Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy birthday!

Okay, she's officially 4 months old on the Gregorian calendar - hurray! Maybe that's why she wanted to stay up so late... to see in the day! (She came close too - it's a LOT closer to sunrise than I want to acknowledge.)

It's 3:07 AM, and she's just given her last 95% asleep-under-duress whimper (I hope!). What do you do with a wide awake baby at 2 AM? Get ready for shabbos, of course! And yet, shabbos prep activities are somewhat limited with a baby on your person. For example, chopping onions: not recommended while holding a baby. Straining boiling fluids: not recommended while holding a baby. Hitting yourself over the head with a saucepan: indicated, but not necessarily recommended while holding a baby. Hitting the baby over the head: don't go there.

So anyway, she was helping me put the tablecloth on the table - hence the picture (doesn't she look downright perky????). Goodnight, I most sincerely pray so, goodnight.

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Faye Berman said...

wow you are up late or early....... not sure which. Note that I am up as well. Good thing I do nto hae to cook for Shabbos this week.