Monday, June 12, 2006

We're finally learning

You'll all be happy to know that today in the mall when our little darlin' had an impressively full poopster that we were properly equipped with diaper bag, wipes, alternate outfit, etc, and we made a clean change of it. So there!

We really got around today! First to a big baby store in J-town, where I fell in love with a 'Doctor Baby' brand (some cheap Korean import) three-wheeled stroller, which was lightweight (for a jogger) and folded down nicely and has a huge sunshade and is only 849 NIS (approximately $180 which, these things considered, ain't too shabby). Didn't buy it though. And then to the mall for pooping (yes, I know I said I wasn't going to log EVERY poop - so sue me), and we went ahead and used up a gift certificate we'd been given for a baby store there (I bought my daughter SHORTS). Then back home, and we went to a chinese auction tonight in the neighborhood, and didn't win anything.

Now the daughter is sleeping, and I have to go clean the kitchen. Funny how just 24 hours ago, it was immaculate, since our holy shabbos guests had washed all the dishes (except for the pans I hid in the oven, drats), even the chulent pot! And yet somehow, it's a mess again. Either the kitchen is too small... or the parents aren't too tidy. Hmm. So even though I would LOVE to be sleeping now, if I don't take care of it we won't be able to eat tomorrow, and eating is very, very important.

Didn't take any new pictures today, so presented here for your enjoyment is one from about a week and a half ago (caption: "Oh!"). And yeah, she'll be 11 weeks old on Tuesday, which means correct, we lost track of how old she is somewhere in there. I'm beginning to understand how parents can forget how old their children are, although something tells me it gets easier when the number only changes once a year...

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Anonymous said...

so if she's going to be 11 weeks old, then Ari and I will be married for 11 weeks! WOW...time does fly by!!!! Kisses to SR!!

REbecca Schochet