Monday, July 31, 2006

Getting ready

We are beginning to get ready for our big trip to America! So many of you have asked, so just as a recap, we'll be in NY from the 6th to the 14th and Houston from the 14th to the 26th. So today, the girl and I returned a superfluous baby gift in exchange for a Fisher-Price toy priced so that I merely shuddered. We're saving it for the plane. I also went and met with my boss to hammer out the details of my (sigh) imminent return to the workplace (I mean, "Hi, Talk'n'Save! I can't wait to get back! Nothing will make me happier, etc.").

Yoav asked our rav, and the psak was I get to fast on Thursday - joy, joy, rapture, rapture. Please God, neither Tochter nor I will suffer any ill effects. However, our preference is to be clamoring for a good view from the women's section of the rebuilt Beis Hamikdash- shall we save you a spot?

Here you can find information about a specific project in my neighborhood to help the 'war effort' (okay, Rosie the Riveter it ain't). There are also links to other organizations doing good stuff.

The girl has been tending towards earlier bedtimes lately, bli ayin hara. She has been out now for over an hour, so it's my turn! Goodnight!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Quick shot

Ain't she something? Best of weeks to you all, and may the news only get better (not darned likely, during the 9 Days, but we're totally FINE with mashiach coming before next Thursday!! (think God reads my blog? Of course!)).

Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy birthday!

Okay, she's officially 4 months old on the Gregorian calendar - hurray! Maybe that's why she wanted to stay up so late... to see in the day! (She came close too - it's a LOT closer to sunrise than I want to acknowledge.)

It's 3:07 AM, and she's just given her last 95% asleep-under-duress whimper (I hope!). What do you do with a wide awake baby at 2 AM? Get ready for shabbos, of course! And yet, shabbos prep activities are somewhat limited with a baby on your person. For example, chopping onions: not recommended while holding a baby. Straining boiling fluids: not recommended while holding a baby. Hitting yourself over the head with a saucepan: indicated, but not necessarily recommended while holding a baby. Hitting the baby over the head: don't go there.

So anyway, she was helping me put the tablecloth on the table - hence the picture (doesn't she look downright perky????). Goodnight, I most sincerely pray so, goodnight.

Still no clue

She slept, with breaks for food, from 8:30 PM to midnight:30. Which is why she's awake and playing with her father now, at 1:16 AM.


Speaking of sigh, saw the following two pics online. Keep those prayers coming, people! There are a bunch of 'refugees' from up north in RBS now, and people in the neighborhood are collecting stuff for them. It's the real thing, you know? And yet... B"H, we're all fine. Hold a good thought!

(sorry no new Tochter pictures - tomorrow, please God)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

More to say

Okay, I'm still up, wanted to add a couple things.

First of all, the lovely ditty in the previous post was arranged by Yoav the Talented - bravo, bravo!

Secondly, the doc suggested, when I mentioned to her that Prune had been eating a little fussily lately, that perhaps the baby wasn't hungry as often as I fed her, or that she was eating so much faster now, that after a few minutes she'd fuss. Hmm. Well, she hasn't eaten much today, and then tonight...

Let's see. We went to the grocery store at 8 PM. She slept little today too, so she conked out till 8:30. Then she was up and looking around, but by 9 when we're on the way home she was bawling. Hungry, thought I (especially since her previous meal had been at 6 PM, and it wasn't a big meal). So I took her home and fed her. She ate well. She was up and playing, and Yoav gave her a bath at 11 PM. Afterwards, she was awake and happy (usually after her baths she's crying to eat and sleep), so he held her for a bit... and looked down, and she was asleep!

So now it's almost 1:30 AM, and she hasn't eaten since 9:30 PM. And she's, bli ayin hara, sleeping soundly. As I should be, taka. Goodnight!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Does it quack?

I know I mentioned it already, but I am SO proud of my daughter's ability to suck on her own feet. Flexibility is a very important trait in life.

Kudos to Doonesbury, whose strip today was so call-'em-like-you-see-'em that I must reproduce it at the bottom of this entry (click it to make it readable, sorry 'bout that).

We went to the doctor today (I can't get enough of these free doctor visits), and she assured us that contrary to what the well-baby nurse said, letting the kiddo stand (supported by us, of course) will not make her bowlegged (What to Expect the First Year agrees with the doc). So when she's not in a pretzel, she's standing!

And now, for your musical pleasure in these days of no music (yes, it made sense, trust me), behold the latest TochterTune, to the music of "The Lady is a Tramp" (your mother should know):

She gets too hungry for dinner at 8
Sometimes she's kvetchy and then we come late
She doesn't even know how to hate
... that's why my baby is a champ!
She doesn't yet have her own golden curls
She is the cutest of all of them girls
Her toothless smile's more precious than pearls
... that's why my baby is a champ!


We did nothing today. Not a thing. Diddly squat. Okay, fine, we walked down to the merkaz... bought nothing, did nothing. Oh, fine, I went to the toy store and looked at all the age appropriate toys for my daughter, and now see quite clearly why I have to go back to work - that or rob a bank. But she clearly needs ALL of them!

So, nothing. Oh, fine, we did laundry (last chance before the 9 days!) as evidenced in these lovely pictures of the daughter helping me out. And Sarah Rochel continued to practice grabbing at her feet, and even sucked on her big toe for a bit without me helping her out. Oh, and she rolled over again, this time on my bed, which is the first time she did a full roll on a non-firm surface. And at bathtime she tolerated sitting in her little bath chair again, which made it a heck of a lot easier to bathe her, lemme tell ya.

Her cradle cap (go on, say cadle crap, you know you want to) was starting to irk me (I think it's cradle cap, anyway - it's just under her hair on top, and since it's essentially the same color as her hair it reminds me of GLH, remember this? I LOVE infomercials!). So during her bath I rubbed some olive oil on it (my little baby of the Mediterranean), and started gently scraping it off with my fingernails. Yeah. Right. I'm scraping bits of my baby off. Uh-huh. Little wierd. Well, anyway, it came off, even though I didn't let it soak for any amount of time. Being a mommy is occasionally a little grody, ya know?

We took some naps and we ate some meals and we're asleep now, right on time. Okay, but really, we did nothing today.

Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!! Oh, well, actually we're going back to the doc tomorrow, to get our medical insurance for the big trip, to get various prescriptions (more anti-flatulence stuff, whoo hoo!), and to ask if I'm allowed to use any of the "natural" remedies on my daughter to make her mellow during flight. Goodnight!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bye Saba and Savta (um, for 12 days)

Alright, alright, I didn't blog yesterday. That's because
a) this blog is primarily for my daughter's grandparents (her apologies to all of her other admirers), and all of her grandparents were either present or spoken to yesterday, and
b) I was p-double o-stick a fork in me 'cause I'm done-pped POOPED!


Saba and Savta left tonight - bye bye! Of course, we'll be in NY on August 6, so it won't be too too long until we see you again.

Hmm, what else is new after so much time unblogged? Tochter continues to be yummy, and to prefer standing up, drooling on things and eating to most activities. Today we went to Yerushalaim and interviewed my daughter's metapelet (translation: lady who has a day care thingy in her home) elect. I am having tremendous issues, not with her, who comes SO highly recommended and seems lovely and warm, but with the whole concept of someone else spending all that time with my baby every day. Really, I think I'm just jealous of my friend in NY (you know who you are!) who has a lady come to her house, spend all day just with her kids, and of course cleans and does laundry, etc. Okay, fine, probably costs more than 1,000 shekel a month too... Yup, that's right. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and it costs me only 1,000 shekel, which is approximately $220, depending on the exchange rate, which, you got it, works out to about $1.30 per hour. That is hard to beat, gotta admit.

This metapelet works with her grown-up daughter, and together they have around 10 kids in their care. By American standards, it's a lot. On the other hand, they aren't all the same age, and as a result, all the children learn from each other. For example, the 1.5 year olds are playing together, the 2 year old brings the metapelet a diaper to change the 6 month old, the 2.5 year old whispers "shhh" because the 10 month old is sleeping, etc, etc. If you think of it as a couple of mothers and their five children each, it becomes much more reasonable. And as my friend (whose baby has been going there for a couple years about) says, the kids are all SO happy. They love it there.

Yoav was very comfortable with the metapelet and the space, and I don't doubt that she can keep it all going. And my baby would be the youngest there, which means if she cries (imagine!), she WILL get picked up. Period. And rocked and cuddled and the works. And it's close enough to my office that I could go nurse her on my lunchbreak. So... we'll see. These parenting decisions are rough stuff, ya know?

Anyway, had to post this picture of her from the hospital as a flashback. We often say to her, "remember when you were a baby?" She's getting so grown up! (Wish we were...)

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I'm sleepy. Yoav's sleepy. And - blissfully - so is the tochter. She went down tonight at 11 (that's right - asleep at a PM time!!!) so naturally now at 1 AM I'm still up... nuts.

Here's a highly jovial bath picture, and a nice little shloofy shot. Goodnight!

2:45 AM addendum: She woke up crying at 2, and fortunately Yoav got up with me, because for only the second time in her life she had pooped in her crib in the middle of the night! So we changed her together as she screamed about the light being on and the wipes being cold and being hungry and sleepy and the war and who knows what else. Now I'm sitting here typing (as opposed to going back to sleep) since she hasn't quite gone back to sleep yet. She fell asleep in my arms but woke up once she got back into the cribby... twice. She was thunking a bit too. So I'm giving her a couple more minutes...

2:55 AM: Busy busy! Go in to the Buttershnitz, she's writhing a little, poor baby. Gassy shabbos food? Getting the gas medicine out, and Yoav's beeper goes off. Give her the gas medicine, go into the room, read the pager and tell Yoav to go back to sleep (I don't think he coulda gone if he wanted to). Back to the girl, reinsert pacifier, shh shh, go to wash the gas medicine dropper. Back to my room for the beeper going off again, tell Yoav he still doesn't have to go (Yoav's beeper is still getting the pages for the ambulance since shabbos, when he was on call). Back to Prunella who, all medicated and sleepy, gives me a baleful stare from under her pacifier and blanket. So I've put both my babies to bed. Back to the blog. And...

2:58 AM: She's still dorsaling, or rather, her blanket is. I quietly go to check email... nothing! (What, no one wrote me at this hour?)

3:05 AM: Okay, she CLEARLY needs this potty seat. (I love shopping at 3 AM!).

3:08 AM: Ooooh, the Fisher-Price people are SO not dumb, because they have this handy-dandy site (with options to make the text really big!) for grandparents to learn what they need to buy for the baby. (When they say, "these products have been specially selected for grandparents!" read "these products make us a higher profit margin than others!")

3:16 AM: Now that I'm the perfect grandparent, I go in to my daughter's room, peel the blanket back from her sleeping face, and I'm off to bed! Goodnight! Again! Sheesh!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Good shabbos from the toch

Busy busy

After my holy husband let me sleep this morning from 10:30 to 12 (okay, 12:30), we got our act together and went shopping, down to the 'merkaz' where we bought salmon from the Scary Fish Store (that's its name) and various goodies from the health food store. Then when Yoav finished teaching at 3, we were ready to go to town! So off to Jerusalem we went. We visited the Savta Raba and we visited Nechy (and raided her fridge too - thanks Nech!) and we hit two grocery stores and picked up dry cleaning and and and did just fine except for a mildly screaming Tochter about 15 minutes from home. I fortunately had a bottle of me prepared, so we pulled over, got it out of the trunk, and I gave it to the girl who held the bottle herself. Okay, so she was laying down in her car seat, and okay, she didn't do a PERFECT job of it, but this child just gets more and more advanced...!

See the attached picture of her - we can't keep her away from the computer. Actually, if you look closely, you can see on the screen the daily activity log I am embarassed to say I still keep, where I note when she ate and when she slept every day since she was, um, a month old. Well, it's EASIER to look up when she ate last than to try to remember, you know? If anybody wants a copy, lemme know and I'll email it to you - it makes for facinating reading.

That's all the news for now. I'll try to blog again before shabbos.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Continued utter perfection

We went back to the well-baby clinic (Tipat Chalav) today. They did NOT
fuss at us for Tochter's weight, which is totally wonderful. She weighed
5.28 kilo ('bout 11 pounds, 9 ounces), and they were satisfied that she
was moving along her percentile arc and everything is fine - hurray!
She's 25th percentile for weight, 55th percentile for height, and 150th
percentile for total complete yumminess, bli ayin hara. The nurse did
say she seemed developmentally more like a 6 month old - insert
gratuitous nachas here!

She got her next round of vaccinations, and bli ayin hara, 12 hours
later, is showing no ill effects and is even more cute than before, if
possible. (That includes the cunning little raised welt on her thigh,
poor baby.)

Anyway, due to things in the country being slightly busy, we lost power
a couple of times today (note - I don't think it was missiles or
anything that knocked out our electricity. Still, perhaps those who fix
these things have their energies elsewhere, har har), and the internet
has been most skittish. So I'll try to post pictures later if the
connection stays constant and I'm conscious. Goodnight - wish us luck
with bedtime!

More amazing stuff

So after a great morning where I napped from 10:30-noon while Yoav watched the babe (I had this freaky dream about eating fried chicken at my Aunt Lisa's house - anyway), we had a fun day of puttering around, visiting with friends who came over, and working in the garden. Speaking of which, our bougainvillea is blooming, and the lemon tree we tried to kill is coming back nicely (amazing what water can do!). So the toch and I bought some new plants today! My upstairs neighbor who studied horticulture in college asked what we bought. I said - green ones with purple flowers! Well, it's just too much trouble to ask the nursery guy what the plants are called in Hebrew and then find out the English equivalent for a plant that very well mightn't exist in the USA... whatever!

Anyway - here's the princess in her denim dress (thanks D!). Can you see the impressive border of dampness around the whole top? Savta thinks Pumpernickle is teething - could be, since she's drooling up a storm AND has been sucking her fingers frantically, and she's been eating a little fussily too. My daughter really is advanced!

Okay, now HOW funny is that George Bush outtake? I've watched it on multiple times... does my heart good...

Lastly, a guest contributor (the same one I wouldn't name before) provides the following true, recent example of how God Really Runs the World (and he loves us):

I’m not sure I have all the details correct, but I believe it goes something like this: A summer camp program was supposed to spend Shabbos in Tzefat. But in light of the 'matzav' [situation - a common euphamism for "the fact that a whole lotta people keep trying to kill us." -ed.], they went to the Kinar Hotel instead [on the east side of the Kineret - ed.]. As a result, at the last minute, the Kinar had a lot more guests than expected, so they called a chef who lives in Teveria and asked him to come with his family to the hotel for Shabbos. And over Shabbos, the chef’s house was leveled by a katyusha rocket...

Goodnight, everyone, and may we wake up to a more peaceful morning.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Okay, just insert the blog about my daughter never sleeping here.

We're all fine, and that's pretty much all the news! Oh, the ac repairman came back, said it's an installation problem, and left. Of course, I think the thing hasn't been working as well since he was here - it mysteriously stopped dripping, and ain't as cold - but that's probably just my womanly appliance intuition.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Two miracles

I know I just blogged, but two more things:

1) I wanted to add this close up of my daughter's double chin. One of my friends, every time she sees the kiddo, says "It's not every day you can say hello to a miracle." And it's so.

2) Since - let's call a tragic horrible spade a tragic horrible spade - we're frankly at war now, do you all realize the enormity of this line in so many news reports: "X number of missiles fell in Y today; there were no reported injuries." ?

Remember all the amazing stories when the World Trade Center was hit, that this person was unavoidably late for work, this one was home sick, this one took the wrong train, and so on? Unfortunately people have died from the attacks, and I do not mean to lighten the impact of their loss. However, the fact that so many have been spared - does anyone doubt that this is a land where indeed Hashem is coordinating every detail? I always have - and will continue to - feel safer here than anywhere else.

That said, don't worry guys. We're being careful.


I am NOT going to tell you that she spontaneously went to sleep for the night at 10 PM while I was at the gym; I would not want to presume to speak for her. But it has been rather quiet... In a few minutes, however, I am going to wake her up to feed her... but then again, maybe I won't (she's never had a problem telling me she's hungry before!).

As Mrs. Boyarsky pointed out, taka, Buttershnitz is looking a little chubbier lately, which is a good thing, wethinks. Enjoy this little shot of her in what has truly become her favorite position. My little prodigy!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last times

I remember reading in Elizabeth Berg's "Open House" that the narrator wishes she had known, the last time that she read her son a book, that it was going to be the last time, because he grew up.

My daughter will be 16 weeks old this week, and I was thinking about how many 'last times' we've already had. Some of them I'm happy about - some of them, I kinda wish...

We've rolled down the top of her diaper to accomodate her umbilical cord stump for the last time.
She's had hair on her ears for the last time (well, until she's REALLY old).
We've put her to sleep wrapped in no fewer than three blankets for the last time.
She's had an 'outie' for the last time (it's pretty much gone innie - until she's pregnant, IY"H).
We've swaddled her (and she liked it) for the last time.
We've been able to store things in the crib with her, because she couldn't move around yet, for the last time.
We've been worried that she would never poop with any regularity for the last time (B"H!).
She's made us wonder if she really likes us for the last time (thank God she can smile now!).
I've needed 4 pillows propped up around me just to feed her successfully for the last time.
We've been able to leave her somewhere up high without fear that she'd roll over for the last time.
We've been stopped by random strangers who say 'mazal tov!' just because she's so obviously brand new for the last time.

Sigh. The little tochter is growing up!

We had a lovely shabbos all together (up to and including Prune going to bed last night at 1:30 AM - however, she went down at 11:30 PM tonight, so I really can't complain). She owes us a poop though.

Enjoy pics of her and the Savta & Saba!

2:48 AM addendum: You know when Yoav goes in just to check on her, and - poof - she's magically wide awake? Sigh. So I fed her and lulled her back to sleep with a combination of
a) the lullaby I made up to 'Silent Night' way back when I was a 12 year old babysitter
b) my patented 'shhhhh shhhhh huwa' rhythmic quieting thingamabob. Bli ayin hara, seems to be working... only problem is, I can't stop doing it. So shhh shhh huwa, and have a good night!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Elementary mathematics

Who says she ain't advanced? How do you like them apples?!

Nap happy

One of these days we will have to find something to write about besides sleep and poops - and yet, does life offer any finer pleasures? (The answer is yes - food - but we're not up to solids yet.)

Nap count: two for the day so far - yippee!
Poop count: we've had two pooplets, and the real thing is due any second now.

Here's a picture of the toch and I getting ready for shabbos. Have a good one!

Unlimited cosmic powers

Today - really, tonight - was the first time I manipulated my daughter's sleeping schedule, i.e. woke her up out of her nap at 9 PM to try to ensure a bedtime prior to 2 AM! And - taka - it seems to have worked, since she went to sleep at 11:30 with very little fuss.

It will take more time until I know for sure if it works - we'll see tomorrow!

I'm off to a nice warm sleep (since this is now day 2 of the Broken Air Conditioner. You can live without an a.c., sure, but once you're already used to living with it... not so easy! And my daughter insists on sleeping with a blanket over most of her face (don't worry, it has holes!)). Goodnight!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


(quick note before the photo essay: Ain't in convenient when I can give her her 2 AM feeding... before she's gone to bed for the night??? She got her 'afternoon' nap in from 7:30 to 10 PM; that might have something to do with it...)

(I am proud to say that she, like her mother before her, is perfectly capable of stuffing her entire fist into her mouth. It's great to liven up a dull shabbos table, ya know? To say nothing of boring dates...)

(Another note: she's so cute! Currently, she can't fall asleep unless she's cuddled up with something. So usually it's her blanket, but it's too hot tonight for it. So she's got her arms wrapped around the inchworm! If it weren't almost 3 AM (!), I'd risk waking her by taking a picture...)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


As many of you know, I've been in a few plays - neighborhood things, but they tend to be produced on a large scale. For example, in January/February this year (whilst highly preggers), I had six performances in J-town. Those, plus all the practices, dress rehersals, etc, all add up to taking up a whole lotta time.

And when we come back from our jaunt to the US, it will be audition time again.

To play or not? There are actually two plays running auditions then. One is a bigger time committment, but more limelight. The other is more local, but will still be a bunch of work. By then the tochter will be sleeping more regularly (please God!) and bedtime will be earlier too (just like a real live baby!). Then again, I'll be back at work... Darn it, these decisions requiring maturity (blech) ain't much fun.

Anyway, Toch had a pretty good day, although she resisted an afternoon/evening nap like crazy. She finally fell asleep for more than 15 minutes around 10 PM, at which point she stayed home with Yoav and his folks while I ran out to a friend's... and promptly screamed her head off. They gave her a bottle (note to self: always leave milk in the fridge), and she finished it (had I mentioned she ate like an hour before?) and was then just the most happy and giggly of princesses.

We all survived.

In this picture, you can see why we can't leave her unattended, unstrapped-in anymore. She's trying to break out! She's also trying to turn over and break outta her tub lately - it may be time to move to the big bath. There go our knees and backs!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tochter in motion

Bless her little outie belly button, the toch did a lot of sleeping today! She slept on the way to the bris, and later on, we sat down to eat at 2 PM... and I woke up at 3:30 (we both slept, hurray!), and she continued to sleep in her crib until 5:30 PM! And she's out now, too.

I wanted to go in and photograph her all a-shloof for your blogging edification, but alas, she was stirring a bit in her sleep, and I didn't think a big momma flash would quite qualify for keeping stimulation low. So we'll have to get a new cute sleeping shot during daylight.

She is really so impressively active these days (when she's awake, that is). She ADORES standing (with support, of course), and likes to wiggle and kick and fly through the air to the cries of "Incredible Flying Tochter!" She'll have her own crime-fighting TV show any day now (POW! ZAP! BIFF! KABAM! DROOL!).

Saba is here now - hurray! The Butternut already drooled on his fingers, so he's properly initiated into the exclusive fraternity. And it's 1 AM, and I should sleep! Goodnight!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Party hardy

Old red-eyes is back!

Busy day! First of all, we woke up at 5 AM ready to play (note - she had only gone to sleep for the 'night' at midnight, and had eaten at 3 AM too). Yoav took her until 6, then we swapped, and she finally went back down at 7 AM. Then she was up again at 8 to eat, but didn't need to play again until 10, when thoughtfully her father was back from teaching and could allow me to get some more sleep. We went to J-town later on, saw Savta Raba, and came home and went back out to a bar mitzvah (where they thoughtfully had a buffet table of salads to counterbalance the three buffet tables of dessert! Yahooey!). The picture is from when we came home.

Tochter got some good naps today, and seemed totally pooped after her bath (she had pooped in the morning, however, since I know you wondered). She didn't even want to eat much at all, but it was like she just couldn't settle down to go to sleep. This is the third or fourth night in a row that after she was totally 'ready' for bed, she needed some more time being held or rocked to get her to mamish fall asleep. This is a new trend for her. We're happy to do it, but we were SO glad she was able to fall asleep on her own, ya know? Hopefully it's just a phase.

Tomorrow morning we're off to a bris in Beitar, IY"H - let's hear it for simchas! And Saba comes in tomorrow night - hurray!

Friday, July 07, 2006


Of the last 24 hours, she's only slept for seven and a half of them! Man, plenty of grownups get testy when they've only slept that much, and yet, Tochter has been doing just fine, not overly kvetchy or anything. Strange.

A good shabbos to all of you!

What, me shloofy?

She forgot how to sleep. Remember, last week, sleeping too much? Nope, sorry, not this babe. Between noon and midnight today, she slept only two hours - ouch. The funny thing is, she was really just fine, not particularly kvetchy or anything, actually quite yummy and cute and active.

This, THIS is why this site I just found,, seems like it might be a good match for my compulsivity. You enter every detail about the babe that you want to - times they sleep, times and what they eat, diapers changed, and gosh, a lot more, and it produces happy little charts for you. So you can see if Junior has a leaky poop diaper every third day after the full moon, and so on. They have a free trial... I just happen to have a record of my daughter's sleeping patterns (in 30 minute increments) in Excel for the last... um... well, since April 28 (oh my, that is pathetic), although I did take a week off once. Maybe I'll sign up for the free trial, load in all the data, and get a three-color chart telling me what I already know, namely my daughter forgot how to sleep today.

I think she had such a happy day since not once today did I attack her poor little nostrils with the shnozzle sucker-outer. I just let her sniffle (although, B"H, her snifflage is way down).

Enjoy these pictures from our morning toilet. Note her attractive little dress, but don't pick her up too carelessly, because her britches tend to fall down (note: someone suggested I put her in two diapers to bulk up her tush enough to fill out the little tushy cover. Um, no.). It's a 6 month size, and with dresses you can get away with that (especially because baby dresses are meant to go to about mid-thigh), but the accessories don't fit well. And quite obviously, the close up is when I was applying her Oil of Olay sunscreen (to keep her looking younger, longer! She loves the skin she's in!).

Oh, and then just another picture that Savta took. Yum, no?

By the way, is the whole sidebar on this blog loading for anyone else, you know, where all the archive links are, etc? It's not loading on my computer, hasn't in days, and I've tweaked settings and can't make it reappear. Any feedback?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back sides

We spent a lot of time today outside in the backyard playing with our friends*, turning on the sprinklers and watching cats and eating ices.

We had another lovely apropo-to-bath-poop.

And the child seems, B"H, to be back to her normal (hah!) sleeping schedules, and thank God she's back to eating well and happily.

Sigh of contentment.

And now I must go back to bed (okay, I haven't been to bed yet, but I'm going with the 'back' theme here). Enjoy the back of my daughter's head, and goodnight!

*R, I'm not writing who you are so your sons' rebbes won't know they played with a 3 month old girl - scandalous!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More not for granted

If you bathe her at 10 PM, and she's asleep* by 11 PM, do not take for granted that when she wakes up and eats at 1 AM that she will go back to sleep. Oh no.

She likes to fall asleep with one hand on her forehead, Scarlett O'Hara style (think "Oh, Rhett!"), and one hand either on her head too or, preferred, holding my hand (aw). Sometimes she will fall asleep in her stroller with her duck (she has a duck) up on her forehead, with one hand clutching it there, one hand on its back, and of course, one 'wing' in her mouth. I got to the point where I took the duck from the stroller, dabbed milk onto the wing (it needs to go in the washing machine anyhow), and stuck it in her mouth. Several times. Helped - a little.

But the bonus - while I went out to get the duck, she rolled over again onto her tummy, the first time since the original first time, unassisted! (And before you ask, no, she won't sleep on her stomach - she won't even put down her head that way.) And other bonus - I got to watch the auction I was bidding on on eBay finish (including me being outbid with 23 seconds left to go, harumph!).

It's 2:42 AM now, and it's been 10 minutes since I heard a peep. I am not taking ANYTHING for granted, and am about to tiptoe to my bed. Goodnight - I hope.

*It took me three tries to spell this correctly. Who says I'm tired?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Take nothing for granted

There's something called a nursing strike, wherein a baby who previously was nursing just fine suddenly refuses to eat. Most babies, if they're not hungry, as soon as eating is presented to them will start eating and then stop, or will eat a bunch and spit it all up because their stomachs are already full. When a baby won't even begin feeding, but just keeps on crying or doing whatever despite the food source in their face - that's what a nursing strike is like.

Prune's been a little kvetchy about eating the last couple of days, but today she had a few hours where she would just not eat. Period. She'd be wailing, but when I offered her the food she just kept on screaming away.

It ended when I tried giving her some milk in a bottle. It's much harder to turn away a bottle, because it gets shoved into your mouth and starts dripping away, whether you close your mouth or not. So after trying to block it, she finally started eating from the bottle. I took it away, and tried to feed her myself - and finally, finally she starting sucking. And a tremendous burst of teary gratitude overwhelmed me. How blessed I am that my baby knows how to eat! I had completely taken it for granted that she is able to nurse and able to swallow. It's really a miracle that not only can she do so, but she's known how since the delivery room. Tremendous.

I don't know that I can call this an actual nursing strike, since turns out she only hadn't eaten in like three or four hours, which isn't too much, but during that time she so seemed like she wanted to eat, and it was incredibly frustrating and painful not to be able to give her what she wanted.

Speaking of not taking things for granted, today she found her toes! Now she can suck on them herself - I don't have to stick them in her mouth for her anymore! (Pardon that in the picture she's not very dressed - she's in that same cute overalls outfit she's worn many times before, BUT I had to open the snaps on the bottom of the pants, because it's too small now! She's growing, B"H!)

Today we spent a lot of time with the Kaplans out in the yard (which is bouncing back nicely from our two months or so of water neglect), and Peanuthead stood in the grass for the first time (assisted). And still on the topic of taking things for granted, our lemon tree which had dropped every single one of its leaves as of a week ago (funny how no water does that to a tree) has about a dozen little leaf buds popping out now!

Not fair!

It's 2:53 AM, and I'm not asleep! The girl has been out for hours and I'm wide awake! Harumph! There ought to be a law about this kind of thing. I've showered and have yummy clean sheets in a yummy soft bed and the AC is on and so I can burrow down into the covers, and the daughter sleeps peacefully... and I'm up!! ARGH!!

Posted later: she woke up about 3:30 AM to eat (I was still up) and I got to sleep about 4ish, only to wake up at 6 to feed her... and at 8:30... and because Hashem loves me, she then didn't wake me again until 11. When I woke up, I heard her squeaking up a storm in her crib all by herself. I peeked in, and if what I saw was correct, she was happily talking to her feet! (Well, actually the extra two inches of fabric hanging from her feet since her pajamas are a bit big.) When I finally went in to her, she saw me, gave a great big smile and full-body wiggle... and then started crying, cause apparently I reminded her that she was hungry!

Insert witty title here

Tochter had a downright normallish day, still sleeping a bunch but not as seemingly skewed. She didn't eat very much, though, or perhaps she's just eating more efficiently. Some people formula feed just because it's so annoying not knowing how much the kid eats when they nurse! I can hear it... but gosh, there's a lot more bitachon with this system. Hopefully SR absorbs some of it.

We had a close poop-call tonight, when seconds before we removed her diaper before the tubby, she filled it but good, as they say. Who says Hashem doesn't pay attention to the tiny details?
Here's a picture of Prunella cozied up with her blanket... okay fine, it's a burp cloth, not a blankie, but one just doesn't think of a burp cloth as a cozy item, no? Still, ain't she yum?

Monday, July 03, 2006

She's a perfect, er, 5

We went to the doctor today, who checked out the tochter fully and said she looks happy and alert and gorgeous (all true, bli ayin hara) and if she's sleeping more all of a sudden - enjoy it!

So we are! We had to wake her to take to the doctor this morning, and then around 8 PM when she otherwise would have gone back to sleep after eating, we gently prompted her to stay up and play. Perhaps thusly her sleeping will be recentered around actual nighttime (and we can avoid last night's 3 AM scene). So she went to sleep around 11:30 PM, and we'll see what happens next!

At the doc's, we got weighed... 5 kilo. That's just over 11 pounds for you American types. It could be higher, yes indeed. She's still on the happy little 25% curve... um, barely. But as the doc says, she really is healthy looking and developing wonderfully (bli ayin hara again) so we're not concerned.

That's my girl - off the charts!

I was playing with babe-o today, and I turn to Yoav and say, "Do you believe we really have a baby?"

"Well, she's here!"

"I know, I know, but because she doesn't talk yet or whatever, I feel like it's not so much that we have a baby, but a really cool toy. Like a real major purchase, like a car or something, except we talk about it with everyone.... Hmm, I have to blog that."

"Are you sure you want to blog that you think our baby is a car?"

Yeah, well, anyway. :) It really is still somewhat surreal, despite the diapers and the feedings and the room full of small pink clothing and endless shopping for strollers and pumps and so on. And since I'm not working now, it's like all the Sunday days off that we don't get here in Israel have come at once!

Caption: Look - I'm babysitting Abba!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dream dream dream...

Gut voch everyone! We are going to the doctor tomorrow (aside: I LOVE socialized medicine, where I can take the tochter to the doc as many times as I like and it's free free free!! All paranoid first time mothers should be so lucky!) because the girlchild is just sleeping up a storm, and frankly, we're weirded out.

It's 12:30 AM now - she's essentially (with some breaks for food) been sleeping since 6 PM. Of course, you realize now she's more awake than she's been since then too, and is currently alligator wrestling with her inchworm in her cribby (another aside: a 'crib' sounds almost punitive, while a 'cribby' sounds yummy and cozy).

She has also learned to suck on her bottom lip, which is very cute, and seems to have replaced her fingers in her affections.

12:43 AM - yup, she's up and in my arms. None of the baby books deal with what it means when a baby starts sleeping A TON (Yoav says that's because no one complains), so we'll see what the doc says tomorrow...

2:34 AM - we have eaten and played (more rolling over!) and bathed and while she was in the bath, she started rubbing her eyes and being subdued, as if to say, "Gosh, I really wouldn't mind going to sleep soon." So we got out of the bath and got dressed and ate... well, when I say "ate" it's more like "I let Mommy act like she was feeding me but really I was doing my best to flail all my limbs and move in such a way that I would consume as little as possible." And then into bed. Pacifier. Walk away. Wait a minute - crying, back in, reinsert pacifier, soothe, walk away. Wait a couple minutes, crying, repacify. And shortly thereafter, repeat, repeat, eat some more, repeat, repeat. And so now, she's in her stroller with me rocking and blogging. She just yawned - she's acting in every way like she wants to sleep, but no dice!

Man, she's trying to roll over in her stroller. She was doing the same in the bathtub. Let's go back to the cribby!

3:26 AM - I had to wake up Yoav because I couldn't handle it. Seemed like she was hungry, but that eating was uncomfortable. Sore throat? Teething? No idea. But she's out now - fell asleep crying in Abba's arms - and hopefully, hopefully, she'll feel better in the morning (wait - it IS the morning!).