Friday, July 21, 2006

Busy busy

After my holy husband let me sleep this morning from 10:30 to 12 (okay, 12:30), we got our act together and went shopping, down to the 'merkaz' where we bought salmon from the Scary Fish Store (that's its name) and various goodies from the health food store. Then when Yoav finished teaching at 3, we were ready to go to town! So off to Jerusalem we went. We visited the Savta Raba and we visited Nechy (and raided her fridge too - thanks Nech!) and we hit two grocery stores and picked up dry cleaning and and and did just fine except for a mildly screaming Tochter about 15 minutes from home. I fortunately had a bottle of me prepared, so we pulled over, got it out of the trunk, and I gave it to the girl who held the bottle herself. Okay, so she was laying down in her car seat, and okay, she didn't do a PERFECT job of it, but this child just gets more and more advanced...!

See the attached picture of her - we can't keep her away from the computer. Actually, if you look closely, you can see on the screen the daily activity log I am embarassed to say I still keep, where I note when she ate and when she slept every day since she was, um, a month old. Well, it's EASIER to look up when she ate last than to try to remember, you know? If anybody wants a copy, lemme know and I'll email it to you - it makes for facinating reading.

That's all the news for now. I'll try to blog again before shabbos.

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