, I think we can safely say that Milkbreath holds her head up by herself! (99% of the time) Very exciting! And she's sleeping now, which might even be MORE exciting, and so I'll go. Yoav, the stalwart abba, is sleeping on the couch. I am so, so very blessed, and so much so that the mood I got into earlier today is a wonderful anomaly. Thank you Hashem!

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Faye Berman said...

you will be fine. More importantly... Courtney had a boy?!?!?!?!!??!?!?! MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw her last summer in Riverdale (I even met Abigail). Anyway, please send my love to her!