Monday, July 31, 2006

Getting ready

We are beginning to get ready for our big trip to America! So many of you have asked, so just as a recap, we'll be in NY from the 6th to the 14th and Houston from the 14th to the 26th. So today, the girl and I returned a superfluous baby gift in exchange for a Fisher-Price toy priced so that I merely shuddered. We're saving it for the plane. I also went and met with my boss to hammer out the details of my (sigh) imminent return to the workplace (I mean, "Hi, Talk'n'Save! I can't wait to get back! Nothing will make me happier, etc.").

Yoav asked our rav, and the psak was I get to fast on Thursday - joy, joy, rapture, rapture. Please God, neither Tochter nor I will suffer any ill effects. However, our preference is to be clamoring for a good view from the women's section of the rebuilt Beis Hamikdash- shall we save you a spot?

Here you can find information about a specific project in my neighborhood to help the 'war effort' (okay, Rosie the Riveter it ain't). There are also links to other organizations doing good stuff.

The girl has been tending towards earlier bedtimes lately, bli ayin hara. She has been out now for over an hour, so it's my turn! Goodnight!


Faye Berman said...

Fast well, and have a safe trip. I am sure I will write before that, but in case I don't now you have my good wishes to keep you company!

bilha said...

Just a bit of advice. Drink tons before the fast. Try to stay in bed and rest as much as possible. I had Tzali 6 weeks before Tisha B'av and it was a really tough fast. I'm hoping that with our four/five month olds it will be easier (although you have a/c and we don't). Have some Orange Juice in the house just in case you might need to break your fast because once you can drink you are allowed to drink as much as you want. In general drinking orange juice before the fast and eating pasta will help give you energy. It might be good to have SR drinking from bottles a lot instead of mostly nursing (Miriam doesn't do that yet so I'll probably be nursing the whole time). I keep saying to Barry, just let me survive this fast and then we can concentrate on our trip. Happy packing! Oh and btw, Shlomo and Susie Benzaquen had a baby girl and guess what they named her...... Miriam - because all Miriams are good! ;-) Have a great day!

bilha said...

Someone just told me that there's this stuff that's like Powerade that you can get at the Kupat Cholim. The name has slipped me but I'll find out. It's a good idea to drink some of that stuff before the fast as well.

Debbie said...

yaaaay!!!! I'm so excited to see mishpachat druyan!!!

Miriam the Mommy said...

I think I'm dreading the fast more than is valid, but Bilha, thanks for the tips - I'm chugging OJ now.

Debbie, we're only gonna be in NY for a week, so when shall we see you?