Thursday, June 08, 2006

WHAT was I thinking?

Recap: we bathed her early, put her down to sleep at 10 PM instead of
the usual midnight.

She slept until a few minutes after 11, then woke up. So I fed her some
more, put her back down, and she slept beautifully... until 1 AM. So I
fed her some more, put her back down at 1:30 (she was asleep, really). I
then was treated to the rythmic THUNK noises as she picked up both legs
and dropped them down on the crib mattress, repeatedly. Finally, she
kvetched some more. I told her, her options were eating or sleeping! So
she ate some more. Still wide awake. I changed her diaper, took her out
of her sleep sack and swaddled her, and held her. She spit up all over
me. Fine, back in the crib while I changed my shirt, and now it's 2 AM
and I'm still hearing THUNKs every minute or so.

I don't want to go back to bed until I know she's out, or else she'll
wake me up just as I drift off and I'll be totally disoriented. So here
I am, at 2:11 AM, blogging away and counting the time between THUNKing
(it's like counting the seconds between thunder and lightning). I'm also
eating an apple and cheese, because if SHE gets middle of the night
snacks, then darn it, so do I!

Dare I tiptoe into her room to see what's going on?

Getting some valuable stroller shopping done (what did parents do in the
middle of the night before the internet? Knit?).

2:20 AM - first THUNK in like 10 minutes. What is she doing in there??
There's another one! Is she playing Whack-a-Mole?
2:27 AM - still THUNKing. Hmm, the Bugaboo?
2:31 AM - and again! Bugaboo or kidneys... Tough call.
2:33 AM - THUNK and the beginnings of crying...
2:35 AM - I just tucked her in and wound the mobile again and tried to
explain that it really is time to sleep. And I'm back out here, and it's
funny. She has so spoiled me by sleeping at night so consistently for so
long, that I find myself tempted to, if she starts crying, let her cry
herself to sleep. Because I don't know what to do with a wide awake baby
at 2:37 AM!
2:40 AM - she's not crying, thank God, just making a kvetch every few
minutes. Going to put on music in her room...
2:48 AM - when I put on the hallway light so I could see her a bit
better, she looked at me and gave such an actual LAUGH of joy at seeing
me, that I am feeling somewhat wormsweat-ish for not immediately getting
dressed and taking her to the park.
3:13 AM - okay... Music off, cause I need to plug the nightlight back
in, and I can only find one farshtugina outlet. Her whimpers have turned
to cries. Feed her some more, and as I'm doing so, her tummy makes a
grumbling noise and she releases much gas. And again. And again. So
fine, she eats for a while, and I put her back down in the crib. She is,
at least, drowsy, if not asleep.
3:19 AM - so what was that??? Off to tiptoe in...
3:22 AM - Bad Mother Alert: the only thing I can think of that's keeping
her up, because inbetween kvetches she's sleeping or just staring, is
that her tummy is bothering her. So I just gave her a dose of the
anti-gas medicine, even though I don't think it's necessarily gas pains
(hence the BMA - giving her medicine without being sure she needs it).
We'll give her a few more minutes and see if she's able to sleep... Back
to the Graco versus the Combi...
3:32 AM - that's ten silent minutes. And as I typed that, boom, a chirp.
But just a chirp. I'm going to try to sneak off to bed now, where I will
dream of $500 strollers going THUNK THUNK THUNK.


Debbie said...

hehehe she entertains herself by banging her legs against the crib mattress? that is too cute.. .and very entertaining im sure.

Faye Berman said...

I think you should opt kidneys btw.
I am currently on pain meds, and am kind of floating in that "well it does not really take my pain away, but I do not care so much" phase. She sounds like she has a personality remarkably like her mother.
As a side note, I do not think there is anything you could ever do tht would make you a bad mother. It is clear to anyone reading this blog that you live for motherhood!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Really? That's so funny... I was just with a few friends who also didn't have kids right away but who have had them in the last few months (B"H!) and most of them are like, "I can't stand to leave the baby with a sitter for more than like 15 minutes," and I'm like, "take her for the day? Alright."

But thanks for the boost of confidence, and enjoy floating around the ceiling - watch out for the light fixtures.

bilha said...

First, Miriam you are a riot. I'm litterally laughing out loud as I read your blog. Second, I have a Graco and a Combi and let me tell you, GET THE COMBI!!!! They're so much better. Here are the advantages: they're lighter, fold more compact so you have room in your trunk for the stroller, daiper bag, over night bag, pack and play etc., they have a five point harness (which you will need later when she starts to get even more wiggley and tries to manouver out of her seat), last longer, made better. We love our Combi and desperately want to get another one. They don't sell single Combis here though. Graco is a stinky brand that won't last you too long. They are not made well. I won't tell you how many times different parts of our Graco have broken off. That's my opion on the matter. Feel free to ask questions ;-)

Faye Berman said...

When I come I will take her for a day. Then you can go to the gym, or listen to Beatles music, or whatever. Of course at the rate my life is going, she will be in the Parsha then, and have little siblings she needs to entertain!