Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Science hour

Okay, 'science five minutes' is more like it, but I just had a wonderful
educational time with Sarah Rochel. She played with a empty plastic
bottle, and I explained to her in great detail how plastic is a
petroleum product, and the fact that she can see through the bottle
means it's clear, and the indentation in the bottom is called a punt,
and so on and so forth. We explored how the bottle makes noise when you
hit it, how it bounces off your kneecap, the sound it makes when it
drops on the floor, how light it is to hold, and the feeling when you
clap it against the bottom of your foot.

Now, besides the fact that she didn't clue into the fact it was
play-with-garbage-on-the-floor hour, she was actually really into it,
watching the bottle the whole time and reaching for it with both hands
and like really being AWARE. She's growing up!!

Latest feat: I found her this morning having rolled over from her back
to her side! Now it's not quite all the way to her tummy, but still VERY
impressive! And in the crib she was totally a foot away from where I had
put her down to sleep, and perpendicular to that as well. That's our
little prodigy!

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