Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Continued utter perfection

We went back to the well-baby clinic (Tipat Chalav) today. They did NOT
fuss at us for Tochter's weight, which is totally wonderful. She weighed
5.28 kilo ('bout 11 pounds, 9 ounces), and they were satisfied that she
was moving along her percentile arc and everything is fine - hurray!
She's 25th percentile for weight, 55th percentile for height, and 150th
percentile for total complete yumminess, bli ayin hara. The nurse did
say she seemed developmentally more like a 6 month old - insert
gratuitous nachas here!

She got her next round of vaccinations, and bli ayin hara, 12 hours
later, is showing no ill effects and is even more cute than before, if
possible. (That includes the cunning little raised welt on her thigh,
poor baby.)

Anyway, due to things in the country being slightly busy, we lost power
a couple of times today (note - I don't think it was missiles or
anything that knocked out our electricity. Still, perhaps those who fix
these things have their energies elsewhere, har har), and the internet
has been most skittish. So I'll try to post pictures later if the
connection stays constant and I'm conscious. Goodnight - wish us luck
with bedtime!

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